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23.7k · Jun 2019
Happiness everything. Happiness isnt based on money and sometimes not even on what you're doing. Its about who your with.
its about living with no regrets
And realising that a bad thing will last a few months, so who cares if he doesnt ask you out? who cares what your parents catch doing with the one who does? and who cares what anyone says about you.
Happiness is taking a risk
and it pays off
and even if it doesnt
another oppurtunity presents itself.
happiness is staying up all night with your frends.
happiness is water fights on late summer evenings.
happiness is love....lust only gives moments of happiness to the fact you cant believe you have that leaves you eternally in wonder of how you ended up feeling so right.
happiness is being with your friends and wearing crazy *** hats in public
happiness is seeing a familiar face in nevr ending sea of lies.
happiness is no homework
happiness is having tickle fights with the one you love
happiness is lying in the sun looking at the clouds
happiness is doing wat you want to do
happiness is helping one another
happiness if giving all of you no matter how much you recieve in return
happiness is being able to speak your mind
happiness is knowing you have earnt all the praise you get and being able to say thank you...not going red, studying your shoelaces and bringing yourself down
happiness is confidence
happiness is working hard for something
happiness is being wateva you want and not caring what anyone only get to live will nevr live it down if you're on your deathbed and you realise that you've spent your whole life being what everyone else wanted you to be. living a lie
happiness is finding out who you are
happiness is coming home and your parents ask you how your day was...evn if u jst grunt back
happiness is singing in the shower as loud as you can...i mean showers hav that magical power that means no-one else can hear you...rite?
happiness is not being afraid to say someone is makes u all giggly...saying someone is good looking doesnt neccessarily mean you want them
happiness is feeling safe
happiness is feeling wanted
happiness is feeling at peace with yourself
happiness is feeling that someone always has your back
happiness is when something isnt funny..but your so happy to see someone that u cant stop smiling
happiness is that one thing you can nevr really express to someone...its like a drug, it makes you do crazy things...its make you feel ontop of the world.
this made me happy knowing that peopl will read this and feel happy
it made me happy because i made a good attempt to describe something that can nevr be completely decribed.

happiness is the one thing that keeps you going when you're like the single flowers whose colours hav turned to shades of grey

i cant explain this happiness
7.2k · Jan 2019
sabihin mo nga sa akin
Saan ka makakahanap ng babae
isang utos mo gagawin nya
isang Pasensya wala akong nakuha
Kahit iniwan mo ako wala
yan ang babae ang nagmamahal sa isang lalaki
ang babae nagmamahal sa isang lalaking gagawin ang lahat ng dapat
kahit magalit yung babae
gagawin pa rin niya kasi mahal na mahal niya.

pero ang babae magtanong sa isang lalaki
umaangal na kayo
hindi nyo magawa Anong magagawa ng isang babae mahal niya
kasi ganyan kami mag mahal ng isang tao hanggang patayan.
isang mahal mo gagawin mo ang dapat gawin ganun ang isang pagmamahalan
isang tanong
ngayon ang sabihin mo sa akin okay na ba
di ba Ang sabi mo sa akin hindi ka naniniwala.
3.3k · Aug 2020
I Am Blessed
I am blessed,
With God in my life I am not stressed.
In the mornings, I awake to the unique sounds of nature,
Birds chirping, the wind blowing the leaves on the trees,
Roosters crowing, dogs barking.
I see the bright and glorious sunshine,
The butterflies playing in the air,
The cotton ball clouds,
The beautiful mountains and the lovely and
Sweet smelling roses.

I am blessed to behold the beauty of God’s creation.
I am blessed to have the opportunity to experience true salvation.
I am blessed; there is always food to eat and to share.
I am blessed, not stressed, well dressed, put to the test.
I am blessed, there is money to pay the bills and
I have feet to walk up the hills.
I am blessed, I am loved by my family and friends,
And most of all I have the love of Jesus Christ.
I am blessed, God provides for me in everyway,
He protects me and I know that He will never forsake me.

I am blessed
His angels are near and He has given me ears to hear.
I am blessed, I have lived to see another day,
My saviour has cleared the way.
I am blessed, I am in my right mind,
I can smile and make others smile as well.
I am blessed, I am in good health,
I can feel my heart beat the rhythmic beat of life,
As it vibrates against my chest:
Budup, budup, budup.
Oh, how wonderful it is to know,
That I am blessed, not stressed,
Well dressed, put to the test.
Praise the Lord!
I am blessed.
2.6k · Oct 2018
Love Is A Mirror
Sharpened dagger stabbed in her heart,
Ripping in two, ripping apart.
Took only a few words, but his words out her deep,
Stealing emotions, making her weak.
Two sided mirror true in reflection,
A double edged with a knife cutting connections,
Place in her heart forever reserved
The one that she loved but didn't deserve.
He twisted the dagger,  it tore her apart.
She stole what was left, she stole a broken heart.
2.5k · Aug 2020
Not Lucky, I’m Blessed
I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.
I don’t know about you.

