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5h · 38
hope less
I blow the
lights out but

I do not make
a wish

I want to

in darkness

I want to
feel the

of hollow

the moment
before hope

when the string
is pulled

and the chute
doesn’t open

and I don’t
say a prayer
5h · 41
I am a bug
caught in

a spider web
of beauty

I know where
it exists

I know why
it exists

I know
my future

if I go there

I land there

I give in to
my capture


is futile
5h · 28
big bang bang
the first sound
is pure

it gives life
to the soul

it has no shape
and makes no


like the universe
it is pre-human

it does not need
to be understood

to exist

I wish I was
the first sound
1d · 36
she soaked
in a claw

foot tub
head under

water bubbles
floating on

the surface

her hands
played in

the air
each finger

a dancer

it was her
way of


spoke a

like nature

each finger
a note
1d · 220
the destination
I have lived deep
inside the earth
I ache to the core
expose the heat
from my mind’s eye
to weaken each layer
and break through
searching for the surface
where I imagine
meaning lives
never considering
that the surface
may be imaginary
and there is no
final destination
and this is my
destiny to spend
forever burning
through all the truths
1d · 106
the swarm
they say tomorrow
a giant swarm of
birds will cover
the night sky
as many as
on their way to
somewhere else
oh god it is my dream
to join them
it must be like
living inside a
young human brain all those
neurons swarming
from place to place
connecting and
the controlled chaos
of the moment
to some destination
in the distance
I can’t wait to see it
and dream I am
one of them
3d · 97
inside voice
it was one of
those days

and I needed
no one to know

so I opened my
mouth wide

and created
no sound

it was my
inside scream

letting go of

letting everything
penetrate me

the vibrations
breaking ribs

I was caving in
3d · 80
he stands
above you


his words
are strong

enough to
carry you

but you
are seeing

a cage not

the world is
new to you

and you
won’t take

his words
for it
3d · 170
she could
fold herself

become a box
with a lock

and swallow
the key

so no one
could access

her secrets
she was scared

what would
happen if

they got out
I wasn’t afraid

but the risk
was too great

for her to trust me
the moment a belief dies suddenly
a foundation
of your structure collapses
something you held tightly
and defended fiercely disappears
it was one of those nights
the day was emotional
and I was by myself
buried in blankets
trying to create warmth
and comfort
something to hold onto
my mind was crushing itself
tearing like paper
into so many pieces
becoming confetti
I could not digest anything
the words would not stay down
I was learning to speak
a new language
that I did not understand
4d · 41
the singer
he lived in the
deep place

where darkness
edged out light

by a little
but he thought

it was a lot

there was pain
in his soft voice

the pain of too
many ******

the loss of
blood grew

slowly so his
impending death

was not obvious
to most

as his words
hid their meaning

from most
a human body
toned as
an instrument
to create a
perfect note
a perfect
connected to
the world
only by her toes
and when she
leaps I feel
the earth move
as if she is
holding it
together with
only her toes
and I am witnessing
the collapse
of the world that
only stops when
she gracefully
lands on her toes
she holds my hand
when I cry

and strokes my head
gently like
a cat asleep
in her lap

she says I am
her sensitive fool

her court crier

feeling more than
I should

more than anyone should
shedding tears she


her position won’t
allow it

she says I keep
her soft enough

to lead humanity
5d · 142
please forgive
I think these are
the most important
words for this world

