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Reach the light Dec 2018
Please stop working
We were busy
and tired this year.

Do you hear it ?
The bell's ringing
Everybody 's singing
carols on streets.
Do you see it ?
Christmas tree
in your central city
with colorful lights
sparking so bright.

Let your soul feel
a new new year
'cause it's high time
to enjoy Christmas.
maybe it's still a bit early. But Merry Christmas
Reach the light Dec 2018
I always smile
While telling lies
To hide
My empty mind.

I always cry
Tears from eyes
Flooding down two sides.
I wonder why
Who am I ?

I try
To find
Reach the light Dec 2018
From the first second I saw you
My heart wants to tell you
about what it feels
about how it knew
a crazy love for you.

I see you in the street
Snow and cold winds
Your smiles melt everything
They keep me thinking
and then make me miss.

Every word you speak
turns into melodies
of a song I sing
about new romantics.

I knit my love
into a sweater
to give you this Chritmas
with a poem above
like a love letter.
Sun of love is shining
Blinding the face of hate
Uprooting evil trees
Planting rainbows in the sky

It's time to worship
To adore at the shrine of love
To bury hate in infernal grave.

It takes an orchestra
To make a symphony
It takes efforts to love

When love flows in rivers
Banks of life are flooded with glory
All is covered by and thrilled in beauty.

What compares to thee O Love?
Nothing and nothing
Let your music flows O Love
And'll dance to the Nirvana!
Reach the light Dec 2018
Money is money
Because it can't buy
My love for you.
Reach the light Dec 2018
Wish is wish
If you just dream
Without working.
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