Don’t call me lucky,
call me blessed.  There’s
a difference between the two.

Luck comes around from
time to time.

Blessings are there every day.
They’re staring you right
in the face.

Luck is something people
seek to find.

Blessings automatically
come your way.

Luck is something that
happens by chance.

Blessings are God’s works.
They’re a part of his plan.

Blessings are things that you
carry with you.  They’re there
every single day.

Lucky is something that comes
along, but then it goes away.

Blessings are things that
are permanent.

Luck is something that
is temporary.

Blessings are things which
are heaven sent.

Luck you can’t count
on.  Luck you can’t depend on.
Unlike blessings, which you
know they will always be
there.  You never need worry.

Luck is something you anticipate,
something which you wait for it
to come around.

Blessings are things that are
automatically there.  Every day
of your life they can be found.

Luck is basically good fortune
that happens from time to time.

Blessings are things you are
faced with every day.  You
carry them with you for
a lifetime.

Luck is something you consider
to be good that happens
unexpectedly.  It may come
around at a time of need.

But what you consider to be
good luck, events can happen
to cause you to see it is just
opposite.  It may turn out to
be that what you find to be
good luck, isn’t always what
it seems.

Blessings are that which is
sent from God.  They are not

Blessings are brought to the
light where you clearly seem them.
They do not hide.

Blessings that are sent from
God, they do not lie.

Blessings are something you
can believe, something you
can have confidence in.

You carry them with you
from the moment your life
starts, up until your life on
earth comes to an end.

You shall carry them with you
even after death, should you
make it to heaven.

I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.
There’s as difference between
the two.

I don’t consider myself lucky.
I consider myself blessed.
I can only speak for myself.
I can’t speak for you.

I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.
That’s all I have to say.

Don’t call me lucky, call
me blessed.  God is the way.

It’s not luck but God, who
wakes me every day.

It isn’t luck but God, who
gives me eyes to see the way.

It isn’t luck but God, who
gives me a voice and mouth
so that I may talk.

It isn’t luck but God, who
gave me legs and feet so that
I may walk.

It isn’t luck but God, who
gave me hands so that I
may touch.

It isn’t luck but God,
who does so much.

It isn’t luck but God, who
gives me everything I need.

It isn’t luck, it’s God.
I say it unashamed.
I say it proudly.

It isn’t luck, it’s God,
who gave me a brain for

It wasn’t luck, it was God,
who gave me a heart which
keeps me breathing, keeps
me living.

I’m not lucky, I’m blessed,
in so many ways.

Don’t call me lucky,
call me blessed.
That’s all I have to say.

I’ll leave you with that
thought and I’ll go about
my way.
But it doesn’t change
Who you are inside and
Kini kataw-anan kung giunsa nga gipasagdan ang mga butang,
Kini nga bililhon nga kinabuhi;  tam-is kaayo, halangdon kaayo,
Giunsa mawala ang matag segundo,
Bisan pa ang tanan nga adunay gyud kanato mao ang oras.

Unya unsa man kung kalit nga nawala kini?
Unsa man kung mohunong ang pagsubang sa adlaw?
Komosta kung nahurot na ang imong oras?
Mahulog ba ang usa ka luha gikan sa hingpit nga mga mata?

Lisud kini nga hatagan kahusay,
Sa tanan nga mga pagbati nga gibabagan namon,
Pagsulay ra sa paghunahuna sa uban pa,
Padayon nga nagtan-aw sa orasan.

Nakakatawa kung giunsa nga gipasagdan ang mga butang,
Kini nga bililhon nga kinabuhi, pamilya ug mga higala,
Bisan kung makita mo sila adlaw-adlaw,
Unsa ang mahinabo sa pag-abut naton sa katapusan?

Talagsaon ang mga tawo nga nahimamat,
Ug kung unsa ang ilang reaksyon sa balita,
Ang uban nangalagiw, bisan ang uban magpabilin,
Ang uban magsaulog, o makuha ang mga blues.

Apan ang matag usa magbag-o sa imong kinabuhi,
Ug ang labing kaayo magpabilin sa imong tapad,
Hatagan ka mga gakos, magpadayon nga okupado ka,
Kana ang mga tinuod.

Nakakatawa kung giunsa nga gipasagdan ang mga butang,
Kini nga bililhon nga kinabuhi, dili sigurado,
Sa yano, kini ang damgo sa matag usa,
Aron adunay usa ka butang nga luwas ug luwas.

