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May 2019 · 636
" Mental abortion"
Limbotheclown May 2019
" Hold your hands out and let it go. Embers to ashes and diamonds turn coal.. Cleanse the palate of bitter distortion, something never wanted. A mental abortion. So sing with me again, I know you know my song. Stitch up your wings, cause these years aren't lasting that long... "
May 2019 · 84
Limbotheclown May 2019
" Row your boat down the  stream. Gently stroke by stroke. Drink your life from the river.. Careful not to choke. "
Apr 2019 · 160
Limbotheclown Apr 2019
" Blessed to the point of burning. You'll never really know. A destiny you're learning, clearer as you grow."
Apr 2019 · 83
"Birds eye view"
Limbotheclown Apr 2019
" I want to see the sunrise again. I was told, it could be the last time.. A red bird offered a penny for his thoughts... For him, I gave a dime. He talked about his view and what he sees from up above. The rushing, the hussling, no quiet or peace.. Too tired to show your love. Take time to enjoy the beauty in life, he said.  You can do it, I know somehow. Everything can be gone in the blink of an eye... You only have right now."
Mar 2019 · 122
" Gamble"
Limbotheclown Mar 2019
"I put it back with a flip of the chin. I let that poison sink right in. It burns my heart, like it was you. The love in her eyes, she easily withdrew. The loss seems to consume me, far worse than death. My fingers they still feel her. I still taste her breath. She throws her cards down, I call her bluff. Its then that I realize... Mine are not enough. "
Mar 2019 · 470
"Empty Cowboy "
Limbotheclown Mar 2019
"She woke up crying, thought she was dying. She didn't have a heart. She felt around but all that she found was that someone tore it apart. She knows the man that did this. She heard his silver spurs. That heart she held in her chest was his.. It wasn't hers. "
Feb 2019 · 119
Limbotheclown Feb 2019
"Believe with your eyes, conceive with your mind. Do as I say, soon you will find.... Every thought that you think, gives wings to the real. Sprinkle some emotion to Seal the deal. "
Jan 2019 · 484
"Bad habit"
Limbotheclown Jan 2019
"All but forgotten, its burnt its space in time. A love that moved like fire and lives it did confine. Spent many nights, that quickly turned into day. wishing  that forever, was something that would stay.. It seems that life has taken back a hold,  and the dream... Its hard to grab it. Never thought my love would be thing, that would turn into  your bad habit. The happiness on your face, ya know,  I can see that you fake it. So open your hands and hold my dead heart... Its yours, just FUCKEN take it! "
Dec 2018 · 380
"Losing game. "
Limbotheclown Dec 2018
" Stab the heart there's nothing  to gain. Rain falls hard and whispers your name. Chasing our memories through a void I can't feel.. Never once believing, my thoughts could make real. Your life for another's, I'm dealing eye for eye. Seeing  your life in fiction, and the truth in a lie. Listen to me closely, don't play games with your mind.. There are some thoughts that you think, that  you simply can't unbind.. "
Dec 2018 · 486
" Borrowed Time"
Limbotheclown Dec 2018
" Borrowed time, borrowed time. Pull up a chair and cut me a line. Tell me a story of when you were young. Where the devils danced and angels sung. Borrowed time, borrowed time... Show me a lie and tell me im fine. Give me a mirror, that reflects a glow. Of youthful beauty, and when time moved slow. Roll me your bones and commit me to rust.. Ashes to ashes. Dust into dust. "
Dec 2018 · 67
" visitor "
Limbotheclown Dec 2018
" A walk through the void with your  eyes closed. Welcome to the nothing that's entwined. An invitation to the dance to surrender the chance... a simple stroll into the mind. "
Nov 2018 · 83
" deceived"
Limbotheclown Nov 2018
" Its not what your words are, its how you say it. Its not what the game is, its how you play it. So pull up a chair, but children beware of the wolf that teaches in a sheep skin."
