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3d · 26
ok okay 3d
I hate how nothing makes sense
I put words together
My mind fears the past tense
My heart is so livid
I can't deal with this ****
I travel through time
6d · 29
ok okay 6d
Sometimes my heart shutters
Butterflies fly out of my stomach with quiet flutters
Sep 27 · 43
ok okay Sep 27
If some questions can not be answered
Why do we choose to ask them?
Sep 14 · 488
ok okay Sep 14
His eyes never lie
That's why he always looks at the sky
Sep 3 · 41
Ghost Stuck in Time
ok okay Sep 3
With absence in his mind
A ghost was stuck in time
Raindrops were his tears
The empty mirror was his fear
He was not dead
Nor alive
He had not lived
Nor had he died
ok okay Aug 30
Decaying and forgotten
The daffodils have turned rotten

His hollow mind
Too young to be left unseen
He sees the twisted horrors
That no one else seems to see
They exist where no one wants to look
In the corners of our smiles
And the coldness of our breath
The twisted horrors drive him insane
They push him to the edge

Decaying and forgotten
The daffodils have turned rotten
They lay
No life to display
One time they stood tall
And now they are one with their shadow
Maybe he will fall too
Becoming one with his shadow
Or maybe he just needs to dream..
havent posted on here in ages, been on insta a bit..
Aug 26 · 40
ok okay Aug 26
Words unlock the gateway
To the deepest thoughts of our mind
Jul 14 · 31
ok okay Jul 14
Fervent with every breath
I adorn the heart from which it led
Your sticky lipstick
A dream come true
I adore your fervent love
And I love you
Jul 6 · 201
ok okay Jul 6
Remember to breathe
There will be plenty of time to not breathe when you are dead
Tried to make a lil funny but try?
Jul 6 · 59
Bright as Day
ok okay Jul 6
Sometimes all I have is thoughts
As if my soul had dissipated
And my body ceased to exist
No words can explain this feeling
This feeling of feeling nothing
But there must be something right?
It is just waiting to be found

For, I was found
By a smile bright as day
My nighttime eyes had to adjust
To realise love had come my way
The thoughts never used to leave
Recently things seemed to have changed
Not just the seasons
Or the tides
But the way that I express pain
Sometimes it is so hard to express yourself in a way that is both beautiful and true. But I tried.
Jul 3 · 196
ok okay Jul 3
Flowers for eyes
Cold cerulean skies
My hollow body
An empty vibe

Alone I walk
Along endless streams
A lovely lullaby
Reaches my daydream
Night has come
Stars have followed
Bliss has arrived
What shall follow?
tried using 3 words as a challenge for each line
Jun 29 · 38
h A p P y
ok okay Jun 29
It hurts to feel happy
Because all I used to feel was sadness
Jun 12 · 237
Shadow in the Moonlight
ok okay Jun 12
You are a shadow in the moonlight
An anomaly of the night

You could stand out on the brightest days
And in the helpless sleepless nights
Jun 10 · 203
ok okay Jun 10
What do I want?
I want to see myself in the mirror
Without the tears
Or the terror
Jun 8 · 114
Silent She Lay
ok okay Jun 8
Silent she lay
Her nightmares yet to dismay
But for now she found bliss
A moment between nothingness and happiness

What will come tomorrow?
The rain could fall tragically
And the sun might set beautifully
Or maybe the next day will not come at all

Between now and the inevitable
I will be here to hold you
To show even if tomorrow never comes
I will always love you
Been writing on my insta page
Will publish on both this site and insta.
ok okay Jun 7
Broken I was
But not broken in two
One day I fell deeply
Through the endless ocean blue
Slowly I crumbled
And the darker I viewed
Then out of nowhere
In the deepest darkest blue
I found your smile
And it lit up all that I knew
I imagine this as a boy falling lower and lower into the depths of the ocean. It gets darker and darker and all seems lost. But then somewhere down the darkest part of the ocean he finds a girl with a smile to change his everything that he once knew.
Jun 3 · 51
ok okay Jun 3
There is something special about the day after a storm
Sunlight always finds a way in
It seeps through the curtains
The doors
And the cracks in the walls
The fallen rain blankets the grass
But it will not last
Just like our tears that have fallen
They become a part of the past
It feels almost melancholic
As if the air is too crisp
I wonder what this sunlight will bring
May 31 · 191
ok okay May 31
And when she awoke
My eyes met her smile
Surprised to see mine
She succumbed to the nightfall
May 29 · 215
ok okay May 29
If I wrote you my problems
Would you rub them away?
May 27 · 59
ok okay May 27
Red moon
Impending doom?
I will ask the darkness in our room
May 25 · 53
Falling in the Rain
ok okay May 25
The rain doesn't always fall
But I'm too busy falling
Trying to call your name
But my mouth is not even working
Please rain again
so my dreams can shine
I could bleed so beautifully
If my blood was not made of wine
Flashing lights
Sullen nights
I see death as I see life
I write what my mind can't tell myself
I don't know what I would do if I was blind
This Earth can be so horrid
But on this paper I can call it Hell
For every time the rain falls
I know I will fall again
May 21 · 34
ok okay May 21
I see insanity
It is all in my head
I spoke profanity
Like an dead angel, I bled
I feel the nothingness
Like my humanity, I fled
Poison me
Feed me led
For at the end of the day
I am dead
May 18 · 49
ok okay May 18
Of all the flowers that could be picked
I'm glad I found the brightest of them all
May 17 · 50
ok okay May 17
As I looked upon the falling rain
I remembered
One day that rain will fall again
ok okay May 16
Leaves will fall inevitably
And one day we will fall too
A fallen leaf will wilt away
Eventually, our bodies will decay
The sunlight can not always save the day
But that is okay
For in our dreams we will escape
Escape our lives
And escape the pain
Death will come in time
But not today
For tomorrow I know
I will see your face
remade this from a while make
May 15 · 486
As the World Plummets
ok okay May 15
As the world plummets
So will my mind

