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Steven Cole Apr 2021
Lush green,
Smell of dreams.
Soft blue,
Gentle hue.
Caressed white,
Resonating light.
Buoyant arrows of song;
A cry, a chorus, a throng.
Rays of filtered fire,
Echoed back on uplifted spires.
Majesty rich with the color of Earth,
Harmonizing with the sky above;
With a new spring comes again a new
Steven Cole Dec 2020
It's a wonder how others
Can sometimes look at us
better than we see ourselves.
The darkness we fight
Obscures a brighter view.
Thoughts hidden from sight,
And feelings concealed,
Portrayed as right,
Are not beliefs that others
Purposefully gather to be true
#Love Thyself
It is amazing that not seeing someone on the inside is also the greatest source of conflict... thankfully, we can choose love over fear
Steven Cole Dec 2020
Truth without love
Is error
Love without truth
Is a lost wayfarer
Steven Cole Dec 2020
In many ways
In it's own way


may divide,
But Truth
Will decide
#Analysis vs. Acquisition
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