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570 · Aug 2018
Butterflywish Aug 2018
If poems meant words
And words were there

Where do you go?
When words you once wrote you let go?

Do you still hear an echo?
Where did you go?
463 · Jul 2017
If stars could speak
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Théy would sheerly
Brush by your eyes

Whispering of secrets
Long held within

The dark veil of the sky
Saying of everything that is

Shades of cascading red
Would sing of your name

As shadows of your act
Elude to this work of art

Everything that is You
Silently floats within your presence

Only to be my everything
In your absence

Imprinting your essence
Within my being
I love you
Everyday dear Steven
339 · Jul 2017
Another form of potion
Butterflywish Jul 2017
As I remember the years
Seeing your eyes

As you looked at me

Another potion of life
As we made this silent promise

You held my hand

Staring at the perfect moon
Listening to this song

I only see your smile
Until this potion remains

For as long as your face smiles
Twinkles of the daring night

You are my everything
And in you I see all of life's bounties

A magical moon
Signs your name in the sky

As No veil holds us apart
We start the best years of life

In love with a potion
We share in elixir nights

We both stared into a future
We knew exists beyond borders

Every stare would shake my being
As coincidence placed us together

Each year was yet another promise
Of who we are in union

And what we will be forever
Through tîme

And a perfect moon
Dear Love
Never worry
I am yours
328 · Sep 2017
Butterflywish Sep 2017
You caused me
This pain

I think
ThatS where we are ?

If you are
263 · Sep 2017
Butterflywish Sep 2017
the words
you uttered

to yet

soon to become
your stranger

making you

172 · Oct 2017
Something floating
Butterflywish Oct 2017
By my waken dreams
Images of you

Some appear before my eyes shut
Others wait for them as they rise

Unsure of the future
They lay there on my pillow

Staring at me with so much to ask
Just like you once did

Looking into my eyes
As the world mumbled none sense

You always had so much to say
Without saying a word

They wait by my side

Floating around
Telling me

Believe in us
In this dream we both made

So I do
For another day
162 · Oct 2017
Butterflywish Oct 2017
Only happens
At the moment

I hear your
Call me
I miss you
160 · Oct 2017
He gently
Butterflywish Oct 2017
Where do you go

Each night
In silence

She whispers
To my world

Something of my own
Of dreams

And fantasy
Leaving so little

To escape
157 · Jul 2017
My love
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Nothing can stop my heart
From loving you beyond borders

Nothing would make this heart not beat
If for a thousand years more

You will remain my one truth
For I would pamper you with a million poems

Hold you across the stars
Only then you would know

My love for you is beyond this place
That my hold of everything that you are

Would never seize to exist
We would be this endless love story

Of the heavens that connect your heart to mine
You would be the one and only

Intimacy beyond anything you imagined
And one day

Our hearts would wed
And we would be forevermore

Two hearts made one
Call me
And kiss me and never leave me
For we will be forever
My love
151 · Jul 2017
I often
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Dreamed of a lover
That can bring me

A world

I didn't think
We would travel the world

While exploring
Our Love
Sometimes a man comes along
And being part of him
Becomes this never ending flight
Until we reach the stars
148 · Sep 2017
Butterflywish Sep 2017
Can't we just
Be one

And just make this


Just say you do
And I will
146 · Jul 2017
In the end
Butterflywish Jul 2017
She made so much sense
When nothing

Could have ever been so
138 · Jul 2017
It took
Butterflywish Jul 2017
To know

All i would need
For a lifetime

Of You
For me

And me
Just for you
138 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Blame me
If I see roses

Everytime I hear your name

Each letter is inscribed
Working it's way into my soul

Something special
About our distance

Making each second
Of getting closer to your heart

An adventure

Like the bay reflecting
The perfect sun

We hold this space
That you might embrace some form of light

Only to find it was me
All along

Staring at you from a distance
Shining hope

Bringing those rays closer
We sit there as the perfect picture

Above it all
Lies your name

Inscriptions of a lifetime
That we will be
Never lose hope
For Thats our special kind of magic
134 · Jul 2017
Dear lover
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Only whisper
My name

For I place this oath

I would only whisper
134 · Sep 2017
Butterflywish Sep 2017
Have always been
The only one

Who stole a kiss

And you have always been
The only one

That got roses
Written in red

With just your name

You are the only one
That got that close

Do you know that ?
Leo man
Just be mine
132 · Sep 2017
You say
Butterflywish Sep 2017
What was unsaid

Much In left

So Go right at it
Or stick Out of it

So much for being said

And yet you would say stuff
You shouldn't have

Or wouldn't have said

So don't say much
131 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Unlike the windows
We leave open

Time behind thought
Evokes a life well lived

If not for patience
All that is to love

Would be defeated
130 · Jul 2017
Then I just
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Got lucky
Knowing that somewhere

On this planet
You sit there

Sometime In your day
You think of me

Once or twice
A day

And all that seems
To happen

Is a smile
Just wont leave your face

Because I just
Got lucky

That way
I love you again
130 · Jul 2017
Somewhere we known
Butterflywish Jul 2017
If the time would pass
And minutes wave by

We would learn of this
That we are meant to be

In this place
And only as the time allows us

We would look through a reflection
On this lake of our love

Only to see two souls
Become one
130 · Jul 2017
Hopes due
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Sweet hope of summer end
I see your smile in the stars