Sep 2018 · 129
Limbotheclown Sep 2018
"Worth is what you think of yourself value is what you make it your heart may be the one to hold it but it's your mind that has to fake it... "
Sep 2018 · 92
Limbotheclown Sep 2018
"There is no date, there is no time. Think of this life, as a straight line. Each day is new, its not like another. See like this and you will discover.. Life is too short to circle your line. So keep your eyes forward, don't look behind. "
Aug 2018 · 515
" prescription"
Limbotheclown Aug 2018
" The moment I felt you, time stood still.  Addicted to your love, hooked like a pill. In the morning I wake up and wait for my dose.  So far away, yet so close. I used to do a little, but a little wouldn't do it, till a little got more and more. I can't get enough of your love and now my heart is heavy and sore. I just wait for the day for when my mind is at rest and I can lay my head on your chest. The winds of change blow stronger still... But until that day, I'll swallow your pill"
Jul 2018 · 104
Limbotheclown Jul 2018
" It is what it is, but it will be what you make it. Though your heart is no thief, its your mind that will take it.. "
Jun 2018 · 103
" Rocket Love"
Limbotheclown Jun 2018
"You're my Venus I'm your mars, hold my hand as we fly through the stars.. A million miles a second, getting there too fast, slow it down baby, gotta make it last. Stop on a moon, I ask you to dance.. Hold my heart, steal my love girl. Just take the chance. We are not from here, and this I know, two souls divided into one we grow. On our way to heaven driven by passion and bliss. Close my eyes and touch your face... Its all in your kiss. "
Jun 2018 · 889
" Love library"
Limbotheclown Jun 2018
" I read her mind, just like an open book. I see every faded smile that this world ever took. I feel her heart and how its been broken. The words on her tongue, that were too much to be spoken. I see dreams and ideas that could only bring us joy. How quickly I'm reminded, that Love is not a toy... Its cold but its warm. It lingers on every breath. If it didn't taste so sweet, I'd swear I was close to death. Nothing compares to the way you make me feel. Cause when I look in your eyes I know that this is real"
May 2018 · 87
"The Old Man and his Dog"
Limbotheclown May 2018
"Happiness can only be a stones throw away", said an old man to his old dog one day.  The dog looked at his friend so skinny and weak.  He ran off in direction; "It is food I shall seek! " The old man sat by a fire, lonely for his friend. Yet surely was confident he would return by days end. The night got cold, the sky got dark, no sight of his dog. Not even a bark. On his last legs, with shortness of breath. The dog was now certain he was close to death. Turning around from where he came, the dogs head drooped with sadness and shame. For he knew in his head it was surely the end. He would never get back and find his friend. The roads seemed to twist like a labrynth from hell. The dogs legs gave out, on the dirt he fell. Conscious but torn, he rose from the ground. Something in his heart told him to follow the road down. A figure in the distance.. It kept up his pace and as he got closer his heart began to race. Now feet away he saw it was his friend... The old man by the fire with his back in a bend. The dog  looked up and slowly lowered his head. The man got on his knees and in his dogs ear he said; "For me to be happy is to have you with me.. I enjoy your silence and company. " The dog looked up with eyes full of tears, for he knew they would be together for the rest of their years..