Aron mahimamat ang Usa, mabuang ang gugma,
Minyo ug magsugod usa ka pamilya,
Tingali dili kini ingon ka daghan,
Apan kana nga damgo hinungdanon kanako.

Kini usa ka damgo nga kanunay nakong gitinguha,
Usa nga nahadlok ako nga tingali dili makakita kahayag,
Kay wala kini gisaad sa bisan kinsa sa aton,
Bisan, alang kanako, husto ang pamati niini.

Dili ako sigurado kung unsa na kadugay ako nga nahabilin dinhi sa yuta,
Ug kung kini ang katapusan nga higayon nga akong nakuha,
Gusto nakong ibilin kini nga timaan,
Aron dili ka makalimtan tanan.

Kung unsa ang kahulugan sa matag usa kanako,
Dili gyud ko makalusot,
Kung dili tungod sa kalainan nga nahimo,
Sa matag usa sa inyo.

Nakakatawa kung giunsa nga gipasagdan ang mga butang,
Kini bililhon nga kinabuhi, matam-is kaayo, Halangdon kaayo,
Giunsa mawala ang matag segundo,
Bisan pa ang tanan nga adunay gyud kanato mao ang oras.

Palihug ayaw kalimti ang regalo nga gihatag kanimo,
Ang abilidad sa pagkatawa, higugmaon ug mabuhi,
Ayaw buhii ang gihigugma nimo,
Ipakita sa ila ang tanan nga gugma nga mahimo nimong mahatag.

Hinumdomi ako sa umaabot nga mga tuig,
Sa diha nga napildi ako sa away ug kinahanglan moadto,
Daghang salamat sa mga butang nga imong nahimo,
Apan ang oras, nagdumili kini aron mahinay.

Kini kataw-anan, kung giunsa ang pagkuha sa mga butang alang sa gihatag,
Kini nga bililhon nga kinabuhi, ang mga butang nga imong nakita,
Giunsa ang yano nga pagpanaw sa matag segundo,
Ug oras;  ang oras nawala na alang kanako.
1.6k · Dec 2019
Jingle Hoes
Jingle ***, jingle hoes
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open legs
Jingle ***, jingle hoes
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open legs
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open legs
Over the fields we go
Crying all the way
Bells on *****-tail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and sing a hoeing  song tonight
Jingle hoes, j-j-jingle hoes
Jingle all the way!
O' what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open legs
Jingle ***, j-j-jingle hoes
Jingle all the way!
O' what a lot fun, what a lot fun to ride and sing in a one-horse open leggings
1.1k · Mar 2021
I Found Myself
I found myself
After many years
Trials and tribulations
Too many tears

Years went wasted
Feeling empty
Lost in despair
Nothing good could be

I lost it all
Nothing to do
In that barren moment
A light shined through
My life nearly gone
Yet I still stood
Was tragedy over
Leaving room for good

I’d been the victim
For far too long
Accepting the sentence
Of everything wrong
Yet in my darkness
The sun did rise
Realizing I’d lived
A series of lies

Carrying the mark
Of sins not mine
Knowing it was time
For the true me to shine
Destiny now in my hands
To shape and create
Shedding all judgment
Even if a bit late

I found myself
After many years
Now living fully
Nurturing my cares
945 · Jan 2019
dalawang lalaki sa buhay mo
yung isang lalaki asawa mo dati
kasi siya ang tatay ng mga anak nyo
yung isang lalaki nobyo mo
iba iba siya
hindi siya kahawig ng aking asawa
dati kong asawa
sa muling
makapal na mukha.

Nokia ko
mabait sya pag mahalin siya
ang lakas ng tuyo niya
patas na babae sa tono nya
ang isip nya lagi iba-iba
Iyon ang dahilan kung bakit, mahal ko siya. Siya ay walang katulad ng aking dating asawa.
If a woman not beautiful
And not a knock out either
Just Average
Never go for a good looking man
Sweet pie
They are not for you
Get you Average one
Just like you
Because they will love you
More than a good looking guy
Average guy
Has more respect for a woman
They know how to treat a
Woman good.
Being with a good looking guy
He loves to compare
Himself with others
They always use there looks
To get whatever
They want
Bilangin ang iyong mga pagpapala sa halip na ang iyong mga krus;
Bilangin ang iyong mga nakuha sa halip na ang iyong pagkalugi.

Bilangin ang iyong mga kagalakan sa halip na ang iyong mga abala;
Bilangin ang iyong mga kaibigan sa halip na ang iyong mga kaaway.

Bilangin ang iyong mga ngiti sa halip na ang iyong luha;
Bilangin ang iyong tapang sa halip na ang iyong kinakatakutan.

