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Uma natarajan Jun 2021
That was a Stormy night, I was moving towards the hilly terrain
Heavy downpours were just obstructing my ways Drenching me from head to toe in the rain
Surrounded by thich woods and the wilderness of night
I felt totally deserted and I was searching just the ways to escape from the flight
Getting trapped under crucial terrific plight
Even my self confidence losing its balance was about to collapse, losing its power
I was desperate to get a roof, to be safe and to shield myself from the continuous showers
At this juncture, I noticed a man with a lantern
Till now, I was a single person moving and now the sight of another human pattern
I felt relieved, both of us moved together, until we reached our shelter
Here the most important part was the other person was coming from the other direction, but for my sake he was again made to move towards the same direction.
Giving me courage, confidence and a good company
he was raised to a higher level in my estimation
Uma natarajan May 2021
There is a small lotus  pond near my house
My steps automatically move towards it and get aroused
I mostly yearn to spend my time around it
Witnessing the pink color of the lotus bloom and its hues wit
Surrounding to its vicinity there is peaceful tranquility
My sentiments and emotions get drowned in its serenity
I admire the resplendence of lotus blossoms floating in the water
Attaining divinity of the scenic beauty, I feel flattered
Uma natarajan May 2021
Leaving the busy lanes and getting entered in the greenery fatigue vanishes
Mirth accompanies everywhere while loitering into the bushes
Countless exotic locations filled with lovely fragrances of trees and plants rejuvenates
The substance of nature brings thrills and stress eliminates
Getting relaxed in under the shade of a tree and getting ready to dine brings cheers
Viewing the fountains and its sprinkles through the edge of eye's rears
Transports to the replica of paradise and mesmerize
Uma natarajan May 2021
Few occasions remain fresh forever, clinging to our memory
Showcasing their prodigious presence creating a prominent reverie
Once these occasions, created a grandeur in our lives brightening the synergy
And their  glitter brought brilliant hues, with inundated energy
Those occasions, when we were just engrossed in reconciling the events
And those occasions that brought cheers with their pageants
Now no doubt our hearts just crave for those precious moments
Even then the mind manages to the present situation with whatever comes on our life's show
Uma natarajan May 2021
Caught in the fist of overwhelming emotions
Waiting for nature 's external forces to interrupt my lucid motions
Expecting new blossoms in the life, otherwise surrounded by stale situations
Trying to embrace affluent impediments of variations
Yearing for the splendid bonanza of happiness to shower its bliss in expeditions
My focus concentrates on new creative innovations
And the scopes of stress gets eliminated from my usual positions
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
Experiencing intricate Knots of moments that tangles around my life
The entangled brain wants to release and open simplifying it without much strife
Just my desires and longings keeps rummaging through the shelves of mind
And try to explore easier ways to spend the rest of life
smooth, but it appears a difficult task to find
The life is a mixture of varied blended, hues not so simple
If it would have been just plain without complications in ample
The wider spectrum of life would have been a bliss
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
My dreams keep searching you in the constellation of stars
And my closed eyes keep travelling very far
Heart gets disheartening, scratching the days spent together
Standing in front of the rising waves, just memories I gather
Tranquility of sea sand keeps invigorating my otherwise last spirit
I feel like getting drowned to the ephemeral limits
With the trembling limbs my mind travels to the sky
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