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danie May 2021
I love you
In so many ways…
I love you beyond words…
Beyond context…

I love you…
With all my heart.

I simply love you…
For you.

I love the way you laugh.
I love how you caress my shoulder.
I love how you hold my waist.
It’s like you telling the world that I belong to you.

I love how you get mad at me…
For being stubborn.

I love you enough that if you do something stupid…
I’d say it’s okay, …
Because I love you.

I love you enough…
To accept every broken part of you.
I want to be the person to pick up…
Your broken pieces.

I love you.
That if my heart is a house…
I’ll be your home.

I want to shelter you,
Protect you if needed.

I just love you.
You don’t need to answer.
Just let me love you,
You just love me back…
Whenever you’re ready to love me too.
danie May 2021
The day I finally decided to give us up. I read and relived every bit of memory that you and I have. Then realised that those moments weren't just small moments they were my most special times. Every phone call, every long cheesy text messages, every late night video call. They all rain down on me like bullets. That no matter how hard I try to shield myself I will still end up dead. That every laughter we shared is a storm, in which at anytime will take my everything away. Every memory of you that I don't wanna forget, they were the things that hunts me in my sleep.

I realised that between the two of us. I, I'm the one who has to lived with those painful memories. You've made up your mind. You left, I stayed. You left me with no choice. I was so caught up with the thought of spending my whole life with you. While you were making plan of the future with someone new.

I guess, I made a mistake. Maybe I lost you already even before you left. Maybe I lost you on that rainy day when I told you how much you meant to me, or maybe when I held you tighter after you got up from a nightmare. Maybe it was when I told you, you're my dream. I will never really know. Because you never made me understand. You just left. Just like that I lost you.
danie Mar 2021
I wanna go back to the time...
where the only pain I know is a skid knees.

I wanna go back to the time...
where I only shed tears to a stolen candy.

I wanna go back to the time...
where Love is my mom making diner.

I wanna go back to the time...
where I don't have to let go of the things that I hold dear...
where I don't have to cry for someone who can't hold my hand...
where I don't have to chase love...
where innocence is a bliss.
where tear are shed for the little things that made days so sweet.

Please take me back to the time...
where You love me, where I meant more than anything.
Take me back to the time where I am Home
danie Mar 2021
I wanted to tell the story,
of the day I lost...
the love,
that I have loved
more than anything in this world.
danie Mar 2021
In all the years that had pass, it still feels like yesterday.
I still feel the pain of losing myself completely to someone who doesn't know my worth.
- I know, I should have left the moment you break me,
but I loved you so much that every fiber of my being breaks when ever the thought of losing you comes.
danie Mar 2021
In a bad day...
I will choose you.
In a cold dark night...
I will choose to warm myself with you.
In every happy moment...
I will choose to spend it with.

Cause no matter what happens...
bad, good, or ugly I will continue to choose you.

and I will keep choosing you.
danie Feb 2021
I am
beside you
not being noticed
but always
and forever
Loving you
from a Distance
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