Bilangin ang iyong buong taon sa halip na ang iyong payat;
Bilangin ang iyong mabait na gawa sa halip na iyong ibig sabihin.

Bilangin ang iyong kalusugan sa halip na ang iyong kayamanan;
Mahalin mo ang iyong kapwa tulad ng iyong sarili.
Amazing Grace: your gift for all. So amazing your grace that you would die for us sinners on a cross in shame and agony though sinless yourself.

How Sweet the Sound: to hear "your sins are absolved"

That Saved a Wretch Like Me: Compared to your perfection and glory we are truly wretched. All blackened by sin, but because of your death on a cross not by water or blood, but by water and blood we are saved and washed clean and white. The only chance we have of getting into heaven is by your gift of Amazing Grace.

I Once Was Lost: like a sheep who strays from the flock and wanders off

But Now Am Found: I am safe and sound in your arms once again. You rescue me from danger and bring me back safe and sound.

Was Blind: because of sin and my faults, wrapped up in a blanket of hurting and lies.

But Now I See: the magnitude of this gift you give and because of your death, the pure spotless lamb, and the cleansing blood you shed for me and for many that sins might be forgiven.

'Twas Grace That Taught My Heart To Fear: fear you in a deep respect for your power, fear of not having you always there and fear of satan and the cost of sin.

And Grace My Fears Relieved: I used to fear what would happen if I sinned and I still fear as I should always, but I take comfort in the knowledge that when I sincerely repent, do my best to sin no more, and to avoid the things that lead me to sin I will be forgiven.

How Precious Did That Grace Appear: It is by Grace and Grace alone that we are saved and indeed how precious, how special Grace was as it appeared to me

The Hour I First Believed: The hour I came to believe in you Jesus my Savior who shed your blood, died and rose again that I might live!
651 · Jul 2020
Friends with Benefits
You say we're friends, with benefits on the side,
Yet seems we get together, then continue to hide...
You hide from my friendship until you feel like being found.
And I'm sure a fool for remaining around.

But I can't get away; I can't seem to move on,
Dreams of you cross my mind into early dawn.
We haven't spoken since that night my innocence was lost,
But then you turned your shoulder, which hit with an icy frost.

There is always a lesson to learn from the pain,
But it appears I still like you...I know it's insane.
I long for you to call me, yet you never do,
I'd be satisfied with a real conversation from you...
618 · Jun 2020
Ang Kahulugan Ng Pag-ibig
Ang pag-ibig ay ang pagbabahagi ng buhay,
upang bumuo ng mga espesyal na plano para sa dalawa lamang,
upang gumana nang magkatabi,
at pagkatapos ay ngumiti ng pagmamalaki,
bilang isa-isa, ang lahat ay nangangarap.

Ang pag-ibig ay tulungan at hikayatin
sa mga ngiti at taimtim na mga salita ng papuri,
maglaan ng oras upang ibahagi,
pakinggan at pag-aalaga
sa malambot, magiliw na paraan.

Ang pag-ibig ay ang pagkakaroon ng isang espesyal,
isa kung kanino mo laging maaasahan
na makasama doon sa mga taon,
pagbabahagi ng pagtawa at luha,
bilang kapareha, magkasintahan, kaibigan.

Ang pag-ibig ay gumawa ng mga espesyal na alaala
ng mga sandali na gusto **** alalahanin,
ng lahat ng mabubuting bagay
ang pagbabahagi ng buhay ay nagdadala.
Ang pag-ibig ang pinakamalaki sa lahat.

Nalaman ko ang buong kahulugan
ng pagbabahagi at pag-aalaga
at ang pagkakaroon ng aking mga pangarap lahat ay natutupad;
Nalaman ko ang buong kahulugan
ng pag-ibig
sa pamamagitan at pagiging mapagmahal sa iyo.
608 · Jun 2020
Ang Paraang Mahal Kita
May mga oras na pagagalitin mo ako at gagawin mo akong hindi ginustong galit,
ngunit kahit ano pa man, "I will always love you."

Mayroong mga malupit na salita na maaari **** sabihin na hahantong sa akin masaktan at magdadala sa akin ng kalungkutan,
ngunit kahit ano pa man, "I will always love you."

May mga hindi matalinong pagpapasya na iyong ginawa na biguin ako,
ngunit kahit ano pa man, "I will always love you."

May mga pagkilos na maaaring aksyon mo na mag-aalala sa akin,
ngunit kahit ano pa man, "I will always love you."

Magkakaroon ng mga sandali kung saan mo ako maiiyak at dadalhin mo ako sa luha,
ngunit kahit ano pa man, "I will always love you."

Magkakaroon ng hindi mapagpapatawad na mga pagkakamali na idinulot mo sa akin,
ngunit kahit ano pa man, "I will always love you."