at the center of
every soul is

this seed
the need

to forgive
and be forgiven

please open it
and let it grow

let it spread
let it be a virus
let it be a ****

anything that spreads
easily into others

and across the world
6d · 51
the young
she is so young

that she believes
the stars when

they shine

she has not
seen many

dark nights so
each one

seems new
each one is

a lesson
she learns

because that
is what the

young do
6d · 28
the bass player
she plays
with so

many things
a skinny


with a first

mind and

a puppet

sights and

we follow

to our death
if we have to

but I don’t think
that is where

she leads us
6d · 494
the word raw
you invented
the word


to describe me
reversed war

saw me as

for this world
not ready to


for anything
including you

and you were

you always
had a way

with words
7d · 36

she said
to me

I am a


I can

if I want to

I know
I can

I was

for most

of my

7d · 50
bees buZz
in your ears

the moan of
the moment

the ecstasy
of honey


feel the pain
and poison

of all my

when you
try to steal

my heart
and run away
7d · 49
I sit on a rock
and speak

not a speech
a conversation

with the wind
speaking through

the trees

she tells a joke
and I laugh


the warmth of
her touch on

my cheeks
we have been

friends for
as long as I

can remember
7d · 267
like youth
plug me in
I want to

feel a force

through me

I want to be
fully charged

I want to be

into the machines
I want to be

the power that
energizes the

world to change
Sep 12 · 48
the poison
John Destalo Sep 12
lost in the
crazy vein

is a magic
carpet ride

to desire

to the

she stares
into the void

seeing her

wink at her

hearing her
voice sing

that song
she loves
Sep 12 · 128
John Destalo Sep 12
in this dream
I am drifting

my body is light
floating above

everything with

nothing can pull
me down

there is no
such thing as


I have nowhere
and nothing

to be
Sep 12 · 122
John Destalo Sep 12
she traced me

wanting to recreate
each inch of me

wanted to make
a model
or a machine

of me

I wanted to see
this new version

of me maybe

I wanted to be
this new version

of me

something that
didn’t feel pain

so deeply
Sep 11 · 85
John Destalo Sep 11
she was patient

the ocean on
a calm day

she waited
every day to

the rain

wanting to capture
and display

each drop

to show the
beauty of

waiting for love
Sep 11 · 2.0k
first note
John Destalo Sep 11
we all have songs
we can’t sing
out loud
they speak for us
they feel for us
they have the
softest hands
that reach so deep
they know things
about us
we don’t want others
to know
they can rip us
apart from the first
Sep 11 · 75
John Destalo Sep 11
there are places
we never echo

our words do
not carry

the clouds
do not move

and the wind is
not present

the earth is
happy to hold

our secrets
it is ancient

it has heard

in every language

it is the safest
place to scream
Sep 10 · 108
always reluctant
John Destalo Sep 10
I don’t want
all the words

to behave

I want them
all to mean

but not always

what I had
in mind

they can dance
to their own


create a new

tell a story
I never heard

I try to give
them the space

to grow
Sep 10 · 127
might fall
John Destalo Sep 10
you said

the stars are silent

each one knows
it might fall

but they come
out anyway

maybe they talk
to each other

in their language
or maybe they don’t

you said I was
silent tonight

but I came out

and then you
held my hand
Sep 10 · 149
in weeds
John Destalo Sep 10
I was born
without roots

free to land
in any field

and spread

words and all

into others
find the other

lost souls
and create

a messy garden
wherever we

land and when
the others

want to clean
us up

we can follow
a breeze to

a more

land and
spread our

simple seeds
Sep 9 · 36
make them sing
John Destalo Sep 9
language is
a skill

before it is art

we all learn

and a little
bit about how

to use them
but it takes

practice to
use them well

and passion to
turn them

into spells

the baby
bird makes

noise but it
has to learn

how to sing
Sep 9 · 56
the one true
John Destalo Sep 9
that night we
started a religion


the thoughts
we shared

we wrote
everything down

in our minds
putting nothing

to paper

we did not want

each night
our lives

would become

until we became

the one true
Sep 9 · 54
silent and deep
John Destalo Sep 9
I think my true
home existed

