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Nov 2018
Life is a teacher
Sometimes tough,sometimes mild
So as to make us maturer
That's life seen through my eyes.

Family gives me peace and love
Friends taught me trust
And you taught me all three.
You showed me a sky of love
ocean of care and colors of feelings:
Orange, pink, blue and green.
You created the sun for me
thousand stars sparking the night
reflected from my eyes.

But honey, you gave me a trauma
that I never wanted.
You left me an empty starless sky
crying in dark grey space
As if it lasted forever.
The day you went far away
out of my sight
-the day I thought I died
I try to forget you ,darling
How could I erase you from my mind?
You are a painful deep scar
carved into my heart.
But honey,I'm gonna be alright
I'll keep you as a sad painful memory
A lesson I'll never forget.
Reach the light
Written by
Reach the light  F/Lost in Wonderland
(F/Lost in Wonderland)   
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