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Jul 2018
The hands in whom I was given up,
The hands in whom I was brought up,
The hands by whom for all my mistakes I was forgiven,
The hands who left me alone when I was brought up,

In this alone world leaving me alone,
Somewhere else they were gone,
I never found them again....
& then the hands by whom I was given up helded me & supported me,
They showed steps of success to me,
I followed them where ever they took me,
They binded me in many binds,
but I never left them,
The hands were just like the hands of me,
With a golden ring with golden diamond,
Which enlightened,
Many lives with its brightness,
Just like that of mine,
I couldn't hold them in my hands,
& so followed to held them,
& at last those hands stopped for me,
It was like the time has stopped for me,
I heard several calls from my family members,
They were calling me,
& I felt their tears,
Only those hands were visible to me,
& leaving all the things,
I went closer & closer to those hands,
& went there breaking all the trends,
I held those hands in hands of mine,
The golden ring enlightened,
& very bright did it shine,
& I turned blind,
For the first time whole body of those hands appeared to me,
I was with Almighty!
As I looked downward,
I saw myself lying as a CORPSE,
& for me everyone was filled with tears...
Everything those hands gave me,
& losing everything I found them,
& for whole world I was dead,
But for me I got rebirth,
In the lap of Almighty...
Shruti Dadhich
Written by
Shruti Dadhich  18/F/India
     ---, ---, RAJ NANDY and Γ€Ε§ΓΉl
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