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ok okay 17h
Life is fading
You can see it in my hair
This hair dye does not last long enough
These pills just slow down time

You say this sadness is just a common phase
I will be aight by twenty-five
But I do not know
Life is too slow
Until the years have disappeared
And then you wonder where it has all gone
1d · 120
Burred in the Lost
ok okay 1d
The words do not always come
Sometimes they can not be wrote
They are just thoughts stuck in the mind
Burred in all that is lost
7d · 34
Flip a Coin
ok okay 7d
It slows
The pain
But it never goes away
Innocence fades when you are alone for the day
I never wanted to be anything
Nevertheless I am here
Listening to music
Typing words on a screen
What will I write next
A poem about my dreams?
No that would be too easy
Because although the words might flow
It would mean nothing to me
What do I need?
A question that seems so far out of reach
Maybe a new pair of shoes
Or a new loving heart

I will flip a coin
Heads for some shoes
Tails for a heart
Lets see what I get      

  X You have X
          X everything   X        
  X  you need X
Jan 12 · 150
I Find it Strange
ok okay Jan 12
I find it strange
This eerie feeling
It is too quiet to move
The demons might wake up
And then I would too

It find it strange
I dyed my hair blue
But when I turned the lights out
Nothing has changed
I still feel blue

I find it strange
This morepork no longer calls
It used to call for hours
Maybe it died
Or left for other views

I find it strange
Did you see the moon and the stars?
This night feels off
This bed does not feel right
The covers feel too close

I find it strange
Nothing has changed
But everything feels wrong
I think I will just write
Till the sweet dreams come
morepork is a type of owl in New Zealand and some other places idk??
Also yea sleep been hard af recently, anyone got any ideas??
Jan 9 · 230
If I Took Your Shadow
ok okay Jan 9
Shadows do not discriminate
They stay and change
Sometimes they go away
Hide in the darkest nights
And live in the brightest days

If I took your shadow
I could not tell
If you were black or white
Had scars
Or hair that was blue
Our form is more or less the same

If I saw your shadow again
I wonder
Could I tell you apart?
Jan 6 · 915
Red Moon
ok okay Jan 6
Red moon
The sky bleeds too
Maybe this is hell
I guess that's up to you

These trees could only stand still
And as the fire grows
So we will too
And watch as the world turns red
While we all feel blue
I live in New Zealand, yesterday the sky lit up red and the moon was bright red. The extent of the fire is unimaginable. It is sad. The world is sick because of us.
Jan 2 · 251
Lonely Island
ok okay Jan 2
It is lonely here
This land is so far away
Beyond the empty blue
Past the acid rain
The sky is pitch black
The air is chill
Not a soul in sight
On my lonely hill
The stars have settled
The moon is beaming
The tears have dried
I have lost all feeling
It is lonely here
Sometimes it is hard to see
This lovely desolate land
Lacks company
What it feels like to grow up isolated and alone in New Zealand. One of the reasons why so many leave to Australia.
Dec 2019 · 234
Beyond my Room
ok okay Dec 2019
Beyond my room
Through the closed door
Lies many wonders out to explore
Beauty and hardship
Smiles and tears
Sunshine and rain
I wish I could care

Time stands still here
The lights never change
Everyday feels the same

Death will come soon
Maybe I will give it a year
Maybe I will go outside more
Maybe one day I will care
Dec 2019 · 108
Life is Hard
ok okay Dec 2019
It is hard
The days
They number on
Life feels long
Until the years number on
And then you wonder
'Where has the time gone?'
Soon ten will be gone
And then another
Or maybe not
It might be all over before you know it

Until then I will write and wonder
Cry and suffer
And in time
I will learn how to be happy
Dec 2019 · 204
I Wish It Were So Simple
ok okay Dec 2019
I wish it were so simple
Rain could fall forever
Daydreams could become reality
Love would seem so clever
Fear would become a distant thought
My mind would stop its chatter
Flowers would bloom
Life would flourish