As the sky becomes polluted
So will my eyes  

As the bright lights start fading
So will my dreams

What I think has become infinity

I can't see what is right in front of me

Because the bright lights are nowhere to be seen
May 14 · 145
We Should Fly Away
ok okay May 14
We should fly away
Let's go to the stars
There is nothingness there
Only the few bright lights
In the infinite dark
Our dreams can last forever
Death will seem so far away
Our wings wont freeze
As long as we don't leave
We should fly away tonight
May 12 · 37
ok okay May 12
The melancholy of a wandering mind cannot stay forever
The light always seeps through
No matter how much you try to stop it
May 10 · 157
ok okay May 10
These are my words
This is an entry into my mind
May 3 · 135
ok okay May 3
I know it's hard now
It has been for a while
It seems life will always be the same
In a way that is true
Some things never change
Although, throughout
And years
Change is occuring all the time
Sadness won't be in your heart forever
Our emotions change like the seasons
Some days it is unbearably cold
And other days it feels warm enough to bloom
But just know when you think your feeling nothing
I'll be feeling everything for you
ok okay Apr 28
It's hard to see the colour
In a world which is fading
The sky is becoming gloomier
The ocean has lost its way
The bright city lights no longer stand out to me
They seem as dim as they are fake
The smell makes it hard to see the colour too
It gets stronger by the day

It's hard to see the colour
When people ignore others in pain
Our dreams have been forgotten
Maybe our world has gone insane
Just prescribe another pill
And see if things really change

I find it hard to see the colour
In a world that is so negative
Our world is falling apart
Yet we all seem to stay the same
Its a lot harder to see the colour than it used to be and its getting worse.

If anyone wants to check out my insta, I am active on hellopoetry and insta.
Apr 24 · 236
Life in the Hollow
ok okay Apr 24
Life is empty
Like a sullen lonely hollow
We trip and we fall
And sometimes we keep falling
Life starts to blur
Memories become fragments
We want to dream forever
But even our dreams tell us to wake up
Because if we refuse
We will keep
                     f orever
                       a lone
                         l osing
                           l ife
                            i n
                              n othingness
                                g rievously
Took me a bit to format but yee :)
Apr 22 · 100
ok okay Apr 22
Scarlet like the veins that bled
I sought out the demons in my head
What I want will not come
Only slumber will let me succumb
Apr 16 · 110
Barely Alive
ok okay Apr 16
It's funny how fast you think life goes
Until you realise how slow it really is
So much time of ours is wasted
Life expectancies should be changed
Not for how many years we were alive
But for how many we spent actually living them
I spend so many days feeling that I am not alive
Maybe that would make my life expectancy low
I don't fear death
I fear living
Because in time everything will go
Mar 26 · 83
Patch Me Together
ok okay Mar 26
Patch me together
With staples on skin
I'll be your puzzle
If you fix me
You win
Start with my heart
It's much easier to fix
My mind is a problem
It should not exist
Please don't let me leave
The hollow darkness awaits
I think if I fall one more time
I may never escape
Hold me together
With your arms around me
I'll love you forever
For as long as time can be
Mar 18 · 76
Thoughts to ash
ok okay Mar 18
Lackluster eyes and SSRIS
Thoughts turn to ash
When anxiety thrives
The raging fire never ends
Until there is nothing left to burn
The mind is like a forest
That can be burned down to a crisp
Mar 18 · 171
Lay Upon My Flowerbed
ok okay Mar 18
If I could lay upon a flowerbed
Until my mind expired
Maybe we could become connected
The soil would consume me
My body could bloom
With vibrant colours
Of blood reds
And shallow blues
Maybe these flowers could speak
Of what my life had become
It seems that people only want to know you once you are gone
Mar 16 · 409
Closer than you know
ok okay Mar 16
You lay next to me
But are far away in your dreams
I rest in your arms
And think about what all of this means
Mar 13 · 60
Lapis Lazuli
ok okay Mar 13
Forever trapped and lost away
Her wings were broken and her heart turned grey
Forced without will
Her existence was a sin
It was not her fault
That she lost the light within
With no place to go
She only could wait
And hope that one day she would be saved
One of my fav TV show and characters
Feb 16 · 64
ok okay Feb 16
How can I tell her
That sometimes I wish I was dead
I could tell everyone else
About the thoughts in my head
But when her red lips meet mine
There is not a single thought in my mind
How could I inflict my sadness
To her sweet hazel eyes
I love you..
Feb 13 · 978
Beautiful Minds
ok okay Feb 13
Beautiful minds seem to always get lost
They wander through dreams and memories long expired
And can't find the way out when they have not a thing to desire
Like jotted ink in the rain
Their promises run away from their mind
And they get lost in a loop that they think of as life

