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Jul 2018 · 2.9k
Those shoes...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Lying on my bed,
Looking at the new dress which is red,
I thought of buying a new pair of shoes,
But then I thought of whose?
Of Action, of Adidas or of some other brand,
Then I looked at the pieces on demand,
Oh finally I had chosen a brand,
But I had an another dilemma,
Which color will look good,
I thought of pink, green & black,
& I found black the best,
But ****!!!
I realised my pocket was already blank,
Then I lied down on bed & decided to take some rest,
& gave up the dream of those new shoes...
It's what happen in our life... We think of many golden dreams, but we never have enough resources..
Jul 2018 · 243
It's Me
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
I'm the creator of me,
I'm the destroyer of me,
It's my choice what I choose,
It's my thought,
Which isn't binded to anybody's oath,
Because I know that I'm one for myself,
& I know I'm the only one to take care of myself ,
& now I know it that there isn't anybody to save my respect,
I'm a fighter,
I'm a writer,
I'm the one with my own story,
& they are nobody to be nosey,
Because I'm the gusty waves of a change,
I'm the thunder of anger,
& if they try to **** in,
They won't last longer,
To them left is only to accept me as I am,
Else this thunder will destroy them....
Just trying to be myself!
Jul 2018 · 235
Beauty of eyes
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Showing everything as clear as it can,
Revealing all the secrets of men,
Eyes shows everything,
Just like a mirror to one's heart,
Reflecting all the lies,
On happiness shines,
& to show pain it shed diamonds,
Even if one try to hide them,
It will show symptoms...
To me eyes are the most beautiful part of anybody, cause it makes one convey all feelings, which even sometimes words can't...
Jul 2018 · 304
My dear friend...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
When the first spring flower blooms,
When the first rain drop falls,
When the day is about to end,
I miss you my dear friend
When I feel all alone,
& everybody else is gone,
When I see those children playing & fighting together,
When I see those birds flying together,
When I see empty brench over there,
I remember the last time you were hear,
With me,
& I remember your loving eyes filled with fear of separation,
With the pearls hidden in your eye
You said me good bye,
& now all I have is a heart with blank corner for a friend...
On the every stage of my life,
To share my happiness,
To share my sorrow,
To have some plans for tomorrow,
I need you,
For the sake of my friendship band,
Please come back!!
Oh my dear friend...
This is dedicated to my one & only friend whom I lost several years ago & for whom I'm yet waiting, after whom I never found any friend....
Jul 2018 · 372
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
The hands in whom I was given up,
The hands in whom I was brought up,
The hands by whom for all my mistakes I was forgiven,
The hands who left me alone when I was brought up,

In this alone world leaving me alone,
Somewhere else they were gone,
I never found them again....
& then the hands by whom I was given up helded me & supported me,
They showed steps of success to me,
I followed them where ever they took me,
They binded me in many binds,
but I never left them,
The hands were just like the hands of me,
With a golden ring with golden diamond,
Which enlightened,
Many lives with its brightness,
Just like that of mine,
I couldn't hold them in my hands,
& so followed to held them,
& at last those hands stopped for me,
It was like the time has stopped for me,
I heard several calls from my family members,
They were calling me,
& I felt their tears,
Only those hands were visible to me,
& leaving all the things,
I went closer & closer to those hands,
& went there breaking all the trends,
I held those hands in hands of mine,
The golden ring enlightened,
& very bright did it shine,
& I turned blind,
For the first time whole body of those hands appeared to me,
I was with Almighty!
As I looked downward,
I saw myself lying as a CORPSE,
& for me everyone was filled with tears...
Everything those hands gave me,
& losing everything I found them,
& for whole world I was dead,
But for me I got rebirth,
In the lap of Almighty...
Jul 2018 · 195
A place...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
I just want to go from here,
To a place where I could be more happier,
A place where I'm not known to anyone,
& I'm all free with nothing to fear,
I want nobody to be with me right now,
As I know they won't understand me now,
With no binds to make me alive,
     & no force to make me die,
I want no reason to answer anyone,
But I need a place to be unknown to everyone,
A place where I'm nothing to anyone,
A place where there is nobody to ask me questions,
      & nobody whom I shall reply,
A place where nobody is present to break my trust,
      & nobody on whom i shall rely....
If someone find such a place, then please tell me as I'm yet searching for such a place...

— The End —