Sadly time will never falter
Dec 2019 · 175
Eyes to Oblivion
ok okay Dec 2019
Eyes to oblivion
The pain will always fade
Mind will go away for a while
And come again when it rains
Dreams will never feel the same
They will bore as much as life
Inspiration will expire
You will not desire
Life will never feel the same
Some things can change your whole outlook on life. Little or small. One thing or multiple things. They can all make you feel numb. Writing helps break this barrier.
Dec 2019 · 390
Pink Boy
ok okay Dec 2019
I wonder what they think
A quiet boy
A pink jumper
I just like the colour
But I still wonder
what do they think
Am I not masculine enough?
Are my emotions showing too much?
Maybe I am just overthinking it
It hurts to know that I will never quite understand it
You have your reasons
I have my own
I just want to be me
But it seems to risky to push it
Don't get me wrong
I love wearing black too
But sometimes I just feel blue
And want to wear the brightest colours in my room
Nov 2019 · 151
Temporary Tears
ok okay Nov 2019
It will be okay
These tears are only temporary
This feeling is just a phase
It will not rain forever
You will grow and flourish
Become someones lover
And become something amazing
Or maybe you wont
But you might as well try right?
Life is unfair
But pretending that it will never get better will only make it worse
**** i contradict myself. im ******* sick of living, ****. like what even i cant even keep my focus on anything anymore. I cant finish movies, shows, games, everything seems dull. Life seems like hell. My thoughts only get worse and work against me. They tell me all these things I dont want to hear and I cant accept anything and i get so ******* paranoid about **** which isnt real so i get confused about what things i should worry about and what i shouldnt. Life is a ******* nightmare, why cant we just dream forever.
Nov 2019 · 55
I Wish I Could Play Too
ok okay Nov 2019
I love the melancholy
Every time a chord is struck
Such beauty and passion
No tear could feel alone
A euphoric atmosphere is created
Almost like a dream
No more anxiety or hatred
No more low self-esteem
But I can only listen
I wish I could play too
My hands shake too much
It is a shame
Because I always feel blue
Nov 2019 · 111
Beautiful Yet Desoate
ok okay Nov 2019
Beautiful yet desolate
The sun will succumb
Street lights will flicker
Life will feel numb
Those of purity will dream
Of blue moons and bright skies
While the rest are awake
To watch time go by
Nov 2019 · 171
A Size to Fit All
ok okay Nov 2019
Global warming
Mortar shells
Endless burning
Lovely hell

Death and chaos
Wrists and knives
Blood drips slow
A toxic waste of life

Nightmare days
Dreams to escape
Lucid heartbreak
Just go away

Masks we wear
A size to fit all
'Everything is okay'
That is what we say
Nov 2019 · 456
I am ok, okay?
ok okay Nov 2019
I want to cry
But its too late
Light will arrive soon
My mind will be astray
I won't be able to smile right
They might turn me away
But if I dream tonight
Maybe just for an hour
I could pretend
That everything will be okay
Everything is ok, okay?,
Nov 2019 · 308
Pretty People
ok okay Nov 2019
Pretty people get jobs easier
I wonder if they get accepted into heaven easier as well
Nov 2019 · 2.0k
Like Fire and Rain
ok okay Nov 2019
Depression is numbness
Anxiety is pain
When they are mixed
It is like fire and rain
Except the fire never goes out
And the rain only becomes heavier
3am thoughts
Depression is rain and anxiety is a raging fire
Nov 2019 · 74
It Rains Inside
ok okay Nov 2019
It rains inside
When you lie
My body fills
Pass the lungs
And pass the heart
I start to drown and attempt to cry
But tears do not form
They stay inside
Maybe I will drown tonight
Not for real
But just inside
And I will ask myself tommorow
If I am still alive
Nov 2019 · 953
State Of Mind
ok okay Nov 2019
I am not zoning out
My mind is going places
From somewhere to nowhere
Through Greatness and nothingness
I can travel to places you will not believe

Life is stressful
Sometimes we have to leave
And travel through our minds till we reach our needs

Life is chaotic
Sometimes we have to leave
To avoid the silence
And the noise

Life is a nightmare
And sometimes we need to dream
Nov 2019 · 75
I Cried For You
ok okay Nov 2019
I cried for you
For all the things you said
For all the dreams you passed
And all the blood you bled
Each night we talked
I felt more attached
But I was not enough
Which showed in the words you lacked

Things will change
That I know
I just wish you did not go
I will cry again tonight
Knowing I might not tomorrow
And I will hope my mind will stop feeling hollow
Some friends really can hurt you :(
Nov 2019 · 225
ok okay Nov 2019
Take me away
From all these bad days
Lend me some sunshine
Drive me insane
Call me your lover
Hold me till dawn
Pretend we are happy
And that I will always be yours
Nov 2019 · 290
He Wore Benevolence
ok okay Nov 2019
He wore benevolence
She wore a black dress

His smile met her frown
And he wiped away her tears
Nov 2019 · 516
Use Me
ok okay Nov 2019
Use me
Abuse me
And throw me away
For one night we were lovers
The next day we were straight
Questions you asked me
At first I said no
But just like depression
coercion is slow
You told me things that I wanted to hear
How we could be more
It's sad that you couldn't care less
You took me for granted
Now you pretend
That nothing happened that wild night
And that I'm just upset
Oct 2019 · 56
Another One
ok okay Oct 2019
I messaged her 'hi'
She didn't reply
I guess to her
I'm just another guy
Dj Khaled is cute
Oct 2019 · 42
ok okay Oct 2019
**** I hate commentary's
They ruin every show
That **** in real life too
They just make me want to be alone

I'm messy
My hair
My room
My mind
My writing goes where it wants
And takes me deep inside

Dreams are my escape
Writing is my death wish
My walls are always listening
I scream when they leave
And get lost in my head
I don't wish I was dead
I wish I was away
The background knows me best

Overwhelmed by silence
I'll fall asleep soon
Until then I will think
About why I feel blue
Oct 2019 · 75
ok okay Oct 2019
These walls are thin
They will not hold
They will tear
Like skin
And in time become old
These walls do not lie
They crack and creak
They were once
They are
And in time will be
ok okay Oct 2019
It was so utterly calm outside today
The weather was lacking
And the sky was grey
No rain or sun
Maybe the sky was feeling numb
Although sleep will come
Flickering lights
The TV knows night
Eyes seduced by its temperament
Out goes my light
ok okay Oct 2019
She lay with roses and daffodils
With hair that grew wild
Each curl made me smile
But every cut made me tear
I did not think this day would be so near

