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Sep 29 · 255
Can you see
Lily Barrett Sep 29
Can you see the way she holds herself in
The way she won’t let anyone in
Can you see through that fake smile
And her face cracking like tile
Can you not see she needs a hand
To get up and stand
Can you see her eyes losing light
Like a lantern on a dark night
And can you not see
That maybe she needs more
Than just to be
Aug 25 · 203
Only So Much Time
Lily Barrett Aug 25
I could write of lovers
With hands intertwined
I could write of foes
With guns primed
Of people running the streets
No idea of why or what for
Of people next to empty seats
Sitting and hoping for more
They only have so many years
They only have so many days
Suddenly all the tears
And the empty “always”
Doesn’t matter anymore
For your time is long gone
And life eventually
Will not go on
Aug 15 · 64
Lily Barrett Aug 15
It's an exorcism
It's a release
I release my demons
Screaming into the night
And in the darkness
They're finally out of sight
at least for now...
Apr 4 · 97
No One Wants Us
Lily Barrett Apr 4
No one wants me
No one cares about you
No one wants to be
Like me and you

No one wants to hug me
No one wants to hold you
No one wants to see
The mess of me and you

No one loves me
No one ever loved you
No one hears our plea
To be loved too
Apr 3 · 29
We are the living
Lily Barrett Apr 3
We are the tired
We wake every morning
With eyes dropping and limbs heavy
Dragging ourselves out of bed
Wondering if we’ll fall asleep at our desks again

We are the weak
We have been beaten down
And told to not get back up
We don’t speak because we are scared
Of being told “no” for the hundredth time

We are the lonely
Our hands are always cold
Our arms long for someone to hold
All we want is someone to love
And someone to love us back

We are the depressed
We enjoy rainy days
We smile with sad eyes
And we don’t seem to enjoy much anymore

We are the damaged
We fix our wounds with false smiles  
And laughs that don’t reach our eyes
And we wonder if we’ll ever feel whole again

We are the living
Mar 2 · 38
Long year
Lily Barrett Mar 2
It’s been a long day my friend,
The hours blend together,
And it never seems to end.

It’s been a long week my brother,
Every piece has fallen,
Just dropping, one after the other.

It’s been a long month my sister,
Thoughts caught in a blender,
Carried away by a twister.

It’s been a long year my lover,
Rain dripping, drizzling, dropping,
And without you, no cover.
I could've sworn I already posted this one but I realized I hadn't...
Feb 21 · 168
The End
Lily Barrett Feb 21
I think I can make it
The end is almost here
Im already there I can feel it
The finish line becoming clearer
My life isn’t finished
And neither am I
Dreams extinguished
I must say goodbye
I think I can escape
This endless cycle of death
That keeps rewinding like a tape
As I keep
B    r      e       a        t           h
I'm particularly proud of the end.... :)
Feb 18 · 54
To Be Loved
Lily Barrett Feb 18
I want to be loved so bad
That romance movies make me sad
I want someone to kiss me on the forehead
And someone to tuck me into bed

Someone to be there when I’m upset
Someone to help me forget
And instead make me laugh and smile
Someone to think that I’m worthwhile
To let me snuggle in their lap
And take a four hour long nap

I want someone to hold me
When I’m so scared I can’t see
When I’m so exhausted and can’t walk
And all day listen to me talk
I just
Would love to have someone love me
just a tad lovesick...
Feb 12 · 285
Demons need names
Lily Barrett Feb 12
Facing your fears
That cause all your tears
Will only end it all
If those fears have a name to call
Think on it for a few:
Do the things that scare you
Have a name?
I think that
Demons need names too
Jan 27 · 51
To Be a Writer
Lily Barrett Jan 27
I think that
To write
You have to feel
You have to dig down deep
And tear open your heart
Pull out all of the emotions
That you’ve buried for so long
Then bleed, bleed onto the paper
Your inner turmoil scrawled in blood
Bleed yourself dry of all emotion
Claw it out of your chest
And onto paper
In the hopes that somebody
Maybe just somebody
Has felt like you too
Writing means something slightly different for everyone but I think of it as a cleansing of sorts
Jan 22 · 40
Lily Barrett Jan 22
The best source of warmth
Comes from feet intertwined
And pairs of legs crossed
It comes from two hearts
Beating as one
It comes from the closeness
And the breath of another
The best source of warmth
Comes from arms holding
And eyes gazing
It comes from a body
That is not your own
But belongs to the person
Who now holds you
Close to their heart
not my normal style but I think it works :)
Jan 19 · 84
The Author
Lily Barrett Jan 19
The author reached into her book
And over her characters she took
She attached strings to the humans
Led them to their happiness or ruin
Controlled who they became
And made not one the same