before the
big bang

the first
sound was

too loud
and divided

what was pure
the connection

that made
every element


every sensation
was felt by all

at once

so there were
no secrets
Sep 8 · 99
that girl
John Destalo Sep 8
she knows

in a way that
is not normal

she devours

she is not

most of it
is useless

so as she

she discards them

and only keeps
what she needs

to create
her own

that she

shares with
others in

the most
creative ways
Sep 8 · 62
the deep
John Destalo Sep 8
and on those

the waters grow
still and

there is no flow
all thoughts

become one
and they

don’t spread
they burrow

toward the

where the
dark creatures


I could drown
it would be

so easy
Sep 8 · 89
the sunflower
John Destalo Sep 8
I met her
as a child

and fell in love

she was so
tall and bright

she lit the world
and helped me see

and I knew
the sunflower

loved me back

she saw the

I buried
in my soul

I may not
smile as much

today as I
did then

but I
know the

sunflower still
loves me
Sep 7 · 42
the seed of hate
John Destalo Sep 7
he ate hate
it could not
be digested
it was a seed
of a ****
that sprouted
and grew
and spread
into his soul
so he could
not be separated
from it
it had no
specific need
other than to
spread itself
so he spewed
its seed to others
and they ate hate
it could not
be digested
Sep 7 · 91
lost in space
John Destalo Sep 7
I did not speak today
I did not make a point
I did not ask for help
I did not answer a question
I did not interrupt
I walked in the rain
I listened to the earth
water wind & fire
I watched a squirrel work
I watched the clouds move
I felt my breath
I slept
Sep 7 · 61
to miss and be missed
John Destalo Sep 7
I know it is progress
in some form
but I did like it better
when we had more space
and we were not always
and even though
our steps were smaller
we could getaway
from each other
I liked my getaways
not too far away
just far enough
when I could disappear
not for too long
just long enough
to miss
and be missed
Sep 6 · 131
John Destalo Sep 6
this beautiful
complex man

with the magical

a master of
wonder and

words that
help me


and feelings
that want

to be shared
he speaks

and I listen
and speak

for myself
Dedicated to the original mind that is Shel Silverstein
Sep 6 · 84
John Destalo Sep 6
years of being ignored

she swallowed her words
they piled up in her pit
and turned to poison
she wished she was a snake
the kind who could spit

and dissolve anyone
in her way
Sep 6 · 41
John Destalo Sep 6
the sound of

like big bang

the sound of

no space to


don’t wait
don’t hold back

crash smash
splish splash

silly or serious
the world is

your oyster
eat the pearl
Sep 5 · 43
John Destalo Sep 5
we bit the apple
it was juicy

we let it drip
all over us

licking up
every drop

on that day

came alive

in us and
around us

on that day

everything alive
could die

that day

was the
first day

we wanted
to live
Sep 5 · 403
John Destalo Sep 5
a soul

like a

too small
to feed

left for

in this

will it
find a

hand to

pick it up
and feed it
Sep 5 · 28
John Destalo Sep 5
it’s funny
they want
a newborn
to cry
to tell us
they are
alive it
is a sign
of life
a sign
they are
going to
be alright
why is
that only
to babies
Sep 4 · 43
too much too soon
John Destalo Sep 4
do not touch
this fragile


it is poorly

pieced together
from other

lives and lies

there is not much
holding it together

it needs but
it cannot want

it lives but
it cannot love

do not touch it
do not break it

Sep 4 · 55
summer days
John Destalo Sep 4
she is not scared

little red loves
the sun

lets her pale
skin freckle

so they sparkle
like stars

her body
comes alive

in the heat
dancing circles

around the sun

creating a swirling
pool of sweat

that she hopes
drowns the moon

and kills the night
Sep 4 · 27
John Destalo Sep 4
don’t hurt
my feelings

they are
so small

and fragile

they are
all I have

inside me
I don’t want

to be empty
so please

I am asking
Sep 3 · 875
model of me
John Destalo Sep 3
if I was not me
would you tell me

would you recognize
the difference

do you know me
well enough

have you thought
about me


so that I live
deep within you

do you have a
model of me

living inside you

if I was not me
would you notice
Sep 3 · 45
I wonder
John Destalo Sep 3
if I shave a
bit off my brain

will I be normal
will I see less

will I be shallow

and be satisfied
with small talk

will I carry less

and ask less
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