May mga kasinungalingan na sinabi sa akin kung saan sinubukan mo ang aking tiwala sa iyo,
ngunit kahit ano pa man, "I will always love you."

Sa buhay may mga paghihirap, argumento, at mga hamon na dapat nating tiisin,
ngunit kahit ano pa ang mangyari, nais kong malaman mo na, "I will always love you," ngayon at magpakailanman!
572 · Oct 2018
Hey ****
Are you small
Can you fit
Can you find a comb that fit
Can you last a long time

Hey ****
Can you satisfied me
553 · Jan 2021
Tungkulin sa ating watawat
Hindi gaanong galit at kasakiman
Ay kung ano ang kailangan namin
At higit pa sa serbisyo na totoo;
Mas maraming lalaking magmamahal
Ang watawat sa itaas
At panatilihin itong una sa pagtingin.

Hindi gaanong magyabang at magyabang
Tungkol sa watawat,
Higit na pananampalataya sa kung ano ang ibig sabihin nito;
Higit pang mga ulo ng tuwid,
Higit na paggalang sa sarili,
Hindi gaanong pinag-uusapan ang mga makina ng giyera.

Ang oras upang labanan
Upang mapanatili itong maliwanag
Ay hindi sa kahabaan ng paraan,
Ni 'tawiran ang bula,
Ngunit dito sa bahay
Sa loob ng ating mga sarili ngayon.

'Dapat nating mahalin
Ang watawat sa itaas
Sa lahat ng aming lakas at pangunahing;
Para sa aming mga kamay
Hindi malayong lupain
Darating ang mantsa ng pagkahiya.

Kung ang watawat na maging
Hindi pinasasalamatan, kami
Hindi nagawa ang kalaban;
Kung mahuhulog ito,
Kami, una sa lahat,
Kailangang hampasin ang hampas
548 · Jul 2020
They say Life isn’t Fair
Let me guess,
the world’s not fair and it’s against you,
Go on then, give up like you always do,
mope around feeling sorry for yourself,
What’s the matter? Can’t handle the truth?
Would you like me to sugar coat it for you?
Tell you that everything’s going to be fine
and come up with some easy excuse.
Well I’m not going to do that,
cos life’s not easy and you’re not a fool.
You keep acting like the victim all the time
Constantly saying how things aren’t going your way when,
the choice has always been right there in front of you,
You’ve got the tools,
A working brain, a functioning body
So get a grip and stop acting like you haven’t got a clue
Yes, “Life’s not fair”, and things aren’t always going to go your way,
tell me something new.
I hate to break it to ya, but the world isn’t gonna be laid out nicely in front of you.

Every time things don’t go right, are you just going to sit around and wonder why?
stay up late and cry yourself to sleep every night?
Is that really how you want to live your life?
Just become bitter and miserable,
don’t you ever get tired?
Tired of feeling so **** sorry for yourself
when are you going to get it?
the world doesn’t owe you anything, it never has,
so you need to get over this whole negative phase and leave all of that stuff in the past.

The biggest mistake is believing that you don’t have control over your life,
That it’s not a choice, when that couldn’t be further from the truth,
If you want something, you need to chase it,
The only person who can determine your success in life, is you.

You don’t like your job? quit,
Don’t see an opportunity? create one,
Things aren’t going to be handed to you on a plate
you need to work hard for your craft, you need to keep going until you get it done.
What you’re gonna learn is, life is complex,
You’re gonna fail and get rejected time and time again,
If it was easy, everyone would’ve won.

Is it going to be hard? Are you going to struggle?
But don’t let that stop you from fighting for what could be a fantastic opportunity,
You’re fighting for the chance to be who you really want,
and that freedom right there, is worth any amount of money.
So stop saying you’re going to do something and actually do it.
at the end of the day, something worth having never comes easy.

You can’t keep playing the victim card your whole life.
Cos next thing you know it’ll all pass by in a blink of an eye,
You’re sitting there in your death bed -
wondering why you’ve stopped yourself from doing so many things in life.

There will be times where you’re gonna be stuck in jobs you hate
be around people you don’t like
that’s life.
and I’d be doing you an injustice to tell you otherwise,
it’s not always gonna be sunshine and butterflies,
it’s gonna be hard work, determination and in most cases, sacrifice.
but what you need to do is decide whether you’re gonna fight for what’s right.

Trust me I get it,
The world can at times seem intimidating and scary,
but it can also be incredibly wonderful - if you just let it be.
521 · Sep 2019
Never Punish Yourself
Never punish yourself
Because your ex made wrong decisions
He's just another guy
Never punish yourself
Because he keeps breaking
A promise, he can’t keep
He's just another test of the guy
Never punish yourself
Because he doesn’t know
How to speak correctly to
Real woman.
Never punish yourself
Because he wanna be silent
His getting marry
Never punish yourself
Because he can’t be that
Man, he was before.
438 · Oct 2018
Lay and play
Lay me down,
get ready to play.

