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boosts the heath of gums
boosts the heath of tooth enamel
the abalones
four player card game
a resting place for glasses
violin part, bridge
rich in calories
the tree high as sixty feet
the acai palm tree
In a Dixie grove at dawn,
The beauty there made me sigh;
Citrus petals filled the air,
And winds made the clouds float by.

The clouds were of rosy red,
And had an orange and peach hue;
Citrus petals whirled in air,
And made a real awesome view.

Sweet fragrant citrus petals,
To the limbs no more could cling;
Citrus petals like snowflakes,
Much beauty they sure, did bring.
an evergreen shrub
the taller attracts more bees
used to make rope, hemp
Duck down profuse fills the sky,
When with pillows angels fight.
It's the next best thing next to snow.
It can happen day or night.

Duck down ***** do not stick well,    
When hit with one they don't hurt.  
The ground is a white carpet,
When down lands on grass and dirt.

A pillow fight in heaven,
Fills the sky with beauty white;
As the duck down floats about,
It's a sight of much delight.

A pillow fight in heaven,
Ought to happen more often.
hardy ground cover
purple, white, blue, and pink blooms
thrives  droughts, ajuga
near a power plant
brought attention to Great Lakes
large three eyed catfish
capital, Juneau
known for the worst mosquitoes
the land mammal, moose
its water hydrates
hosts the Kenai birch mushrooms
mineral rich birch
reach three and half pounds
north oceans cold water fish
Alaska *******
name means true or truth
bird of western Africa
person's name, Alethe
On an August summer night,
Moonflowers were in full bloom;    
Their beauty and  sweet fragrance,
Was  satiny with  perfume.      

By the moon's light . one could see,
On the limbs of the peach trees;      
Peaches of red hanging there,
It was seventy degrees.

The Milky Way could be seen,
Easily in a clear view;
The crickets' sound could be heard,
Real clearly the whole night through.

It was on this August night,
I had taken much delight.
As the sun rises at dawn,
Birds sing sweetly in the trees.
If their notes somehow were seen,
I'd whistle their melodies.

There's a sunrise peachy keen,
Red and pink are there also,
Making the clouds beautiful,
As winds keep them on the go.

The apple trees are in full bloom.
They're a gorgeous sight to see.
As the winds make their way through,
From trees many petals flee.

The petals are seen waltzing,
As they whirl about the air.
The ground with white they carpet.
It's a sight of beauty rare.
landscape edging plant
that are heat and drought hardy
fragrant alyssum
the males can be pink
humans are their only threat
boto, pink dolphins
desirable wood tree
used in making instruments
American Basswood
Life has it's share of problems,
They are found in everyday.  
At times we're lifted from life's pits
By kind things folks do and say.

Sometimes life's griefs seem too much,
That we seldom realize,
In some of life's dark moments,
Answers can be in disguise.
From monotonies of life,
An escape at times we need;
An escape at Shaw's Garden,
Will be of much help indeed.

A visit in the springtime,
When flowering trees there bloom,
Capture the eyes and calm them,
Many release sweet perfume.

Folks sure find Shaw's Garden is
A real lovely place to be.
It's a great place for a stroll,
To enjoy nature's beauty.
a pizza topping
should freeze or heat before use
the anchovy fish
good for bones and teeth
helps to improve the brain's health
helps eyes, anchovies
King of the Andes
might live to age of fifty
Andean condor
palm trees covered shores
its largest lake, Lake Vostok
Antarctic seal land
palm trees  covered shores
largest lake is Lake Vostok
Antarctic seal land
have edible blooms
large, pure white double flowers
white fuchsia blooms
white Antarctic bird
that's the size of a pigeon
Antarctic petral
has yellow flowers\
Antartic native flower
ASntarctic pearlwort
many repeat bloom
mistake to overwater
anthurium plant
excrete honeydew
are controlled by ladybugs
chives repel APHIDS
Snow clouds are angel pillows,
Angels throw about the sky.
When snow clouds hit the angels,
The air snowflakes beautify.

If the fight should continue,
To go on throughout the night,
People may wake up to see,
An awesome sight of delight.

If it snows throughout the night,
Will fighting pillows run out?
To make the fight continue
Will angels for snow clouds scout?