It may seem pointless now
It may do for a while
It may hurt so much
Until you can no longer feel
But it will change
Your fears will become strengths
And once your beautiful minds have found their way out
You can live your life again
And try not give up
Feb 10 · 56
ok okay Feb 10
I love you
Most poems end with this
But I think it should be known
I love you heejeong
You are the light in my life
Its funny because
I want to be strong for you
But really you are strong for me
You see what I cannot
And set my dreams free
It hurts when you hurt
Because I love you so much
But together we can find purposes
That we never thought of
Happy Valentines
We can be forever
Gonna give this to my gf, what do u guys think?? Can I improve
Feb 9 · 93
The Sun Always Rises
ok okay Feb 9
Within dreams we can run
But hide we cannot
As we awake with the sun
And must always get up

I may be young
But I still feel pain
The type of pain that awakes with the sun
I see my hopes and goals
They are framed in my mind
Like pictures
They only show what I wish I could find
Of happier days
With my friends around me
My ink could help lives and let my dreams free

Within dreams the stars shine
Where the clouds cease to exist
We can run
But not hide
As the sun always rises
Feb 4 · 424
ok okay Feb 4
If we sped up time
Our lives would be a flash
Maybe that's what makes us special
We are the few lights
In the infinite dark
Jan 19 · 210
Silent Pitters
ok okay Jan 19
Silent pitters
With patters yet to come
The rain drips of the leaves
Slowly one by one
I see life really clearly
When I cannot see the sun
The moon feels like its watching me
Its spotlight illuminates my skin
I love this type of night
The comforting rain
And the friendly moon
I hope that in our dreams tonight
We can make love inside my room
Jan 4 · 131
Miscellaneous Man
ok okay Jan 4
Miscellaneous thoughts
They never make sense
They lie and take over
And never resist
I'm scared that one day
I wont be dead or alive
My mind will be forsaken
Like a dream lost in time
Dec 2020 · 373
Fading Away
ok okay Dec 2020
Fading away
Like tears in the rain
My mind used to act like a shadow that hides when its late
I wandered through dreams
With no escape to be seen

But since I met you
The rain no longer teems
It still falls
But its softer
Like your lips on my cheek

I am in love with you
More than I could ever explain
Tonight let us meet in the depths of our dreams
Dec 2020 · 550
The Lies we Tell
ok okay Dec 2020
Some people see it
The pain in their eyes
In the corner of their smile
And the politeness of their lies
Because they know the feeling too
So they smile back
And tell their own lies

How would anyone really know if the wounds don't bleed
The wounds never heal if they have no chance to speak

So, for tonight I will drift away in my dreams..
Dec 2020 · 52
ok okay Dec 2020
Dark thoughts
The night falls slow
I see not a single star
I feel so low
Time becomes abstract
I can't bring myself to breathe
I lose myself in my lovely sheets

This room is hollow
For I would know
The light will come later
Tonight the tears will show
Nov 2020 · 133
In Love With the Moment
ok okay Nov 2020
The chill has come
From feverous winds
And the coming darkness in the sky

My brain feels numb
As if everything internal has faded away
No more chitter chatter in my mind

The rain feels gentle
A feeling as forgiving as the midnight sky
It tells story's with its pitters and patters into the late night

I love this feeling
To admire what we have
Because we have so much

Yet it never seems to be enough
But for this moment
I can just appreciate the beauty

And for tomorrow, who knows
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