" Stab the heart there's nothing  to gain. Rain falls hard and whispers your name. Chasing our memories through a void I can't feel.. Never once believing, my thoughts could make real. Your life for another's, I'm dealing eye for eye. Seeing  your life in fiction, and the truth in a lie. Listen to me closely, don't play games with your mind.. There are some thoughts that you think, that  you simply can't unbind.. "
D Hampton Dec 6
" Borrowed time, borrowed time. Pull up a chair and cut me a line. Tell me a story of when you were young. Where the devils danced and angels sung. Borrowed time, borrowed time... Show me a lie and tell me im fine. Give me a mirror, that reflects a glow. Of youthful beauty, and when time moved slow. Roll me your bones and commit me to rust.. Ashes to ashes. Dust into dust. "
D Hampton Dec 5
" A walk through the void with your  eyes closed. Welcome to the nothing that's entwined. An invitation to the dance to surrender the chance... a simple stroll into the mind. "
D Hampton Nov 28
" Its not what your words are, its how you say it. Its not what the game is, its how you play it. So pull up a chair, but children beware of the wolf that teaches in a sheep skin."
D Hampton Oct 10
"Just a glance was all it took. A loaded smile she got me hooked. Spitting love like bullets, I knew I was gonna bleed. Never thought my want would ever be a need. There is nothing I can do now, Ive failed but tried my best. I raise my arms to surrender, still I get shot in the chest."
D Hampton Sep 30
"Worth is what you think of yourself value is what you make it your heart may be the one to hold it but it's your mind that has to fake it... "
D Hampton Sep 25
" I offered you my body, instead you took my heart.I have no idea what you do to it when we are apart. It feels like you toss it up and nail it to the door. I know  its not your purpose, cause my safe word is, "more! " There's a feeling that I get when you took it across the sea. My chest is heavy but there's nothing inside... Infact its quite empty. I don't know how much longer, this body has to live. Because without my heart you took. No love I have to give. The days are the same, they're quite mundane, they run into another..Even if you don't return my heart.. When you're back, we have each other. "
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