She painted trees with her eyes
And created mountains and skies
She let the scenes drip from her fingers
Onto the pages as her influence lingers
She slowly created worlds and wars
Fabricated houses and hidden doors

She plunged into her story without a thought
And the rest of reality she forgot
She painted with her mind body and soul
A masterpiece of her own control

From her tale and made up lands
She slowly removed her hands
and the author came back to the world
To recreate her story already once told
Jan 14 · 295
Lily Barrett Jan 14
I was having a bad day
So like balloons in the sky
I let all the bad go
Saying goodbye
They’ll come back I know
Just hopefully not today
Lily Barrett Jan 13
If I let myself think
I feel myself begin to sink
For one second
I feel my demons beckon
“Come on down,” They’ll say
“We can play all day
It’s fun down here
And there is no fear.”
If I let them into my mind
The world is left behind
And shrouded over
As the demons take over
If I let myself think
I might just sink
And let the demons come in;
Let them wear me thin
Maybe I’ll kick them out
But then I’m in doubt
Of whether it’s worth it
To fight and leave myself split
Between the good and the bad
Between the happy and the sad
So they might just stay
Until I decide to push them away
And if I let myself think
Further into my demons I’ll sink
Jan 12 · 48
No Matter
Lily Barrett Jan 12
No matter what you
Or what you say
It’s going to hurt anyway

No matter what you think
Or what you believe
We all have to grieve

No matter how much you beg
Or how long you plead
You will eventually bleed

No matter what you stop
Or what you try to prevent
You will be discontent

No matter how it ends
Or how it begins
Everyone else always wins
Does it not seem like the world only goes well for everyone but yourself? It can get frustrating even if it's not true...
Jan 9 · 1.0k
Heart and Mind
Lily Barrett Jan 9
“You have to move, get up.”
“I don’t want to.”
“This is sad you need to get over yourself.”
“I’m broken, and I don’t think I can be fixed.”
“Then fake it. Get up and put on a smile.”
“It hurts too much; I just want to cry.”
“No crying! It’s not worth it.”
“But I just can’t let go…”
“You have to move on. It’s the only way.”
“Please, all I want is five minutes to let it all out.”
“You’re pathetic. Fine. Five minutes.”
“Thank you,” said the heart.
“You’re welcome,” said the mind.
And the heart and mind cried together.
Just for five minutes.
Sometimes its ok to let it all out. just don't let it consume you.
Jan 8 · 38
I wish I knew
Lily Barrett Jan 8
I wish I knew
Oh god, how I wish I knew
That you would cause me so much pain
That you would claw my heart in two
Leaving me out to dry in the rain
Shivering and blue

You were a demon
In a human disguise
Me, I was beaten
And thrown away to my demise

All because of you
And I wish I knew
That you would tear me apart
I would have never given you my heart
Jan 8 · 30
Who I am
Lily Barrett Jan 8
I’m a writer
I’m a fighter
I’m not a crier

I’m a dreamer
I’m a reader
I’m a fairy tale believer

I’m clever
I rarely say never
I want to be better
just a little part of me
Jan 3 · 144
Lily Barrett Jan 3
Pretend it all away
Believe only the good things will stay
Try not to think about it at all
Instead lock it behind a wall
Use a chain and a lock
And of it never talk

Pretend it all away
Then the days won’t be so grey
Everything is okay, everything is good
Everything is as it should
Don’t let it in
And keep it hidden within

Pretend it all away
And create a new way
To go about life’s travels
As the story slowly unravels
What has been seen
Is all caught in the in-between

