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Nov 2018
The preacher stood on Sunday morn
Downcast was he and all forlorn.
He remembered well a former day
And wondered why most had turned away.

The church long ago was normally filled
With congregants desiring what God had willed.
Now long gone and numbering few
Everywhere can be seen an empty pew.

Why does the crowd no longer inquire?
Why God’s directions do they no longer desire?
They now instead down the street congregate
Where modern practices for them await.

Gone is fidelity to God’s Word
Seldom can faithful preaching be heard.
Entertainment now is the accepted norm
Sin’s consequence is a forbidden form.

Yes, the old way is now a thing of the past
Into oblivion it now is cast.
Truth that has for years endured
Can it this day be ensured?

Old fashioned preaching they’ll no longer hear
Hell fire and brimstone they no longer fear.
As long as one leaves feeling swell
They’re happy to continue there to dwell.
DrJames Martin
Written by
DrJames Martin  72/M
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