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I thought you knew
Or maybe you do not
Your quiet composure
Penetrated my thoughts
We had a moment
And time slowed down
A second of eye contact
Has me turned around
Your smile says it all
And that glimmer in your eye
Maybe you don’t know
But if you asked I’d lie
I can’t read these signs
Were they ever there
You won’t look me in the eyes
But why do I care
It’s my mind and my heart
They’re tearing me in two
I’m about to be married
Yet my heart skips for you
I know this isn’t easy
These feelings are confusing
But your come and go attitude
Is feeling abusing
So here we are now
Let’s bring this to the end
And happily ever after
We were never even friends
Do you understand
All of this is your fault
Vindication is all that I want
Except you’re still on my mind
Filling my head in every space for thoughts
Unexpectedly is how this started
Curiosity sparked an interest
Killing me as it lingers
Implicating me in guilt
Nothing can cure this conscious of mine
Going down with every thought
Suspiciously I clear my mind
Pencils and pens create my thoughts
Illustrated with curves that turn to letters
Variety that turns to words
Every one has a meaning and place
Yet I let them remain nameless
 Jun 20 Limbotheclown
Mirror Mirror, off the wall
Ego shatters at your fall

Mirror Mirror, underneath
Feeds a tongue that crunches teeth

Mirror Mirror, open sky
Airs to make your ocean cry

Mirror Mirror, in your eye
I'm the tear about to die
Inspired by a.p.

Mirror mirror
on the floor
Careful who
you call a *****
 Dec 2018 Limbotheclown
I wish you would open up your mind
Let me inside that beautiful maze
But the closest I've gotten is the entrance
Cannot travel past your daunting gaze

I don't know how to break down walls
You've built up higher than the clouds
I've also tried to scale tall gates
Either I'm too weak or you're too proud

Your feelings are impenetrable
A fortress rendered from stone
Your mansion is a magnificent sight
Why do you choose to live there alone?

I behold the entry to the prison
Caging your enigmatic emotions
And ponder the wilderness beyond
A forest of uncharted notions

I wish I could pick the lock to your heart
Or find a window so into your soul I could see
I long to explore the depths of those labyrinths
But you will never hand over the key
I gave you the key to my heart long ago. You gave me a key as well but now I realize it was a duplicate, as you have given many others. Who has your original?
Once uopn a time, a lonely loving rose
bending with the wind, gentle in each pose
The meadow was green, and the sun aglow
Not a sign or gesture of pain and sorrow
Parakeets would sing and the rose flushed
Till the weary winter brushed past with a rush
And she stole anthems from love birds
A sigh was the last sound the meadow heard
young rose with all its roseness fresh and red
cut with its roots haunted as a captive held
To her doomsday she hauled, past a willow tree
Past that feigned majesty she was ordered to be
What about the blood ****** off her petals
Our mushy rose beaten like heavy metals
Soon she whispered to the cold ears of winter
What of it now, and passed with one last whimper.
You will go where you are told
Into places hot or cold
You will as I have said
**** that man make sure he’s dead

You will do as you are ordered
Go forth secure our borders
You will follow toe the line
Invade that country make it mine

I will sit here at my desk
To me there is no consequence
To you though
Search your own conscience

If you refuse
You’ll go to jail
Obey my orders
Live through hell

When you are spent
Another I’ll find
To take my orders
And break his mind
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