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DrJames Martin Nov 2018
To know that He is always near
Should result in each constant cheer.
No more should there be the presence of fear
His nearness should cause it to disappear.

Assurance will in its place be found
Joy will everywhere amazingly abound.
Singing may result in wonderful sound
Pleasing you’ll be to be around!
DrJames Martin Nov 2018
What’s happened to the America we once knew?
What’s so captivating about this lifestyle new?
Have we now “progressed” to an unrecognizable state?
Is there any recourse? Is it now too late?

These and many more questions abound.
Answers to these can be hardly found.
Morality and decency that once were known,
Seems now rarely, if ever, shown.

Debauchery and protest are now the norm
To resist this usually creates a massive storm.
Our schools have become a breeding ground
For all that the liberal elites expound.

Removal of our history by those who don’t know
That where we have come from we should proudly show.
A violent minority seems to rule the land
As they ignorantly, defiantly, continue to stand.

Our demise as a nation that once was known
As a place where honor, courage, and morality was shown,
Seems destined if we to our roots do not turn
As progressives seemed determined to see us not return.
DrJames Martin Nov 2018
The Christmas season has arrived once more
That time which people habitually adore.
What is it about this time of the year
That causes such emotion, both joys and fear?

For children it is possibly a time of fear
There’s concern that Santa might perhaps not be near.
For many of those who have advanced in time
They find it to be a time that is prime.

Family will be united for a little while
Activities will bring more than a smile.
Worries and other issues at hand
Will again be momentarily banned.

A question naturally arises for a few
As observation is made in all that we do.
Will the “reason for the season” again be ignored?
Will the mention of His name cause many to be “bored”?

Have we become so advanced that we cannot remember
This birthday we celebrate each and every December?
The focus of most is grossly distorted
In fact, in many, it’s completely aborted.

A simple thought I’d like to propose
Although many will perhaps choose to oppose.
Some may say that I’m out on a limb
But let’s return to the Savior and focus on Him!
DrJames Martin Nov 2018
To say goodbye to one you love
As they depart to heaven above,
Though difficult it is, ‘tis a necessary thing,
That usually much sorrow and grief does bring.

How can I cope in the days ahead?
Is there something on which to focus instead?
Will I be able to carry on?
Why must my loved one now be gone?

Will I be able to ever again,
Not remember way back when?
Memories of our many times together,
Make it difficult to these current storms weather.

In a moment of sorrow, I did discover
One o’er me does continually hover.
Present is He in my moments of need
If I will only allow Him to lead.

Before I entered this stage of my life,
He already was aware of my coming strife.
More than able to comfort is He,
He hears my constant yearning and plea.

He’s promised that empty place to fill
As I yield consistently to His sovereign will.
Closer than a brother He’s promised to be,
What I must now do is by faith look and see!

And when my departure time finally arrives,
Much newness I’ll then realize.
In His presence, I can finally stand,
And enjoy a reunion that’s beyond grand!

With my loved one present in harmony above,
Surrounded in His eternal love,
Forever removed from earthly sorrows and pain,
Looking forward to that day is where I must remain!
DrJames Martin Nov 2018
The preacher stood on Sunday morn
Downcast was he and all forlorn.
He remembered well a former day
And wondered why most had turned away.

The church long ago was normally filled
With congregants desiring what God had willed.
Now long gone and numbering few
Everywhere can be seen an empty pew.

Why does the crowd no longer inquire?
Why God’s directions do they no longer desire?
They now instead down the street congregate
Where modern practices for them await.

Gone is fidelity to God’s Word
Seldom can faithful preaching be heard.
Entertainment now is the accepted norm
Sin’s consequence is a forbidden form.

Yes, the old way is now a thing of the past
Into oblivion it now is cast.
Truth that has for years endured
Can it this day be ensured?

Old fashioned preaching they’ll no longer hear
Hell fire and brimstone they no longer fear.
As long as one leaves feeling swell
They’re happy to continue there to dwell.
DrJames Martin Sep 2018
Why do we continue to wait?
Is there a chance we’ll all be late?
These questions will many aggravate
And result in much heated debate.

Should not we all now act?
Must we from this retract?
The answers are clearly stacked
And this is a settled fact.

About this we all surmise.
And with it more questions arise.
We wait to our own demise
And show that we’re not very wise.
DrJames Martin Sep 2018
Being the wife of a military man
Takes a special kind of a girl.
To stay behind and wring her hands,
While hubby travels all over the world.

Whether “active duty”, or “part time”,
With the expectations placed on each,
As deployment numbers continue to climb,
To the “sand-box” or the beach.

As she watches him pack his bags with care,
Not knowing how long he will be gone,
Uncertainty looms everywhere
Until he is safely back home.

He often wonders while he’s away,
Is there reason for concern?
Will she often for his safety pray?
Or will her resentment burn?

To know her support will last till the end,
Makes his job easier to bear.
To know while he serves wherever they send,
Her commitment to his service she did swear.
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