Do you have the
cause I got all day.

Lead me where you
want us to go,

I'm ready and willing,
let's take it slow.
438 · Jun 2019
Time to move on
If same story keep
He don’t get it
Well it’s time
To move on
You can’t help
Someone who
Only think
Of himself
414 · Oct 2018
What is a good man
Good man is curious about all things around
That’s shape and impact his country his town
Raising his voice for those in need
Helps putting smiles on faces that frown

Good man will listen and will give ear
In doing so, he will make his point clear
Good man will respect all other views
Actually the truth, he will stand firm without fear

Good man is like open book
He cares
He respects
He considers
He guides
Good man holds no grudges inside
Faces up the truth, he hides

Good man is never hard to find
Shuns injustice never turn his eyes blind
Good man is inside all of us, yes sir it’s true
He never let that good man die in you
396 · Oct 2018
Count Your blessings
Can you count your blessings instead of your crosses.
Can you count your gains instead of losses.

Can you count your joys instead of your woes;
Can you count your friends instead of your foes.

Can you count your smile instead of your tears.
Can you count your courage instead of your tears.

Can you count your full years instead of your lean;
Can you count your kind deeds instead of your mean.

Can you count your health instead of your wealth;
Love your neighbor as much as yourself.
I been taking care myself
The day you left me
The very first time you left me
I learned so much
Not just staying strong for myself
Even realizing what
I seen.
Realize myself, no matter what problems
Bring to me.
I wasn’t afraid to face my problem.
At one time
I was willing to fight and still believe
What I been holding on.
Than I woke up
Smells the coffee.
But one thing
I will always love you
And respect you.
370 · Jun 2019
Faith is one of the greatest human beings anyone could ever ask for. She is so insanely sweet and nice. She would do anything for her best friends and family. She has a beautiful smile and her eyes are stunning to anyone. She has perfect hair and loves to be complimented. She loves to also text her best friends and hates it when they don't reply; but if you're talking to Faith, you will always want to text back. She has a great sense of humor and loves to pop jokes when she is with her friends. She will always have your back in whatever you do. Faith is also a good girl. She doesn't do anything bad and she promises to abstain *** until she is married and is ready for a child. Everything about her family is perfect. She will support you and listen to anything you have to say. If you ever try to hide something, she'll make you tell her. She is extremely good at school, and especially math. She is very confidence and has high self esteem. She is also very good at sports and is probably the best volleyball player in the world. She always smells very good. She loves music and likes about anything. She is a very talented singer and loves choir. She hates when people bite their nails and pop their knuckles. She is very beautiful and astonishing girl and has a great body. Although she regrets a lot of things, she knows she will have a great future. She will make you happy on your worst days. If you have a Faith in you're life, consider yourself to be one of the happiest people alive.
363 · Jul 2020
Balance , mind and soul
The definition of what balance means to each of us is different, but there are some universal truths. For instance: each us needs a healthy work and life balance to be truly healthy and happy.
Others, like me, believe that your body, mind, and soul must be in balance to truly be at peace, to live a life of harmony.

Too often, most of us live a life that is far out of balance – putting the things that are not as important first, or letting them tip the scales too far in one direction.
359 · Dec 2020
paghawak ng negosyo ko
Kinuha ako sandali upang malaman ang magagandang salita
palakihin ang ulan sa aking bintana
at seksing ngayon ay nasa tub ako na pinipigilan
ang on-sale na Bordeaux na nagkukunwaring
upang maiayos nang maayos ako ay nasa totoong iyon
jazz **** minsan tumatakbo ako sa mga kalye
minsan pinapatakbo nila ako ako ang katawan
ng reyna ng aking hood napunan
may masamang alak masamang gamot mu shu baboy
sakit beats ano pa ang masasabi ko sa iyo
Binubuksan ko ang aking mga naka-istilong binti Nakukuha ko ang aking swagger
pabalik hayaan ang mga lalaking may gintong ngipin na yumuko sa aking mga suso
at ang mga paltos sa aking mga paa ay nagiging kuryente ako
Ako ay isang patch ng damo ang mga mahigpit na ugat
tumawag ka sa bahay o kapatid kung nais mo
Maaari kong guluhin ang iyong mga mata na gumawa ng hip-hop na mamatay muli
Nasa babaeng babaeng **** ako bago ako mag-break
ang leeg ng bote ay ibinuhos ko ng kaunti: Nabagsak ako
351 · Oct 2018
There are two different of karma
For me I have the good karma
There is karma a
When you do bad to people.
They say karma is a *****.
You choose what your karma
Could be
It's could be a male noir female.
Mine karma is a male.
Not only karma is my boyfriend.
But I just don't **** with karma at all.
I could wake in the morning smile. Because I always have good karma my side.
345 · Oct 2018
Life changes
Walking up in my college dorm
Yeah,my life ,it was pretty normal
Looking for a date to the spring formal
Wasn't worried 'bout noting eles, no majoring in undecided
Notebook full of bad songs I was writing
Never dreamed anyone else would like'em
Now they're sitting on a Wal-Mart shelf

