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Lily Barrett Feb 2020
Who wins in a fight
Death or War
Who would make it into the light
Who would fall to the floor

Would Death with his scythe
Carve War into pieces
Would he scream and writhe
As the fighting ceases

Would War with his ire
Crush Death in his hands
And dance around his pyre
As victorious War stands

Would Death live without War
Would War live without Death
Or would they simply be
No more
I saw a prompt that said asked: "Who would win in a fight; death or war?" I think that one cannot live without the other. What do you think?
Lily Barrett Feb 2020
We cry silent tears
We mourn forgotten years
We search for a reason
Wanting only to run away
You haven’t listened

We scream into the abyss
Until we learn that what we miss
Will never truly belong
In a world we dream of and long
You haven’t listened

We break boundaries
We conquer the seven seas
Just waiting to be found
Yet without a sound
You haven’t listened
I'm honestly not too sure what I was getting at with this one...
Lily Barrett Feb 2020
Been too sober
For way too long
Wonder if another
Would be so wrong

Just another taste
Another tiny sip
Just enough to linger
On my lip

Set me totally free
Send me flying
And please God
Forgive me for trying

I’ve been too sober
For way too long
I don’t think
I can be strong
Lily Barrett Jan 2020
I’ve been told I have walls,
That aren’t too easy to break,
They’ve been up for so long,
That my smile is entirely fake.
They’re made of unshed tears and a broken soul,
Of emotions that have taken their costly toll.
Tear them down if you feel you must,
But it takes too much to gain my trust
Strip me down to every pebble and stone,
Shatter me like a mirror and break me to the bone,
But don’t you see you’ve already lost,
For even my walls have a cost.
LHB 2020
Lily Barrett Jan 2020
You tell everyone you’re ok
But you hide in the dark
Buried beneath insecurity and doubt
Fearing the next day’s spark

You have a smile
But its never really real
Because you stopped feeling
And it stopped hurting after a while

You can feel your heart beating
But after so long
It doesn’t seem to be doing its job
After every beat failing and restarting

You can't believe this is living
But this is all it will ever be
Shaking and cracking with every breath
You simply want to stop being
Lily Barrett Jan 2020
The universe
Has me
And I must
Lily Barrett Dec 2019
This isn’t a poem
So don’t expect anything more
Than me ranting about how
My head, eyes, and heart are sore

This isn’t a poem
I’m telling you it definitely is not
Yet why do I feel like writing
Is like undoing a knot

This isn’t a poem
No, I promise that I don’t lie
And that my tongue
Doesn’t feel like it's tied

This isn’t a poem
That’s not what its meant to be
Rather it's just simply
A rhyming expression of me
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