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Jan 2019 · 229
Mirror image
Michael Smit Jan 2019
I was going through my books
Trying to keep my mind busy
When I suddenly felt a finger tap my back
Saying I seem uneasy

At first I was frightened
And then enlightened
Standing in front of me
Was me
My soul in perfect harmony

As calm as ever
I knew he was clever
And down came the raging reality

Synchronized was he and me
Through each others eyes we could see
I knew I needed to be
The fighter for him and me
If we were to survive
We needed to keep each other alive

Split yourself in two
Then say I love you
Jan 2019 · 170
Michael Smit Jan 2019
I saw a being
From outer space
The picture of it's now embedded
No matter how hard I try
I can't forget it

I woke up the other night
And I could've swear I'd seen its face
I tried to push erase
But it stood quiet there in place
Smiling at me with that scary twisted face

I screamed for help
But no sound came
It crept in closer
And I slowly started to tame

I was feeling numb
Suffocated by its hand
Last thing I remembered is counting to one
Then it was in demand
Jan 2019 · 182
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Bad romance

The lonley murderer
You probably heard of her
She nearly took my life
So I made her my wife

Phyco and happy
It's almost time to change the *****
My killer wife and I
**** but never lie
We get hurt and sometimes cry
Then we just end up getting high

Till death does us part
You are my blackest heart
You were there from the start
You know, when you tried to stab me in the heart

You slipped and you fell
You were nervous I could tell
So I opened your cell
Chemicals reacted
And we unleashed hell
Jan 2019 · 151
Me being silly
Michael Smit Jan 2019
If you a poet and you know it clap your hands 1 2
If you a poet and you know it clap your hands 1 2
If you a poet and you know it and you really wanna show it , if you a poet and you know it clap your hands 1 2
Jan 2019 · 134
Michael Smit Jan 2019
And thus was born
the unicorn
Jan 2019 · 203
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Eventhough I ended it
I feel like I pretended
Now that pretend ended
You are offended
Jan 2019 · 130
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Demon with a dictionary

Somethings wrong with him
I heard him say
We can hear you I replay
They turn away frantically
While their voices play through me
Causing havoc for everyone to see

Alone in darkness I watch my body being controlled
Only, I do not hold the control

Controlled by the sadness
I act on the madness
This demon I don't know
But through him the knife I trow
Oh no!

It killed my mother then my father
Lastly my brother, then it took me further
I became ******

I'm not crazy
It made me
Now there's blood on my hands
But it's still got something planned

I roam the the streets in search of my new victim
And find the perfect *****
I lure her down the alley
And take her to the valley

Away from the street
I stab and repeat
Only to eat
The bloodly meat

I didn't **** them
Please God tell me you see him
Right there infront of me
Abru capri
Jan 2019 · 168
The breakup
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Now that you're gone
I'm left un whole
I tried to call
But you never answered the phone

There are things I needed to say
But you turned your ear away
There are feelings still unspoken
Now my heart won't reopen

I don't care if it was meant to be
I need you and me
You started a fire in my heart
And now my heart won't restart
I need you to be part of my art
Jan 2019 · 265
Michael Smit Jan 2019
A part of me is left in you
Jan 2019 · 117
Michael Smit Jan 2019
****** my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I'm yours forever
Jan 2019 · 130
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Underneath the ocean waves
I seek for what my heart craves
Engrave behave
I'm not a slave
and this is just a phase

In the depth that's where my heart lies
And God knows I tried
but you lied
it can't be simplified
I amplified
and left you behind
Jan 2019 · 100
Beast in the beauty
Michael Smit Jan 2019
She knew she was beautiful
and didn't care to show it
but she hid a secret
do you want to know it?

