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Jul 2021
Drink it Your Way

Coffee is a brew served hot or cold,
Enjoyed by people young and old.
"It's fine," we say,
"Any time of day!"
Caffeinated or decaf,
You can drink it your way.
If you care about strength,
Dark roast is OK;
The flavor will usually atone.
But the strength of lighter brews
Needs no sidekick,
It stands freely on its own.

There's some bias
When it comes to additives,
As some will have you know.
But coffee has no limitations,
As its endless possibilities
Time after time will show.

Any touch of sweet
Can make it a worthwhile treat.
The added flavor
May be just what you need
To make your day complete.
Maybe you'll satisfy
The urge to fully merge
Sweets and coffee,
With what you'd call:
It's a surge
Of energized intensity,
Bubbling and brimming
With unbounded

When the sacchariferous
You do not crave,
But is the thing from which you'd care to be saved,
The black midnight coffee
Is wise to brave.
Steven Cole
Written by
Steven Cole  27/M/Pennsylvania
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