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LeoH Oct 15
The light flutters
Across the page of my mind
Soothing the anguish
Pain from my past

Knowing I can choose
Who will I be today
I wonder
Will I venture forth
From these walls
Built for me
And by me
Will I face my fears
And let them melt away
LeoH Oct 13
The fog slowly clears
As I swim upstream
Stepping out of my old skin
I feel tender and vulnerable
My armor gone

I know I must move
Get out of my own way
My inner light
Guiding me on
LeoH Sep 19
As I step through the surf
I am forced to walk backward
The moment too beautiful
To turn away
I shoot frame after frame
But it is never enough
I pause to drink it all in

Back at my computer
I choose the one
I push hard
And I am rewarded
I can share the joy
That held me so
There is a photo that goes with this poem. You can see it at
LeoH Sep 7
In this moment
I have all I need
And for this
I am grateful
a little gratitude can go a long way
LeoH Sep 4
Holding tight
I feel the fatigue
Caught in the same loops
Again and again

How to break this cycle
How to step off this merry-go-round
To lie in the open field
Basking in the sun
What happens if I just let go
Letting go can be scary, but often it is the easiest way to reset.
LeoH Sep 4
For what it’s worth
The accidental poet, Leo
Finds catharsis in
Composing in
The poetic form

His words are private
Musings of a distressed mind
And yet he is happy
To share his verse
So you may also
Find your truth
I wrote this a couple of years ago when I was asked for a bio for a poetry publication.
LeoH Sep 1
Embrace what is
The reality of now
The truth of this moment

And maybe
You might see
The beauty of the tapestry
A birthday poem
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