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Butterflywish Aug 2018
If poems meant words
And words were there

Where do you go?
When words you once wrote you let go?

Do you still hear an echo?
Where did you go?
  May 2018 Butterflywish

I stared into the shadows
of a lover’s distant past
Heard whispers in the darkness
of the spell her heart did cast

As it raked across my feelings
and I cried out in the night
When this smile I was wearing
fit a little bit too tight

With her painted nails of crimson
like the color of my blood
She clawed at my emotions
as the silhouettes did flood

This morning found believing
that our time is filled with fate
Where I find my voice is screaming,
please don’t tell me it’s too late

She collected every promise
on the worries I did call
For she wanted me to know that
I could never have it all

Still I crawled into the silence
with my eyes so open wide
And together we were drowning
in the motion of the tide

In her arms now spun the seconds
of the minutes I could spare
Like a clock that’s steady ticking
darkened rhythms sent to share

Drinking thirsty from the fountain
as her finger it did press
On the chrome implanted wishes
of an early moon confess

For her smile was infectious
as it hid her ***** deeds
When I fell intoxicated
still to stagger in these needs

Tried to gaze off in the distance
but my vision could not stay
I was trapped in her seduction
and I could not look away
  May 2018 Butterflywish

It was a beautiful dream,

sultry skin tightly against mine,
soft sighs echoed in the night

frantic fingers clutched satin sheets as
passion erupted in a torrid frenzy,

when sensual lips again invited

and I kissed you once more

before falling asleep
Compact Poem Series
  May 2018 Butterflywish

Here in this place where I once played,
midst memories now cast aside
The clouds my worthless life has made,
rain down in teardrops I have cried
Thank you to all of my friends here who have supported and encouraged me. I appreciate each and every one of you.  I hope I have shown you the same kindness you have always shown me. This will be my last for while, I need some time to figure out who I am and how I became that person. Thanks again.
Butterflywish Oct 2017
By my waken dreams
Images of you

Some appear before my eyes shut
Others wait for them as they rise

Unsure of the future
They lay there on my pillow

Staring at me with so much to ask
Just like you once did

Looking into my eyes
As the world mumbled none sense

You always had so much to say
Without saying a word

They wait by my side

Floating around
Telling me

Believe in us
In this dream we both made

So I do
For another day
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