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Strange object at sundown

Brittle heart

Living off the salt

Fighting for survival

Faithful as dogs

Broken as rock

The soil taking its soul

In the blaze of the sun

Stinging itself to death
She could blow away,
Burnt to blurry ashen pieces
Of limbs cindered to smoke,
Bespoke pain for a
Place of her own making.

She could sink behind the skyline,
Bleeding death to
A time when she was solid,
And she and the sky
Were definitively separate.
That time when she could cry
And clouds could rain.

But now their tears fall the same
And she is blown away.
I’ll go to the grave
With everything I want to say
I’m too fearful of the unknown
When really I shouldn’t be

It’s sad I would rather hide the truth
Because there’s people I’m scared to lose
But if opening my mouth caused them to flee
They truly can’t be that good for me

But still I love them with my all
Even though I know they wouldn’t understand
And everyday I’m closer to going to the grave
With everything I want to say
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