Beast in the beauty
her heart was filled with creulty
She misled men
a dangerous siren
and a perfect ten

Her eyes was how she hypnotized
and before you know it you were tranquilized
Beauty now minimized
You were in for a suprise
her knife measured your size

A face of gold
her heart was stone cold
What seemed like the perfect ten
turned out to be the killer of men
Jan 2019 · 85
Crazy like me
Michael Smit Jan 2019
You are crazy like me
insanely free
we don't care what's to be
as long as it's you and me

You colonized my mind
and here I thought you I'd never find
love and life has left me blind
then came you and opened my eyes wide

You where there when the walls caved in
I never thought you and I would begin
You made me want to sin
But instead you I'd win
Jan 2019 · 464
Michael Smit Jan 2019
You are living, but are you alive?
I just try to survive.
Jan 2019 · 116
Potential unexplored
Michael Smit Jan 2019
You can do it
but you remain afraid
You're thoughts and demons
leave you insane

Social media introduces you to the language of profane
leaving no one but themselves to blame
unfiltered humor drains the brain
brain drain let's drown in champaign
life is but a campaign
of what you can attain and maintain
all whilst maintaining humane

Forgetting all about religion
you made your decision
blinded by your television
you need supervision and revision

a retake on what's right and wrong
and a reminder that your actions are strong
you might not know where you belong
but you must continue in your swan song
now run along
and be uncommonly strong

Don't leave potential unexplored
take your sword and drift toward
the history board
Jan 2019 · 94
Tincture rule
Michael Smit Jan 2019
The tincture rule
often cruel
works like this
a period of bliss
and then dismiss
comforts kiss
is timed in the abyss

You don't get to choose
what you accept
You get throw into the depth
Jan 2019 · 93
Deadly love
Michael Smit Jan 2019
I was trying to learn
how to make my love turn
But I could only burn
                                               The chemicals were explosive
                                                    and my love remained corrosive

Deadly love was what I was to give
In broken love my life I live

My fae were demons living inside me
My thoughts were feelings that only I see
I tried to **** them but how could I be
The destroyer of me
the one inside me
Jan 2019 · 507
Beautiful You
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Throw away those pills
Go and cover your mirror
Stand a moment and delve deep
Find peace in the exterior

You are beautiful
and don't be convinced otherwise
Don't believe the lies

You put the magic
in tragic
And heart you surely have it

From one soul to another
You shine like no other
Jan 2019 · 95
Future purpose
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Go dig a hole  
and bury the memory within
I cannot forget
but I can accept
Forgive and move on
have a little faith

The only constance is change
what is now will change

Your story isn't complete
Chapters still untold
You know nought
of what the future holds t you

You will cry again
But also fly again
You will fall to ashes
And rise once again

Sadly nothing can be foretold
And you are getting a bit old
But you never truly fold
Through war and havoc your empire holds
Jan 2019 · 84
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Faith in the unknown
Countless times my minds been blown
This world is not what I wished to have known
And true colours started to show

But I couldn't give up yet
Human nature still had some records to set
Will it **** them off? I bet
But I'd rather help instead

Be the better me
reflect and see
God made me free
Now let's make some ripples in the sea
Dec 2018 · 235
The human ying yang
Michael Smit Dec 2018
In everyone there is light and a bit of dark
an uncontrollable wildfire and a simple spark
a bright kind being and a demon soul
one that will give you love and shallow you whole

the measure of these can be defined as choices
you have to listen to your soul's silence voices

The demons inside me kept me up all night
But the angels inside me put on a hefty fight
For the moment at last I am asleep

They say soul is within us
like a silent bang
but I fear the colors that my voices sang
With head and heart I travel through
the human ying yang
Dec 2018 · 88
Coversational mind
Michael Smit Dec 2018
My actions my power
My thoughts my drive
But it's not nearly as simple
I have to synchronize

There's mirror images
And a ton of lies
Also the ones we call savages
and the endless skies

It's the language of superior
Whilst I only speak human
I'm faced with the burning inferior
while I act like I know what I'm doing

