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 Oct 2021 Limbotheclown
Tina RSH
a whisper in my ear
crack in the bone
How did we
come to feel so alone?
past the love
past the bridge of our dreams
I moan so loud
a girlish scream
in this dream
you feel so close
How come this is
the path you chose?
An empty shell
of a man
By my side
all went as planned!
it's all your plan
to set me on fire
You do it as if
it's your only desire
Here's the thing
I've meant to say
How did you
come to push us
Always...the questions in my head
why we live- What happens when we're dead?
Where do I search, where do I look?
man has no answers, but they are in the Book

The one rejected by those who walk the earth
of real and certain truth, there is a dearth
Man's problems hidden from their view
answers are before them, if they only knew

Along the way there's a bump, a poke, a ****
the time to stop and listen, a call from God
Everything becomes both bright and clear
answers are provided for those with ears to hear

The Way's not easy, the price of change is high
but you'll possess true knowledge before you die
Trials and tests still come each day
but wisdom comes to those who walk His Way

With peace and assurance you'll be blessed
great rewards will come when you confess
God has a plan to save us in His way
Satan loses, when Christ returns to stay

Let's live each day in service to the King
walking in God's way, eternal life will bring.
I'm already over the edge,
I'm just not falling yet.
 Mar 2021 Limbotheclown
Will you be my marigold?
My beautiful bouquet.
Tied with the promises,
of tomorrow and yesterday.

Silken skin of milk and honey.
Eyes of fire, full of wonder.
Bathe me in your tenderness.
We will never be asunder.
When I remember you
I think of footsteps in the hall
The sound of cutlery on glass
And the way you'd answer calls
When I remember you
I think of your coffee cup
Your filthy silver car
And your short sleeve button ups
When I remember you
I see your eyes crease when you smile
The redness of your cheeks
Your weekly coordinated style
When I remember you
I think of what could have been
If we had another chance
Would we walk away again?
 Mar 2020 Limbotheclown
Tina RSH
You cannot **** a dead man.
Nor can you break someone
who is already into pieces.
 Mar 2020 Limbotheclown
Tina RSH
Come, tug at my rib cage-
reach inside and take yourself
Sometimes the wound reopens without warning and starts to gush out old painful thoughts and emotions. Is it just me? yes and no. We've all loved too hard at some point, we've all spent our precious feelings for someone who couldn't care less..
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