The weather is now warmer,
Close to thirty three degrees.
As snowflakes make their way down,
Will they thaw but then refreeze?

Will the wind twirl the snowflakes,
Until there are snow drifts high?
Will the snow drifts start to melt,
Should the angels start to cry?
It was on blooming flowers,
On apple trees one could see,
Eyes gazing on their beauty,
That was a sight heavenly.

As a windstorm made its way,
Through trees petals it did strew,
Many petals filled the air,
But those then on trees were few.

To the ground they made their way,
The ground then had become white;
The ground became a carpet,
In which people took delight.

With apple blossoms blooming,
The air they'd been perfuming.
reduce cancer risk
most need chill hours to blossom
have pectin, apples
Thanks, Lord, for the apple trees,
Full of beauty while in bloom.
They are a delightful surprise,
With aromatic perfume.

Blossoms in white, pink, and red,
Depending upon the tree,
Make a treasured, marveled sight,  
Gorgeous and full of beauty,

Thanks, Lord, for their petals,
Like conifer they're renowned,      
As they delight the senses,
With an aroma profound.          

When on ground their petals land,
A plush carpet can be found;
While they are still in the air,
One can see them float around.

As the apples start to form,
Green apples on branches cling.
They're a fruit that's highly prized,
To eat after ripening.
cyanide in pits
helps maintain a healthy life
sweet, fleshed apricots
the gemstone of March            
heat treatment for more value    
aquamarine gem
attractive seawater //  colorgemstone       the color of seawater
a phenomenon
dispersed light in the raindrops
colorful rainbow
Ardently, Lord, I love you,
And I will my whole life through.
Help me, Lord, to do your will,
So I will be more like you.

Help me live my life on earth,
In a way that pleases you;
When life is dark and dismal,
Help me see with a clear view.

Help me to stay true to you,
And live as you want me to;
When I find life hard to live,
Let me know what I should do.

I love you, Lord, ardently,    
Give me your grace and mercy.
type of weapon
limb of a  human being
used for fighting, arm
Crocuses and forsythia
Herald spring is close at hand;
A time when seeds shed their coats,
And the days become more grand.

A time when the flowers wake up,
With foliage robust and green;
When freezing weather says farewell,
And the spring flowers can be seen.

In April  there are sweet lilacs,
Bradford pear petals fill the air;
I wish they would be eating pears,
As real profuse these trees would bear.

When May's catalpa trees blossom,  
The trees' flowers have a  are bell - shape;      
Their white flowers have purple throats,
Light fragrance from these blooms  escape.  

Roses and so many flowers,
Make a real, rare, picturesque  sight;
Amidst drapes of catalpa blooms,
There is a sight of grand delight.

With  limbs of white catalpa blooms,,      
The catalpa trees are well draped;
Their blooms release a light fragrance,     
What a lovely place well landscaped.
left after smoking
used for bats and hockey sticks
it has winged fruit, ash
real invasive fish
used for fish fertilizer
nuisance Asian carp
best in partial shade
Asthmatics, plant female plants
the astilbe plant
Autumn Clematis

has real sweet flowers                
prune after the  blooming ends    
autumn clematis
Autumn clematis flowers,
Bloom in spring and in the fall;
Bees notify other bees,
Come in for the nectar haul.

From summer's Dutch white clover,
And autumn clematis blooms,
From these flowers sweetness flows,
Filling air with sweet perfumes.

They are sweet, poor, man's flowers,
Autumn clematis climbs trees;
When people walk near their blooms,
Folks attention, they will seize.

Autumn clematis flowers,
Some people pay money for;
I'll go where they're unwanted,
Weeding them will be my chore.

When their bloom time is over,
Next years blooms, for them I'll wait;
For their heavenly perfume,
That I always find is great.
improves one's brain health
Mexico's national fruit
avocado fruit
one and two edged tool
handled cutting instrument
cuts and splits, an ax
ease anxiety
reduces the pain of joints
bachelor buttons
hottest place on earth
the USA's lowest point
Bad Water Basin
swampy setting tree
grown far north of native range
the bald cypress tree
formal dance party
the padded part of foot sole        
found in some pens,  ball
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