Live to the last day
And pretend it all away
fake it until you make it...
Dec 2018 · 63
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
there's a hole
in my heart
and I think it might
just tear me apart
Dec 2018 · 131
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Puddles big and small
A thunder call
To come pouring down
On a small little town
I think encapsulating rain in a few lines doesn't do it justice, but I love the simplicity.
Dec 2018 · 37
One by One
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Count your dreams
One by one
As they turn into streams
One by one
Catch them if you can
One by one
If only you ran
Count your thoughts
One by one
Calling the shots
One by one
Show them you should
One by one
If only you could
Count your emotions
One by one
Go through the motions
One by one
If only they stayed
One by one
If only they didn’t fade
Count your words
One by one
And cut all the cords
One by one
That tie you down
One by one
As we
Dec 2018 · 275
Ending With a Knife
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
As you turn each page
Each one yellowed with age
They tell a story of a life
That ended with a knife
Not a happy story
Maybe slightly gory
Maybe a little sad
Maybe happy, just a tad
You turn each page
Each more yellowed with age
Your eyes full of wonder
As the story puts you under
Some sort of mystical dream
Where nothing is what it should seem
But all turns to bad
All happy turns to sad
As you turn to the last page
Yellowed with age
You see a life full of struggle and strife
Ending with a knife
Dec 2018 · 35
Cared Too Much
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
She cared too much
About how they thought of her
And how she looked
She cared too much
About finding “the right one”
She cared too much
About having the right friends
And the right pair of shoes
She looked in the mirror
And realized she hated herself
Hated what she had become
She said, “***** it,”
And the girl that cared too much
No longer cared at all
Dec 2018 · 33
The no-sleep disease
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
She’s so tired
She can barely open her eyes
But she has to,
She has to make it through.
Her head droops,
All she wants to do is sleep
But for her grades’ sake,
She has to stay awake.
Movements sluggish
And she reeks of no sleep
But she has to keep moving
For her deadlines will not.
Dec 2018 · 126
Do YOU Believe?
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Do you believe in magic
In the good and the tragic?
Do you believe in all that can be
More than just what you see?
Do you believe in heaven
And the lucky number seven?
Do you believe you would be right
To believe in a future that’s bright?
Do you believe in your ability
To be the best you can be?
Do you believe in the world
And all the stories you’ve been told?
Do you believe?
I think beliefs are sometimes what keep us hanging on
Dec 2018 · 34
Writing with the rain
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Drip, drip, drip
Words fall onto a page
As the clouds start to drizzle
And thunder rolls overhead
Drop, drop, drop
Go the words on the page
As the storm picks up
And the sky turns a darker gray
Splat, splat, splat
Faster the words come
The rain pounds and the wind gusts
As thoughts and feelings roll in
With thunder and rain
Plop, plop, plop
Words scribbled on a page
Written with a new ferocity
As lightning strikes the ground
The right word finally found
Suddenly the rain stops
As the writer is finally through
I love rain and I love writing so I thought, "why not combine the two?"
Dec 2018 · 44
a ghost of what was
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Cold hands searching for warmth
Eyes searching for help
Hands grasping at nothing
No one is there
A ghost of what was
Is all that is left
A once happy smile
No longer is upturned
Sinking further down
With no life jacket
And no savior to the rescue
No love to hold on to
Wings snapped cleanly in half
Ability to fly taken in pain
Ability to love taken in silence
The point of this poem is pure emotion. I didn't make it rhyme for that reason; I really wanted it to stand out. (Not to say that rhyming isn't fantastic)
Dec 2018 · 52
A letter to me
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Dear Future Me,

I hope you smile everyday
And say the things you want to say
I hope you have a person to hold on to
A person who truly loves you.
I hope that you love yourself
And it’s shown on the pictures on your shelf.
I hope you traveled many places
And saw many different faces
Tried many different foods
And met many different attitudes.
But most importantly,
I hope you’re proud of who you turn out to be

Dec 2018 · 32
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Keep your thoughts inside
Pretend you have nothing to hide
You have to appear strong
Show them they’re all wrong
That you’re worth something
That you’re not made of nothing
Shove it all away
Even if the feelings stay
They can’t see who you really are
Broken down and not up to par
You can’t appear weak
Your life cannot look bleak
You will be happy
Your world is not ******
It’s all good put on a smile
Just pretending all the while
You need to make it through the day
They won’t see you any other way
So you fake it all day long
Hoping no one figures out what you’ve been doing all along
You’re slowly sinking and not rising
And each day devising
How to hide
In an effort to keep it all inside
Dec 2018 · 46
Just Like Me
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Just maybe
There’s someone out there
Who needs someone to love
Just like me

