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Hathere Nov 2018
So, what if I do
I woke with these words
Upon my lips...

Ask you
What does it Mean?

When will we Stop being
Slaves to our feathers
When will we stop being slaves to our feathers?
Hathere Nov 2018
Heaps of flesh
Treated less than furniture
Tines of dishonesty
And mistrust
Pierce hearts
Dressed for every season
Red remains
Where once there was beating
Hathere Nov 2018
Feet fouled
Fast beats
Sticky floors
Hathere Nov 2018
Am I is
Or am I that
What if is couldn’t
What then is that
If it is what it is
I’ve found more comfort
In is when it isn’t
Of that I am sure
Hathere Nov 2018
I look down on you
From high upon your wall
Gaze fixed by surrender
Trust was my fall
Though the forest did whisper
The curtain called
Hathere Nov 2018
Tell me Houdini
My body contorted
What is your secret
My mind twisted
How to escape
Fit for a basket
Hathere Nov 2018
I fell from your lips
In a forest of tall words
Without branches
No thing to break my fall

— The End —