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Terry Kay Jan 9
In a tiny kitchen
A small 3 burner stove
My Mammy cooked for 8 kids
Her family in a tiny home

Little hands tightly gripping her apron
To sturdy a wobbly stand
Looking up to see the face I loved
My 4'9" Cherokee great-grandmother
Called Mammy to the whole clan

Old folks home was the plan
I saw her laying in that bed
Eyes closed never to open again
Lips blowing whistling a silent tune
Hands busy sewing nothing in the air
Broke my heart seeing her laying there

Mammy's gowns were given to me
Sleeping in them I felt her close it seemed
Occasionally I'd cry myself to sleep
I loved her the most I believe

Home movies of me at 9 years
Talking and braiding her hair
Rekindles the love
The whole family knew we were a pair

At Heaven's Gate
I expect to hear
A Whisling, whisling
Mammy calling, "Terry Kay"
I just know it

I know


"We love each other still"
Dedicated to my Mammy!
Terry Kay Dec 2018
When my body no longer breathes
When I'm just a light in the sky
When days and nights never end
When time is used up and passed by
My love for you will still be alive

A beacon of light for my soul
You're a part of me.... you make me whole
Two joined together....we became one
A single spark of shining love

Molded together by our love
So hot we melted into one
Lovely we made our son
A single spark of shining love
Now brighter with a son

Unconditional family love

A perfect plan
From a perfect hand

Terry Kay

— The End —