Just maybe
There’s someone with a heart
That craves a partner
Just like mine

Just maybe
There’s someone who’s lonely
Who needs someone to hold on to
Just like me

Just maybe
There’s someone who wants love
But can’t seem to find it
Just like me
Dec 2018 · 23
Long Year
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
It’s been a long day my friend,
The hours blend together,
And it never seems to end.
It’s been a long week my brother,
Every piece has fallen,
Just dropping, one after the other.
It’s been a long month my sister,
Thoughts caught in a blender,
Carried away by a twister.
It’s been a long year my lover,
Rain dripping, drizzling, dropping,
And without you, no cover.
Dec 2018 · 43
Creatures of the night
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
What creeps out in the night
A creature of fright?
What makes the noise I hear?
From way over there
In the very dark fireflies
Give light to those in disguise
They run their own kind of day
In the pitch they have the say
For night is their world
Twice you don’t need to be told
The wolves prowl
The coyotes howl
The owl flies
And the cricket cries
For the dark in their time
And most certainly not mine
Dec 2018 · 40
The World is Flat
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
Ever since my birth
I’ve been gripping the edge of the earth
The scientists aren’t right
The world isn’t round
Making not a sound
I’ve been hanging on with all my might
Dec 2018 · 24
Good Turned to Bad
Lily Barrett Dec 2018
So here we are again
I did tell you how it would end
Let’s start at the start
Before it all fell apart
Where skies were blue
And clouds were white
The sun so very bright
So this is the end of it all
There’s a thirty foot wall
And I hope to god we don’t fall
We thought we were immortal
Too late we found we were normal
For falling is only fun
When a battle must be won
Falling further through the sky
Clouds stare as we pass by
There’s nothing to catch us on the ground
And our hands very tightly bound
Good turned to bad fast
Now all we have is the past
And didn’t we say
That life always goes the wrong way?
Nov 2018 · 38
All Day Long
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
All day long
People walk
With their heads down
Because in their phones
Is where their faces belong
All day long
No one talks
No one glances up
No one smiles
Where did we go wrong?
look up every once in a while. you never know what you will see.
Nov 2018 · 120
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
You follow me all day
And disappear at night
Why, why are you always in my sight?
You follow me around
And day to day make no sound
Why do you tease me so,
My shadow?
Nov 2018 · 54
For a Time
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
For a time
Everything I ruled was mine
You were my king
The world was my plaything
But my time came to an end
With too much left to mend
I played you
And I played the world too
I lost my crown and my throne
And my castle of stone
I lost it all
After my great fall
Back down to earth
I faced up to my crime
And I realized
It was all just for a time
Nov 2018 · 40
mind games
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Play mind games all day long
And get caught up in all the wrong
Get inside their head
And find what they said
Use it to tear them apart
For they’ve deserved it from the start

Get inside their head
Feel around for what they want to be instead
Get their thoughts, secrets, and lies
Get inside and cut off all ties

Turn them inside out
Give them reason to doubt
Their life and why they’re here
If the reason is too much to hear