Her wrists bled deep
And were as red as the roses
She was beautiful
But she was gone
Her deathbed was a flower bed
Now she hears all the birds songs
okay im kinda obsessed with flowers and death. its not that weird oke O.O also this will be part of my book, so yea if anyone is interested msg :)
Oct 2019 · 143
By the Meadow Up the Hill
ok okay Oct 2019
We stood hand in hand by the meadow up the hill.
It was almost as if time stood still.
I wish this dream would never end.
So our love could flourish with our flower bed.
I said ‘please don’t leave, I love you so.’
She replied ‘I love you too, but now I must go’
this is part of a book i am writing
Sep 2019 · 160
Pitter Patter
ok okay Sep 2019
Pitter patter
Nothing matters
Each raindrop sounds the same
Pitter patter
You will not remember
In time everything will fade
rain rain don't go away, i wna sleep.
Sep 2019 · 106
A Meadow Made for Lovers
ok okay Sep 2019
A meadow made for lovers
Between nowhere and forever
Beneath the fragile stars
We spot fireflies and share our most inner thoughts
Silence is the greatest sympathy the earth gives
I can only wonder what we will dream about
Tonight this flower bed will be ours
imagination is fun  !
Sep 2019 · 80
Dead in the Club
ok okay Sep 2019
Its not my scene
But it will be tonight
The vibe is buzzing
And the lights are alive
Yet everybody seems dead
Like zombies in the spotlight
Sep 2019 · 109
Forever Red
ok okay Sep 2019
Black boots
Black dress
Black eyes
Black hair
But you bleed forever red
Let us be forever..
Sep 2019 · 250
Somewhere Else
ok okay Sep 2019
I dream of living
And daydream of death
Obsess about nothing
And get lost in my head
Sometimes I think I feel nothing
But these tears do not lie
How much longer will it take me to die
feel numb zzzz
Sep 2019 · 309
Truth At the End
ok okay Sep 2019
Truth lies where life ends
Sep 2019 · 62
The Grass is Still Green
ok okay Sep 2019
They say that happy people don't have dead grass
But it feels like there is always a rain cloud over my head
The grass is still green
But I feel dead
i love u guys. this is my best escape
Aug 2019 · 104
Somebody Save Me
ok okay Aug 2019
Addicted to breathing
Each day goes the same
My heart is fading
And my soul is turning grey
Somebody save me
Before my mind goes astray
I am tired of hiding
Will you lend me your faith?
Thought of this while listening to music, goes to a rhythm, i wna write a song
Aug 2019 · 158
ok okay Aug 2019
She cut onions
As her wrists bled deep
Because the tears only came in her dreams
Just a thought
Aug 2019 · 228
Oh No
ok okay Aug 2019
It's not that I am uninterested
I just have other things on my mind
Thinking clearly is harder than you know
My emotions go further than these words
I cry when i'm alone
But when i'm with you
I can't think at all
You make me feel at home
You are my drug
You are my love
You aren't real
Oh no
Aug 2019 · 323
Fade Away Forest
ok okay Aug 2019
Left to decay
Poisoned by man
Dirt turns to mud
And mud disrupts land
Hummingbirds chirp
But their wings will not last
Beautiful sadness
Will become part of the past
No trees will be standing
Oxygen will be scarce
Life will be fading
And no one will care
We are killing this planet and I think we will save it eventually, but we will have already lost so much
Aug 2019 · 179
Stuck in the Wind
ok okay Aug 2019
Stuck by its roots
The grass could not fleet from the wind

It's a shame that I can't go to the moon
Aug 2019 · 74
ok okay Aug 2019
Distorted reflections of each other
Broken glass shows our true colors
We are more or less the same as everyone around us, but we are just distorted versions of an ideal that no one can achieve.
Aug 2019 · 100
What's Your Name
ok okay Aug 2019
As subtle as a sun shower
My tears become one with rain
Loosely connected dreams hold my love letters are bay
All I ever wanted
Was to know your name
I guess I'll have to ask you on another day
Aug 2019 · 199
Everything Collapses
ok okay Aug 2019
Each day someone collapses
And becomes one with their shadow
Everything collapses in time
One day the Earth will collapse too
Aug 2019 · 215
Good People are a Myth
ok okay Aug 2019
There are no good or bad people
Rather there are people who have done good or bad things
Aug 2019 · 89
The Stars are Forgotten
ok okay Aug 2019
The stars are forgotten
Because of our ignorance and 'progression'
We have lost the will to look up
Jul 2019 · 126
Sane Enough
ok okay Jul 2019
Love doesn't help with the pain
It has just kept me sane enough to know I need drugs
Jul 2019 · 58
ok okay Jul 2019
I don't want to be in the afterlife thinking
'The biggest mistake I made in life was when I killed myself'
That's why I hope there is no afterlife
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