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Sun atop my head
Warming me fromhead
to toe
It makes me smile
A photographer takes to
Field. Camera in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A poet takes to
Field pen and paper in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A click of the camera
A click of the pen
Both will have a story
To tell
One in picture
The other one
In words
The end result
Will be visualized or
Both viewed from
The  Heart
I turn around
And see you
With your warm smile .
Your love and laughter fill the air.
It cannot echo back
For you are no longer around,
But in Spirit.
Let me get a glimpse of you
While my tears trickle down
Drop by drop
Upon my aching heart.
The memories are sweet
Just not to the touch.
But  forever in my heart
You shall burn .
A robe of many colors
Kept you warm.when
You were sick.
You didn't have to
But quietly put it on.
Trying to hide the pain
Trying to make us laugh
When you hurt so bad.
I liked when you wore your
Jeans and.shirt
Knowing you.felt well.
Now you are gone
And I wear your love heart
Taking a giant leap
From the muck and mire
Called Life.
Ready to wipe clean
The sludge and the mud
Of yesterday's mistakes.
The sun is appearing
Will it harden or soften
This thing called Life
The garden's dormant
'til another springtime comes
which soon will be here
*      *      *      and you are      *      *            
   *           *  just­ like the moon *      *          
*        *   *      -----so, alone-----      *      *    
   *      *    but you shine bright  *      *    
*     *            at the darkest  *      *     *
   *      *      *     of times  *      *      *      *    
*           *           *           *         *          

— The End —