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I really talked at large before
twenty six stolen years were actually stolen,
shots in my mind,
A hero’s wound gunned down
and I captured every scene
Brilliant! If you never ask me.
But who can write of give and take if
timepiece took what was given,
Must not all themes at last be puked up in lineage
Like a template of What is and what will never hold fairness
What should occur and what not to occupy our vacant heads
While we Recite recycled absent memories
Aren't we all clones of different races
Or a moving image of looped events ?

A "Book of  Good News" declared we should still hope
Till Ama-Afrika conquer what will never be;
Even if it does exist!
But who is there to argue such with a right mind,
and pretend not to see the absolute lie
given The complexion of politics is stolen but never be sold
And is our logic to outweigh
every becoming that will never be,
Are we Addicts of false orders ?

How could fantasy not imagine
while the engineering of fate still watch
Every Second with a third reference
For those new years Misfortune have never defined,
Only in True logic or on the fingertip of a hardworking
that I came to learn :
Getting ourselves out of our ways will get our means out of despair.
The Present Past and the Future is a present,
Time Mastered to interfere with our give and never-take
Is this A dialogue between fear and failure ?
The initial concussion was prudently timed,
but not as tremendous as the distorted appearance of
the authentic invisible line that rules the blur side of site.
Subsequently, Would the dead dot find out ?

The deception was born three centuries earlier than the date
On the Earth’s birth credential,the Calendar!
which gave a power exemption to the hands of the eager,
Had we been trapped...
In logic, like psychology mistaken for philosophy
And why did They... what was in it for Plato and
Will it take us all our lives to figure it out ?

The Psych has the source of pride,
“That which truly is can’t come into being,
Can’t change in any respect, and can’t perish.  
That which becomes never truly is.
So, things that come into being, alter and eventually perish never really exist.”

On the other grip, The uninformed's portion was no worse then
Than it is now.
The distribution of labor made sense
In theories developed by the ancestor
of the school of speculation
Who grasped the rationale their origin had used
To ****** and deceive, reduce and receive.

The arrangement looped itself, the same case
In a different procedure complying the conventions of
A popular character.
The cold of a desolate native.
Imprisonment, Mentally accredited and
While there’s hardship still on the bars and,
In the window, a clear path is always vivid.
The sight was Buried earlier.

Now, The panic is absent.
But the pain still stands.
And the blade, The pistol,and the Cheap prescriptions
for the wretched are only a few decisions away.
In the dawn
The universe may rain ego and rancor but
I want you to fight like cats and dogs.
Shape four skilled intersections twice like the Empire in the hands         of an octopus
And May you Shelter poetic architectures that last virtually as the life of a tortoise.

At Twelve hundred
split into matching halves by drawing imaginary lines through our Psyche and central axis
Because I want you to Puke instinct and weight like the brains of a pigeon engaged solid as a donkey,
So we can all possess the strength of an elephant and
Shine radical and symmetrical like Brittle stars.
Just opine.

Formerly sunset and ahead sunrise
sleep-talk the way dolphins seem to.
Cease to Contain clueless courage as
Humans have complex ears to translate what our blind eye can process.
Mimic the recordings during rest ages,
but even boars can figure out how to make the same sounds we do.
We all want the lion's share so our existence can grow fat as a pig.
If such is perfected, We shall pursue conducive habits like sheep.
I meant, Live long and Prosper.
Unrealistic imagination is the notion of believing we lead by Leaders.
Sexist lamination is the economical struggle we voted for.
The ones leading Texts imprinted.
The last time I forgot how to dream Imaginations got arrested.
A suit of the selfish gratitude.
A Brief Touch of the Variable Earth.
A Sudden threat to death.
Directly a touch and kiss for affection.
The ****** and buried are hounding reminders.
Where can you go when the winner is a destructor?
Sobered in the wall exactly when I remember,
The moments I've seen Are Confusing gender.
Reality is deceived by deceit and conquered by the brainy brains.
How these life mirrors reflect is solely based on the act of who lived before I did.
The True Vector.
I'm a gift to my self.
A Glass to my efforts.
I break easily out of focus.
I’m A blur surface.
Just A sample of a naive creation.
An Illusion of trust doesn't deprive evaluation.
They small,
But worth being recorded on an exhausted wall.
Because the Demonstration is a dead verse.
I don't feel like rhyming,
I will lose the essence of runny energies.
Critics are a cut laser.
The best time to rush faith being held to travel back in scriptures,
sorting obvious elements.
The trick is in the creativity.
Everything I do leaves a mark,
I'd rather mark the approach and invest in my potential.
Shameful victories lost a chance to remain,
In everything the best is the main.
Boldness to the public discussion is excitement,
As always, Great value reflects great taste.
Be a matter to the dancer, Since
Problems are playing sounds of sad wisdom.
A runner bug dug deeply in the routines.
Great Task is fixed if found.
A search begins as an error to your persona.
A name you lift.
A push depends on the boundaries of attention,
Who Set up the scripts ?
Isn't the circle Merciful when the presence
of the absence mothers compatibility?
Does The routine of existence exists in the routines?
How do you know the best route is the one you took?
I do hope!
When hope hugs embarrassment
I’d be a date to the Procedures.
For the same reason a Normal life compiles loss
A remote locating Emotionless directions
Allow me to run silently
Because There exist nothing to alter
The adroit medication the doctor refused to accredit
It would heal a lot of witless moments
Blonde is the color ignorant
As I said
It's a meaningless scrabble
You listening but you see confusion
That's The live end of an entry.
Dreams committed suicide.
Skirts worn on a low aside.
I could write you a song but I'm afraid it sounds like others.
The reflection of a glare that leaves the dark side of life.
For you were told that's the bad side of life.

