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Aug 2017
I believe in dreams, I never recall them.
I'm Golden, logic is what I'm holding.
Thoughts and belief does come true.
Without proposals they go unmarried.
Love never tricks anyone into royalty.
When heart is pure, judgements has loyalty.
Fate controls money and severity.

My heart is three sided, halved is right angled.
The Angle is golden
The view has rotten.
People you meet. journeys you take.
The soldier
The teacher.
Straight line is a functional seeker.
That's a pointless *****.
Twice the rooted power.

A flawless masterpiece is common in description.
Time ponders the description in ambition.
That's logic.
I'm tired.
My mind took a jog
They say it's a marathon not a Sprint, that's love.
Who chose the pace.
The cup is bottomless
It fill absence.
I had a sip of that knowledge.
It took the pressure off.

The mass of my love is gravitational.
Their product weighs more than expected.
There's no work done.
I don't **** up
I **** down.
That's a silent trigger.
The future shoots the blanks.
It holds no offspring.
An intertwined distraction.
A soul full of observation.
Are they engagements.
Do they break the law.

The one is digital.
The formula is logical.
The system is sequential.
Can you hear that.
We all have two digital ears.
Eyes pixels at a maximum.
The zoom conforms nature.
They capture, they record.
They all can be taught.
I know my way around the looks, they never bought my value.
That's Illegal piracy, no such a thing as a fraud.

They just binary palindromes.
What value do they possess.
It's spontaneous, the character.
The algorithm.
The errors.
The code refuses to compile, I'm not a quitter.
I run.

Everyone negotiates when beauty is graphical.
Complements to the designer.
The greater power.
I always lie and I'd say I'm in love with HER.
That follows a paradox.
That's a screen play.
I touch, I'm gifted.
With changes we lifted.
Can there be the one.
That's a model sized case.
Smaller fractions are a chase.
The base, The Pace.
The changes are continuous.
They say let the good times roll and a rolling Stone gathers no Morse.
I believe love is a mental concept to stall human progress.
There's a lot claimed.
That changes with change in time.
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP
Written by
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP  26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA
(26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA)   
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