Play mind games all day long
And pray that your mind is strong
Nov 2018 · 64
Letting the demons win
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Sitting, staring at a screen,
What the hell does it all mean?
Can I sort through this mess?
And oh, let me express
How I truly feel
No more, no more, it’s a deal
Gone to another land
End of the day at hand
And as much as I like to dream,
I want to let out a SCREAM
I feel so done and
I believe the demons have won
Nov 2018 · 86
somebody stole me
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
somebody stole me
I feel so empty
yet somehow
so free
what if you didn't have to be you for a day?
Nov 2018 · 41
If it is for you
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
If it is for you
Anything I would do
All the mountains
That touch the sky
Are never too high
If it is for you
No matter black or blue
The sea I would gladly
Swim across for you
If it is for you
The depths of Hades
And fiery pits
I would brave
If it is for you
You don’t understand
That I would walk through
Burning sand
I would die a thousand deaths
Take a thousand last breaths
Anything I would do
If it was for you
love is powerful
Nov 2018 · 35
So I Wonder
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
The days are empty
So I wonder
If they could be filled with slumber
With dreams that shift
From one to the other
The days are empty
So I wonder
If nights of rain and thunder
Could be happy instead of dreary
Awake instead of weary
The days are empty
So I wonder
If every blunder
Could be made into something other
Than blank space and no color
So I wonder
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Night gives way to dawn
as the earth heaves
a mighty yawn
Nov 2018 · 31
Grab Tight
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Grab tight and hold fast
For these days will come to pass
Hold on and grab fast
Never look into the past
Squeeze tight and stay strong
They won’t stay for long
These days are the best
So make them all count
Before they run out
Look up and gaze high
For you will have to say goodbye
Gaze up and look high
You won’t be given another try
Think fast and stay smart
For you this is just the start
Stay fast and think smart
In this life you want to be a part
Keep a tight grip on the things you love
Before you are sent above
Hold tight and be strong
Stay with who you really belong
Grab tight and grasp a hand
For everyone needs help to stand
Nov 2018 · 32
if, when, what, who
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Life is full of who’s and what’s
Who’s sane and who’s nuts
Who lives and who dies
Who tells truths and who tells lies
Too many paths to go on
Too many ways to go wrong
Take a left or hang a right
What’s too far and what’s in sight
What’s good and what’s  bad
What's happy and what's sad
Life is full of when’s and ifs
If it’s safe or if it’s a cliff
If I die or if I live
When I take and when I give
Go ahead or go back
Live to survive another attack
When I love and when I hate
When I’m early and when I’m late
Too many paths to go on
And so many ways to go wrong
choose your path wisely. It becomes difficult to go back.....
Nov 2018 · 47
I Have More
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
I’m stuck in a self-made box
I’m a caged fox
In here its blacker than night
And I just can’t fight
Let me out please
As I start to wheeze
Inhaling the dust
That’s coming from the rust
Within my self-made cage
That has somehow held all my rage
Let me out let me out
Before my mind falls out
I’ll probably go insane
Inside my own brain
I don’t want to leave
Not just yet
I have more up my sleeve
The sun hasn’t yet set
I have more left to live
Much more to forgive
Cages are safe, but do you want to hide from the real world?
Nov 2018 · 56
In the Past
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Let’s just keep moving forward
And not look back
Our demons are in the past
And hopefully that’s where they’ll stay
One foot in front of the other
Slowly inching forward
Bad things are behind us
Keep them there
Continue moving ahead
Can’t look back, don’t even try
We locked our demons up
In cages where they’ll stay
Head held high
Looking towards the horizon
That’s where our future lies
don't let your demons haunt you. leave them behind
Nov 2018 · 34
My Land
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
This is my land
And it’s something you can’t stand
The rules are harsh
And you live in a marsh
The temperature is always hot
And you can’t leave, no I think not!
I’m cruel and you do what I say
Trust me, there’s no other way
All those in my land I rule with an iron fist
And freedom does not exist
I don’t care what you think
Your opinions stink
I am the boss, I am the tyrant
You’re not going to get rid of me, no you aren’t
This is the way it will always be
So don’t make me drown you in the sea
Your thoughts are not important
To my will you will be bent
You are nothing
And I am everything
So get used to it,
Too late to leave isn’t it?
This is my land
And it’s everything you can’t stand
control is power. don't let others rule your life
Nov 2018 · 101
The Light
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Don’t give up just yet
The sun hasn’t yet set
Soon the day will come to a close
And I want to make sure everyone knows
That you did it, you finally reached the top
And nothing made you stop
If life threw you rain
You stood and let it wash away the pain
When life became a weight
You were never late
When life gave you darkening skies
You never one said lies
If life gave you sun
You were ready to run
When life was full of hate
You let it slowly abate
When life gave you lightning
You never once admitted that it was frightening
So don’t give up now
Wipe the sweat off your brow
The end is near and in sight
Can you see the light?
can you see the light? maybe not just yet, but soon. I promise
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