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When you told me that you are leaving me for the good, I cried for no reason.
Deep in the valley
of the deepest dream
the innocence of feelings
Have overcome
A possibility of shame
Soaking in the humid
the fluid of please
Recalling this adventure
Holding a sweaty covers crease
 Dec 2020 Racheal Rodriguez
slip your fingers
where longing rages
deep between
my undiscovered

 Nov 2020 Racheal Rodriguez
Feelings like rain
fall regularly
flood haphazardly
and last sparingly

(on this human floor)
"My warrant is the Word of God--
Naught else is worth believing."
A hard sneeze forces you to cross your legs tight,
And hope for the best.
 Aug 2020 Racheal Rodriguez
When I think about it. Like the dawn forgotten. Such feelings begin before we're even aware of them. Grow before we can even control them. And usually break before we could begin to explain them. Steadily forward and with a vision of hope, we all flow and have feelings floating around in our heads. Well most.
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