Ain't it funny how life changes
You wake up, ain't nothing the same and life changes
You can't stop it, just hop on the train and
You never know what's gonna happen
You make your plans and you hear God laughing
344 · Jul 2019
In poetry
People easy to Judge you to
325 · Jul 2019
IF She Was Important To You
You come out your cave
If you really wanted to talk
To her.
You walk down the street
And come knock on her door
If she wasn’t important to you
You take your responsibility
And talk to her.
The problem here, your hiding
Everything you might think of.
What are you waiting on
There's no relationship with a
Man you gotta share
With other's
313 · May 2019
Pretty boy
Pretty boy
Are no good
They use there looks
To get anything
They want.
Do they care for you
Do they love you
They don’t have a heart
All they know
Money and ***.
311 · Dec 2018
Part 4
I’m sure she did, although at the times, I saw only red.” “ You killed her?”
“ I.....slaughtered her, “ he replied, looking almost repelled by the memory. “ To be honest, I’m not exactly proud of the way that I handled it. It was the one and only time I lost complete control.
“ Regardless, don’t blame yourself. She deserved to die. “
He didn’t say anything but I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was still reliving the moment.
“ What happened to your wife and son?”
I asked after a while. He cleared his throat. “ Minging moved in with her parents.”
“ Did you go to her?”
“ Yes. I told her that I’d been kidnapped, but didn’t get into detail.
“ She must have been so relieved to see you again. “
Lillian nodded. “ Yes, and I her. I’d thought that maybe Montour had sent his hunters after my family.
Sophia, they were still alive.”
“ Did they know what you’d become?”
“No. I didn’t want her to be frightened of me. I left the next morning. I was afraid of endangering Sophia and Lillian. “ Do you know if she was able to move on with her life?” I asked, imagining the pain she must have felt, believing that her boyfriend was lost. Then there was her son. He must have been devastated.
Yes, it took few years, but she eventually fell in love with a farmer and they got married.
I lost track of them years ago after moving to the United States, Unfortunately.
My cell phone began to ring,
somewhere in the house. I looked at the time on my alarm.
“ That’s got to be Jarrett?” I said, standing up quickly.
“ Who’s Jarrett?”
“ My partner. We own a private online business. I have some appointments that I’m going to be late for if I don’t get my *** in gear, “ I said, walking out of my bedroom.
“Wait a second,” said Lillian behind me. “You need to go into hiding. David hunters are searching for you. “
“ Good, let them find me. I’d love to meet the ******* who killed my wife and turn him into dust.”
Unlike Lillian, I was a hybrid vampire and succubus. I could not only drain someone of their blood, but a simple kiss from me could be toxic, since I had the ability to extract their life-force. Sophia asked Lillian, do you have to think like that. Lillian your so evil. Well, Sophia your too nice. I understand are family is crazy.
I wasn’t about to share that information with them, however. Jarrett was still a stranger.
“ These hunters are skilled and deadly. For surely they wouldn’t let you get close to them, “ he said, as if reading my mind again. “ They’d have your head on the ground before you caught their scent.”
We’ll answer, I whipped around and shoved him against the wall. Staring up into Lillian’s eyes, I gave him my most seductive smile. “ kiss me.
Brown hair, soft lips
Blue eyes closed tight
Let me be the one
Will wakes you up tonight

With your soft, soft kisses
And that gentle touch
Girl, I want you
Very much

Once you open your beautiful blue eyes
I should hold you tight
Let me be the one
Will wake you up tonight
299 · Jun 2020
Thinking of you
“When I think of you, I think of kindness, wisdom, and love. Thanks for being you
Relationship is like Lego
You got to build it
Secureit it
Because sometimes
The walls are not strong enough
294 · Feb 2021
Why Don’t You Be Happy
When your ex is with someone else
Don’t make up lies
Just be happy for them.
Come on, you with someone else
You cannot have both
It doesn’t work
That way at all.
294 · Jun 2020
Forever and Always
Ikaw ang araw na nagliliwanag nang maliwanag sa buong araw ko.
Ikaw ang gravity na humahawak sa akin sa lahat ng paraan.
Ikaw ang buwan na nagliliyab sa buong gabi ko.
Kayo ang mga bituin na kumikinang oh.