I grab my gasoline
and I call it hope
I fill me up
and burp a bubble soap

Like the usual consumer
I pleasure in a little humor
But when the lights go out and I'm alone
I overthink and search for home
Dec 2018 · 286
Michael Smit Dec 2018
There is no such thing as the perfect writer
Nor a perfect fighter
I take my lighter
and pull a all-nighter

I pulled it in tighter
and became the igniter
I have to shine brighter
I push paste on my copywriter

Add one to wiser
then decipher
look in the nerve fibre
find the survivor  
While remaining the conscious driver
You're name is Ivor

The army warrior
The last destroyer
I couldn't be sorrier
For my constructive barrier
Dec 2018 · 173
The alchemist
Michael Smit Dec 2018
Don't be scared to show your scars
You don't have to keep it all to yourself
They may see a weak moment of you
But they will see you rise again

It's okay not to be okay
It's okay if you're feeling tired
But darling, diamonds were once just pieces of charcoal
and the most exquisite poetry were written with broken hearts
Even the beautiful moon has a shadow

Every ying has it's yang
Embrace your darkness
So you may shine again

When you love someone
Your heart opens up
And there's room for everything
Your charcoal's dark
and your diamonds shine
Dec 2018 · 81
Unforeseen enemy
Michael Smit Dec 2018
How do you unthink something
How do you take back what hasn't been said
I can't unplant the seed once it's been planted
I cannot deny what I never wanted
So now I overthink
and I'm left haunted

They say there's a hidden enemy within you
One that will be your worst
It matured before I knew
While I was still in thirst

What if it doesn't what to be found
How do I come around
What if he's stronger and crowned
I hear a sound and hit the ground
It's to late to turn around

For a moment I'm pinned down
But by who? I am in a ghost town
I forgot to write down
And that makes a touchdown
By a inside clown
I lost my crown and I'm down

I had no clue
But I will come through
I will find what they call you
and try to renew
Dec 2018 · 569
The cosmos
Michael Smit Dec 2018
Quod superius sicut inferius
As above so below
As within so without
On earth as it is in heaven
As the universe So the soul

All things are interconnected
The sky and the hell
The land and the sky
What is first shall be last

To accomplish the miracles of the one thing
We are the gods of the atoms that makes up ourselves
But we are also the atoms of the gods that makes up the universe
Man's spirit comes from the stars
His soul from the planets
His body from the elements
We're made of star stuff

All is mind
Everything flows out and in
The pendelum-swing manifests in everything
The measure of the swing to the right
Is the measure of the swing to the left
Everything is dual
Everything has a opposite
And opposites are identical in nature
But different in degree

Nothing rests everything moves
Everything vibrates
Every cause has it's effect
And every effect has it's cause

The Cosmos
Dec 2018 · 84
Godless times
Michael Smit Dec 2018
The color of my skin doesn't defy me
Neither does my sexuality
I do not lack morality
While some still seek for their sanity
In a world that knows no bounds for insanity

It's terrible to think of how many died
Just because they lied
They didn't know right from wrong
And thought they were being strong
I hope it haunts them life-long
And when they wake
they hear this terrible song

In these Godless times
In a world filled with  countless crimes
All we can do is face these climbs
and hope for the end result
to be beautiful rhymes
Dec 2018 · 129
Silence's explosion
Michael Smit Dec 2018
I was alone and a lost boy
wondering alone in the trees
then came the quite explosion
and wrapped it's arms around me
I felt save in the moment
with only me
I knew this was the moment
I started to be

Honest with my self
I won't lie like every body else
Thinking for myself
God knows I need that better mental health

I don't want to play your stupid game
so please do me a favor and go away
leave today
hear me say
Goodbye baby
I end the stay
so get away  

It was nice while it lasted
but this too I have blasted
It was a bittersweet melody
But I am the composer
and this is my new symphony
Dec 2018 · 75
Gypsy dance
Michael Smit Dec 2018
Staying when I shouldn't
Going when I should
My armour is cracked
But fight I know I would

