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Nov 2018
What’s happened to the America we once knew?
What’s so captivating about this lifestyle new?
Have we now “progressed” to an unrecognizable state?
Is there any recourse? Is it now too late?

These and many more questions abound.
Answers to these can be hardly found.
Morality and decency that once were known,
Seems now rarely, if ever, shown.

Debauchery and protest are now the norm
To resist this usually creates a massive storm.
Our schools have become a breeding ground
For all that the liberal elites expound.

Removal of our history by those who don’t know
That where we have come from we should proudly show.
A violent minority seems to rule the land
As they ignorantly, defiantly, continue to stand.

Our demise as a nation that once was known
As a place where honor, courage, and morality was shown,
Seems destined if we to our roots do not turn
As progressives seemed determined to see us not return.
DrJames Martin
Written by
DrJames Martin  72/M
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