Moral of the story: "Realize what you have and cherish it from the start. When you come to a road.. Follow your heart
May 2018 · 476
" Mindtender"
Limbotheclown May 2018
" Think what you want, but want what you think. Your mind is the bartender and he's mixing your drink. Maybe a cocktail, Shaken not stirred? Its a drink called 20 years, you throw down with a blurr.. How about something stronger that hits with a punch? It will twist your mind and bring up your lunch. I usually order Love, which ls always a splendid treat. It makes me smile and I think all the while of how it tastes so sweet.Though many a nights I stroll  to my bar and ask for a cup of fear. I pull up a stool and hold out my glass, but only see a mirror. "
May 2018 · 112
" Dreamy lies"
Limbotheclown May 2018
" Roll my eyes to the back of my head,  so I can watch my dreams. Although I've seen this movie, its not what it seems. The faces appear different, the colors are dull, the wind, it blows so cold. It was an adventure for the young, but now a story for the old. So I'll wait to watch the credits, looking for my name. I see it pass by, it catches my eye, but the spelling is not the same. Who's dream is it I'm   watching? Did my mind make a mistake? Or maybe its time that I realized... It was my dreams that were fake. "
May 2018 · 113
Limbotheclown May 2018
" cut myself to feel IT, blood drips onto my toes. Though my eyes they see IT. Perception overthrows. Wake every morning to be IT, getting nowhere really fast. Wait your whole life to feel IT, only clinging to the past. I know one day IT will go away, and leave me broken on the floor. Even though IT never was wanted.. IT has me begging for more. "
Apr 2018 · 508
" Love street"
Limbotheclown Apr 2018
"  There's this girl I love, she's lives down the street.  She's got eyes that melt me and lips that are  sweet. How would I have known what would come to be? Now I love her and she loves me. She dances in my head and sleeps on my heart. It even hurts when we're apart.. My body now craves you and the pleasures that you seek. What turns a man so curious into something that is weak? "
Mar 2018 · 92
" Another place"
Limbotheclown Mar 2018
"Take me away to a world of no mention.  Where your words whisper softly and need no intention. The tongue speaks a language of no comprehension... My mind is done, but my hearts in contention. "
Feb 2018 · 85
Limbotheclown Feb 2018
" Deceive my eyes to what is shown. The strangest life I've ever known. "
Feb 2018 · 77
"Heart Attack "
Limbotheclown Feb 2018
" I control your head now, and you'll speak what I've said.  It may not be right, turn me off and surely you'll be dead. Like a puppet I control you... A dummy on strings. Don't do what I say, and I'll clip your wings. There is no need for that silly brain. I took care of him with problems and pain. He'll be too busy trying to figure life out, to even care about what you'll shout. I'll get you to do things you normally don't choose and fall in love even though you will lose. It really should have been just me from the start... I'm in control now.
Condolences. "
"your Heart"
Jan 2018 · 737
" Fairy Tale "
Limbotheclown Jan 2018
" I close my eyes and I see you, I've sketched you in my mind. Every detail I feel you. Our ties you can't unbind.  Your lips I drew like ruby's, eyes of diamonds and gold. I long to scream the whispers  of the story, your heart has told. Its much like a fairy tale, its love you cannot bend..but also like a fairy tale, I hope its happy in the end. "
Jan 2018 · 284
" my beautiful prison"
Limbotheclown Jan 2018
"Closer to you, is where I need to be.  Locked in your heart for eternity. My sullen eyes are hard to see, when you kiss my lips and set me free. Put back in your soul, I wait for thee.  The cage is locked, and I've swallowed the key. "
Nov 2017 · 544
"Bad cards"
Limbotheclown Nov 2017
"It hurts for me to love you so much, I know you could take it  away. Ripped from my heart  I hold you in my arms, everything screaming Stay. The curves of your body linger on the tips of my fingers that they once felt. Im going to ask for a new dealer, I don't like the cards I was dealt. I will sit at the table,  playing the game until she makes a wish. In reality I'm playing poker, in my dreams its go fish. "
Oct 2017 · 225
"Spoken words"
Limbotheclown Oct 2017
"Words that were hushed, now have been said. Stolen from the ears that belong to the dead.
Your eyes danced in mine as we lay on your bed. Legs entangled, hands clenching, touching head to head. I memorized every line of your song that is true.  Its got three words and only one verse,  the name is, I Love you. "
Oct 2017 · 97
Limbotheclown Oct 2017
"Words left unsaid;
Are whispers
For the
Oct 2017 · 439
Limbotheclown Oct 2017
" I was told if you love someone, to set them free. How can I do that if my heart won't be... I tell it lies to help with the pain.  It knows the truth there's happiness to gain. When and how, the future will hold. I was searching for lust, instead I found gold. "

— The End —