Wouldn't it be easier If we just could
leave it all behind and go live in the wood
If I could I would
Standing where no one stood
alone in the wood

They can't reach me here
and I am lifted of fear
I've held them far to near
and I am ready for the cure

So I do my gypsy dance
and take my final stance
In lamination of the moon
my power will be here soon
Dec 2018 · 469
Engrave behave
Michael Smit Dec 2018
I remember feeling saved
When He walked in
smiled and waved

He said we're all sinners
we just sin differently
So drop the negativity
and sit with me

I sat there and He smiled
He tried to put it gently  
so I listened intently
He told me I was beautiful

When I mirror and reflect
When I show the error in their way
with respect

When I refuse to stoop to their level
and simply deny the devil
When it falls apart and starts to tremble
I remain peaceful within my temple  

This world will turn you into a slave
so be careful what you crave
Engrave behave
He stood up
smiled and waved
I knew I was saved
Dec 2018 · 106
Love drug
Michael Smit Dec 2018
I never want to get my heart broken again
So I restrain from love
I can't lie it's been tough
But I've been broken enough
Love again or tough love

Self love is now taught like a habit
but something inside me still craves the rabid
To be wanted
to be touched
To feel like enough
to be in love

To wake up next to someone each day
knowing they'll  stay
I'll take it today
knowing it can change again some day
I'll play this game everyday

Love is my drug
and I'm hopelessly addicted
but not at all conflicted
Because as I predicted
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else
Than in it
bring it
love every minute
Nov 2018 · 243
Depressions power
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I hear the voice of depression
Maybe you should **** yourself
I know it's not one of my confessions
Don't listen I advise myself

I know what I've done wrong
It plays continuous in a song
I am a prisoner inside my head
I believe the lies I've fed
Every terrible thing said
I've made my bed
Now it's time to lie in it

I am played by my mind
All the bad memories rewind
The thoughts I tried not to find
Are now in my bind
I am left behind
In my own cyclical hell
I've tried so hard but I fell
This is the story I'm to tell

Imagine being a little boy
Still obsessed with his toy
But then discovering a blade
And the feelings that doesn't fade
Singing a song that's been made
He finds delight in the cuts of his razor blade

Before he knows it he's addicted
And suddenly conflicted
This isn't what he predicted
The pain self-inflicted
The cuts are getting deep
And the climb is getting steep

Emotion is taking over
And I am barely sober
I remember October
When I thought it was over

I was bleeding and internally crying
Probably half way from dying
All I remember was the lying
Saying I wasn't dying
But then I really started trying
And I thought peace I was finally finding
Only to be left here reminding
Depression is still in my sighting

The illness never left
I can charge it with life theft
But my battle still goes on
While I try to sing my song
Stand tall be strong
They don't need to hear the wrong
The fight has been long
But I am strong.
Nov 2018 · 140
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I look for another resolution
For a permanent conclusion
But no matter what I try
I will have to say goodbye and die
I've been asking the same question
But it's always the same
The angels look down and start to cry
I don't want to say goodbye
I don't want to make them cry
But with the human label die
I will have to return to the sky

So I try to life each day like it is my last
and I try to forget about the past
Because life goes very fast.
Nov 2018 · 81
Michael Smit Nov 2018
Some things I have to do
and some things I don't
Things I should
And things I won't

I don't like change
but it's in range
it seems strange
because it only leaves disarrange
So I try to morph through the change

It's a good thing we're mutable
And we don't cling to the suitable
Even though I lack beautiful
I change as usual

So don't get used to it
get down and sit
and try to admit
that it feels like you're losing it
Here comes change
Split submit.
Nov 2018 · 95
It changed
Michael Smit Nov 2018
As I look across my lifeline
And find that it's all but fine
I wonder what my mind enclined
When I was at that point in time

Things that seemed sense
Now left no evidence
Things I could then explain
Now left in flame
Time has passed
What is now will past
Nothing lasts