Whatever you think about
speak about
you create about.
That's your power.
What is it this power.
That I cannot define but simultaneously express and simplify using reduction
setting aside marking the difference with a countless vision and division between a rope tied binding our minds.

They say you a *****.
I'm in love with you.
You a keeper.
A soul that seeks equilibrium with love and self
Isn't that a parallel play ?
A fine wrath with a critical eye
My job is to give you what you want.

My jaw always think about change.
Isn't that a deep failure of human complexity.
Our knowledge is inversely proportional to the truth.
Are you a brain teaser?
You vain.
You raucous.
The system is upon us.
Imaginary is trying to rationalise stupid phrases.
What if you just a phrase.
Is your name insane or sane.
That was rhetorical.
You renounce my emancipation.

History told me who you are.
It told me you a perplexed dogma.
A rapid rotation in a circular form.
You take half the turn, You don't maximise your circumference, double your radius and square your diameter.
Enlarge your area.
You Ying in the Yang.

Your humor is designed to accommodate those who seek knowledge first.
Such a disturbing environment.
Death examines the cost of the land.
Awkward mournings are only recorded in our minds.
I don't need a piece of paper to trust you.
I don't deserve a ride.
I know how and when to trust.

I'd be skeptical.
How many times have you killed and left wounds lazy to heal.
See, with my abilities in life, I'm satisfied because I can't return them.
Unless I alter them.
Life is an act of offering services and products in exchange of capital charge per item.
My life charged me 5 adroit items:
• Independence.
• Brilliance.
• Maturity.
• Progress.
• Cash.
In the end...
You just a set of events.
I define you.
You just a set of words.
Only self defined and irrationally undefined.
I believe in dreams, I never recall them.
I'm Golden, logic is what I'm holding.
Thoughts and belief does come true.
Without proposals they go unmarried.
Love never tricks anyone into royalty.
When heart is pure, judgements has loyalty.
Fate controls money and severity.

My heart is three sided, halved is right angled.
The Angle is golden
The view has rotten.
People you meet. journeys you take.
The soldier
The teacher.
Straight line is a functional seeker.
That's a pointless *****.
Twice the rooted power.

A flawless masterpiece is common in description.
Time ponders the description in ambition.
That's logic.
I'm tired.
My mind took a jog
They say it's a marathon not a Sprint, that's love.
Who chose the pace.
The cup is bottomless
It fill absence.
I had a sip of that knowledge.
It took the pressure off.

The mass of my love is gravitational.
Their product weighs more than expected.
There's no work done.
I don't **** up
I **** down.
That's a silent trigger.
The future shoots the blanks.
It holds no offspring.
An intertwined distraction.
A soul full of observation.
Are they engagements.
Do they break the law.

The one is digital.
The formula is logical.
The system is sequential.
Can you hear that.
We all have two digital ears.
Eyes pixels at a maximum.
The zoom conforms nature.
They capture, they record.
They all can be taught.
I know my way around the looks, they never bought my value.
That's Illegal piracy, no such a thing as a fraud.

They just binary palindromes.
What value do they possess.
It's spontaneous, the character.
The algorithm.
The errors.
The code refuses to compile, I'm not a quitter.
I run.

Everyone negotiates when beauty is graphical.
Complements to the designer.
The greater power.
I always lie and I'd say I'm in love with HER.
That follows a paradox.
That's a screen play.
I touch, I'm gifted.
With changes we lifted.
Can there be the one.
That's a model sized case.
Smaller fractions are a chase.
The base, The Pace.
The changes are continuous.
They say let the good times roll and a rolling Stone gathers no Morse.
I believe love is a mental concept to stall human progress.
There's a lot claimed.
That changes with change in time.
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