Ikaw ang oxygen na nagpapanatili sa akin ng buhay.
Ikaw ang aking puso na pumutok sa loob.
Ikaw ang dugo na dumadaloy sa akin.
Ikaw lang ang taong nakikita ko.
Mayroon kang tinig ng kapag ang isang mapanunuya na kumanta.
Ikaw ang Lahat Sa Akin.

Ikaw lang at ako lang.
Pinahinto mo ako sa sobrang kalungkutan.
Pinaplano namin ang aming kinabukasan na parang mayroon kaming isang palatandaan.
Hindi ko nais na mawala ka.
Nais kong ikaw ay maging aking asawa, at nais kong maging asawa mo.
Nais kong makasama ka sa buong buhay ko.
287 · Jun 2019
A feeling created when two souls are easily drawn together in life. Once together there is something created that is so beautiful and strong that people fear, admire, and envy it. When you have found that person they suddenly become the world to you. They light your way through life and never give up when things get tough. You cant help but put them on a pedastool of admiration, always complementing and telling them how absolutly amazing they are. Making a sacrafice for them is no struggle if that is what you know you must do to be together. All you will ever want is to be together. To cuddle in your true loves arms every night and wake up to their presence each following morning. You know all their qwirks, what they like and dont, all their favorite places to be touched rubbed or scratched. You want nothing more then to share a life home and a family in the guaranteed happiness of the future. You are able to always say I love you and know deep down in your heart of hearts that it is so real. With that love you are strong enough to go through anything you are faced with and it is all you will ever need. If the world stops spinning or if the sun never shines again you will have that love. Always!

There is no example that can be given. It isnt something that is taught. It can be observed but unless you can feel it you will never truely know. When you have it it hits you and you know with out a doubt that this is the love you want forever. That is TrueLove
There’s always a happy ending too
Some learn and move on
Some have to make a choice
If they want to stay
And work out.
Some actually miss their partner
No, matter what life put in front
Of us.
There’s no wrong or right.
If your heart belongs to one
Anything is Possible.
One has to be stronger than
The other one
To make your partner to see it.
See this is where people get mess up
Until today people believe that happiness can be found by
How big your wallet or pockets.
Money cannot buy everything.

Money cannot buy
The feelings that you get
My love kisses me gently
With her sweetie lips.

People think being rich will make you happy
Money to go anywhere in the world.
Count on money to go on exotic trips to the topical islands

People think money can buy happiness
They live in larger houses.

People think money can buy love
Love is what you feel for someone
Neutral feelings
276 · Jun 2020
Why put someone aside
When you need them
They always there
For you.
Nevertheless, ask
For anything
Not even a return.
A simple task
A little Gratitude
And attention.
Simply ignore
272 · Apr 2021
What is Love
What is Love
Love is what
We feels, when we
Fall in love.
What is Love
Is that what are parents
Always tell us.
What is Love
But yet
We all use the
Everyday are’s life
It could be
My love
Love you
Or I love you.
So, what is Love
272 · Oct 2018
There's other way you spell Emilia
With a E not A
Normally Emilia originates from Italy or Spain.
But according to astrologist, if you compatible you may have found your
Soul mates.

Emilia is cute, **** girl who has boys
Acting all manly around her.
She only has a few close friends but lots of friends all together.

Usually the name Emilia not with A it's Italian descent who has a great body.
She's also amazing girl who usually doesn't have many.
She's shine, cute as a button definitely seriously nice.

Emilia is super artistic and willing to
Do anything for others.
This is my name.
267 · Apr 2019
To able to live happy
You got to find yourself
Love yourself
Admitted to your mistakes
Forgive others than
Than your heart and
Mind will be in East
Let go all your baggage
264 · Jun 2019
If I Was A Man
I’m in a relationship
I will treat my woman
With a respect
I will love her
I will never lie to her
I will never cheat on her.

If I was a man
My woman is having
My baby.
I will be walking 9 clouds.
I will be the happiest man
Walking around.

If I was a man
Whatever ppl say about
My woman
I’ll stand tall and fight for her.
I won’t listen to anybody

See problem with that
I’m not a man
But I could think
If I was a man
263 · Oct 2019
All I Got Is My friend
My friend are always there
For me.
All I need
Is my friend and family
To keep me happy.
247 · Oct 2018
Love Song
Love is a funny thing
Whenever I give it, it comes back to me
And it's wonderful to be
Giving with my whole heart
As my heart receives
Your love

Oh, ain't nice tonight we've
got each other
And I am right beside you
More than just a partner or a
I'm your friend

When you love someone
Your heartbeat beats so loud
When you love someone
Your feet can't feel the ground
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