Everything has changed
And it requires a new me
I am left deranged
By the thought of who I try to be
The attempts often futile
I be the best me I can currently be
Keep it all inside like it isn't destroying me
Endure the ride wait and see
Find what they call free

I'm honestly sometimes clueless
the pieces of my mind glueless
But I have the endurance to do this.
Nov 2018 · 188
Things undone
Michael Smit Nov 2018
As I sit here in the rain
And think of the things I can't explain
Of the things to come
Of the pain undone

I think of way more than one
But also will it come
When I am done
Will I only feel some
And leave the rest at the end of my run
The pain spared as I drift toward the sun

Will I lose them
Or will they lose me
I thought it to the stem
But still I have to wait and see

I don't know when my time is
Or when when theirs is
But deep down I'm hoping
That them both I'll miss
It will be sarrows innocence kiss
Hearts will be broken
And I fear to feel that open
The only reminder left
Memories token.
Nov 2018 · 101
When to light your candle
Michael Smit Nov 2018
Piece by piece
I pick up the pieces
What is left
and what is lost to theft
I gather it all and build a new heart
Even though everything is not there
It doesn't fall apart

I guess it's because I'm used to it
I don't see the use in proving I'm fit
I know what I can handle
And I know when to light my candle
If I should burn or simply shine
The choice is mine
Nov 2018 · 75
Mother and Father
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I write this with a heavy heart
Because it feels like I'm falling apart

They keep fighting
and I don't know with who I should be deciding
I want to go in hiding
But running from it is as good as lying

I love them both
and I am woven from their clothe
But they keep hurting each other
and I am froched to look at another
I love you father and mother
So please don't hurt each other

They had the perfect love
but even that didn't seem enough
I guess I'm still lucky to have you
to know the love between me and you remain true
Even if you leave me blue
I'll always think of you
Nov 2018 · 92
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I think too big
and fly too high
I have a thought quick
but it is too big
I flew too high
and got burned at the entrance of the sky
Nov 2018 · 8.0k
Rhyming for fun 1
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I write my pretty poetry
and I beg to know of thee
what you see
and what you want to be
what makes you flee
and what makes you free
how often do you plea
do you like a bee
or am I irritating thee
with my random personality

I'm sorry but that's my gravity
I don't need you I have my sanity
I call it sanity and you call it insanity
like I asked you who to be
I'd rather follow my fae

It seems to me
you lack the imaginary
and that I cling to the extraordinary
I mean who likes ordinary
I pick extraordinary  
One more time

My mind is endless
I act kind of senseless
Oh I see breakfast
here comes my fist
if you insist
I can't resist
Am I dismissed
I know there is something I've missed
the crazy insists
I can't resist
The malevolence
in your intelligence
I don't know where I thence
I make no sense

This baby is crazy
But the God our lord made me
To be whoever I want to be
if you dream it you can achieve it
Believe it and you will see
Nov 2018 · 94
hearts art
Michael Smit Nov 2018
Take that broken heart
turn it into art
They said
But where do I start
When it all just fell apart

How do I translate broken
When there is nothing left unspoken
Can't you see it bleed
It's broken open

If I scream
will it bring harmony
Will they see
I lost my armory
I stare at you artlessly
I'm still me
but there is a piece
I can never be
the piece you failed to see
the piece now lost in me  

What I didn't know
What I forgot to reap and sow
in the broken
You get the perfect flow
a dark beautiful glow
Nov 2018 · 374
Michael Smit Nov 2018
Simply put
I'm misunderstood
I was black wood
from boyhood
The common no-good
Not one for Hollywood
I sat there

Do I speak a another language
or are you focused on your sandwich ?
Should I scream or cry
Begging to know why
I must try
I am faced with lie

I just need some understanding
It's not like I'm demanding

I'm just tired of looking in
not knowing where to begin
Tell me is it a sin
to want to win?
a friend or two
and maybe you
I don't want to feel blue
So please make this true

If you let me I'll treat you well
I want to see you outside your shell
I'll keep the secrets I'm not to tell
I'll pick you up if you fell

I won't judge you
if you are true to me
I too have my vices
That you'll see
If you give me respect
I'll reflect
But if we can't connect
And I detect
I'll protect and reject the subject
Nov 2018 · 427
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I scribbled down what I needed to say
Picked up the piece and threw it away
Like there was nothing to say
I've already lost my way

I tried  supression of depression
But I wasn't done with the lesson
Can't I end the session
I needed to tend to my depression
I lost my self-expression
Depression was taking possession
The lesson was already in session
The session of depression

It takes my breath away
It kills me everyday
I struggle to find a way
for happy to stay
a permanent gray
I've tried to pray
But all they do is say
fight through another day
What's the delay?
this is only foreplay

I never fought this hard
But still I remain scarred
Nov 2018 · 399
Michael Smit Nov 2018
Close your eyes and you will see
All is not what it seems to be
There is a story unspoken
That left my mind a woken
a Stolen token
My wound reopen

My reign of fire
My hearts desire
You are a liar
So burn in fire

I crossed the line
Had it not been define
a Wrap in time
a Story of mine

They call me the worst witch
Because I tend to switch
I make them glitch
Because I'm the witch

I enchant your mind
Forcing you to find
The power that hides

My power is running out
And I am left in doubt
This is my final spell
The last to tell
I wish you well
Nov 2018 · 115
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I want to know
I have to see
I have to grow
I have to be

Read it here
And read it there
Try to understand

Knowledge is power
This is true
Learn what you can
You know what to do
Michael Smit Nov 2018
You think I'm dumb
But I think your brain is numb
I see more than I say
I always find a way
I close my eyes to see
Silent you have to be
Let your mind run free
Nov 2018 · 305
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I move at my own pace
I will not entertain
This is not a race
So please restrain
I don't want to replace
My main sane
Makes me insane  
Too much demons have been slain

The lights stops and flicker
With monsters in my speaker
You were a pleasure seeker
While I was thought to be weaker
The feeling eater

The monsters start to play
Better make way
They are here to stay
Why today  
Stay away

My monsters
became my sponsors
The demon left me feeling needing
My feeling it was eating
My monsters
are imposters
The constant responders
Nov 2018 · 91
Michael Smit Nov 2018
Focus your energy
Let the wind intend
Let the water erase and clean the place
Let the wind bring pace to what must haste

Let the earth keep in place the pillars you place
Let the fire inspire the emotions in space
Let spirit turn you from disgrace

May your motions guide you to your dance
a chance at love and romance

May your spirit be kindred
Remind you of what the king did
It's okay if you're tired and need to sit
But don't wait to long and lose your spirit

This became a energy emergency
Best invoke fire
To sparkle desire
What you require
is a bit of fire
Nov 2018 · 483
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I pretended to care
But deep down I knew I didn't
I didn't want them to scare
So I kept to being flippant

I didn't what to hurt them
Like they did me
I have a finer stem
Kind I have to be

Because kindness brightly glows
A powerful power
Bring thought to those who knows
And remove all their sour

Even if you don't care
You can pretend that you do
It's not much to bear
Who knows it can effect them too
Nov 2018 · 84
My suicide
Michael Smit Nov 2018
When you come at your lowest
And have nowhere left to go
When life's at it's slowest
And you simply can't say no

You take the razor
And make the first one deep
Your body feels the tazor
You fall down and weep

One cut is not enough
So you make some more
I don't want to see their face
When they walk through the door

How do I explain that I want to die
How do I tell them that my happiness was a lie
They'll get teary-eyed and ask why
Forching me to stop and simply cry

The blood makes a mess
And you're still here
You take the poison and shallow
And say bye to what you held dear

With the feelings that I used to hide
I prepare my suicide
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