Let's take a journey to this state
Where you and I would remain

Kiss the world we both live in
For distance is nothing but a while

Come to me by a place
In time we would be one
128 · Jul 2017
I could have
Butterflywish Jul 2017
I spent my nights

I could have loved
You more

I spent every second
Wishing I would have said more

Every moment
Is one of wishes

May i have loved you
Beyond the width of this chest

Exploding Into another universe

I could have held you longer
Caressing your hair

I know I would have stood there

If you could remain
I know I will

Spend the rest of my life
Loving you more than I could

Counting the seconds as you slept
Warmly covering your body

For a man so great
Walks humbly among the crowd

He listened with courtesy
He gave me With No count

I could have
Would have

Instead i willed
To wish for the longest life

Spent in service
Of your heart
God only knows
What you mean to me S
122 · Jul 2017
I love
Butterflywish Jul 2017
How crazy you make me ?
And I love

How you watch me lose it ?
So I love

To know
You make me that crazy
121 · Aug 2017
And then what
Butterflywish Aug 2017
You must have heard it
A million times

And I think to myself
Could you not take a hint

Or did I leave something at the door

I must have
As you held it open

All I was thinking

Then what

And all you were thinking is come in
120 · Jul 2017
Just don't
Butterflywish Jul 2017
To love me

120 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
You unintentionally
Once carried

The idea of my sight
Within you

I will forever
Carry your heart
For my lover
And best friend
119 · Jul 2017
Waves of Cairo
Butterflywish Jul 2017
As two lovers
Make that love

Move with tranquil air

From the highest mountains
Up north

To the deep waves of
A subtle Nile

From Cairo
With Love
Love waits for you
Like you once waited for it
119 · Jul 2017
Only by my bed
Butterflywish Jul 2017
I see you often
Smiling onto me

Your arms always open
A warming sun in all my days

Tomorow would ask questions
Answered by your love

We twinkle upon the sky
To embrace each other again

I love you before I knew it
And suddenly all has grown

Through fields of simplicity
You became it all

My love do not pass me by
For only by my bed

You would forever reside
My story of a lifetime

I give you all that I am
For one glance at your face
118 · Aug 2017
Only within you
Butterflywish Aug 2017
Would I remain for
Yet another light years

As you smile into
This memory

I look up at you
As I sit there within you

And you wonder for
One more day

Just for how long
118 · Aug 2017
Butterflywish Aug 2017
All you need to do

Is just breath
And give it your all

Worry about nothing
Create the life you want
118 · Oct 2017
Ever notice
Butterflywish Oct 2017
How a beautiful soul
Has sparkling eyes

The body can't contain
That much purity

It is escapes the eyes
In twinkles
118 · Jul 2017
Dancing in light
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Above all that is
Of tradition

I see the world
In dancing lights

If you would
Make this move

You would see
This dance

Is meant for you
And me
117 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Of sweet gentle love

Caressing the sheets

That is the delicate

Of everything you are
Within me
115 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
You would touch me
To touch you
114 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Just Love
Each other

Tîll The end
113 · Jul 2017
If we are so
Butterflywish Jul 2017

So our words

Like the best story
Ever to be

112 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Love for you
Could easily

Make me
Turn to crime
A little sarcastic humor
In the mood
111 · Jul 2017
On your lap
Butterflywish Jul 2017
She sits
Smiling at the days

Like a little child
Yet you hold her

Touching her waist
Like the woman

You hold in your bed
For each day

She is innocence
That you so sultry

Would release her
A world of passion

She sees in you
The lap She sits on

You see in her
The woman you hold
111 · Jul 2017
There will always be love
Butterflywish Jul 2017
For you
I would love

Another lifetime
I would wish for

You are the person
There will always be love for

I would share in your moments
Listen to each story

Yearn to learn more
For there will always be love

I would be the one
Sending flowers beyond borders

And if you feel bored
There will always be love

For my heart would wither
In your absence

Until I can tell more
There will always be love
My love I hope you read my words
And realize
You are the one that makes my life worth living
111 · Jul 2017
Birthed out of Hate
Butterflywish Jul 2017
The beauty of a soul
She is the lover

Within a haze of pure hate
Wild in sketched greens

The dodgy image of her carers
Vile are their being

She lands within a world
She creates

Make a song
Out of glass thrown at her

She is the abused
That can give love

As there remains a divine presence
Within her circle
110 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
for the scene was aloud
she walked to the side

wondering if you understood
the light was very bright

holding a precious petal of love
for you

the light was burning the edges
sipping coffee by the subtle morning

you remained the sheer velvet
embracing her rest

the touch of the softest skin
a somber lost time

she stood by the everything
you are

the beauty of your being
encasing a masculine be
in love with you
as i once have my sweet baby
forgive my shy nature
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Relfecting the perfect day
I would hear your voice whisper

Of all the beauty of this world
May reside in one blink of your eyes

Past dreams would slowly float
Between your white fingers

As innocence would write us a story
Leaving out freed birds of this soul

As i witness beyond a shade of blue
Our future entwining my fingers

A garden of eden would be our home
As your strings would find us an ode

Oath after oath we made in silence
Staring at you accross the world

You would adjust your tie
Fix your stare into my soulful being

I would rather you would go on forever
Instead i remained within a moment

As we watch our song
Pass yet another river
This one is for you my love
I miss you so and i gift you a little piece of my soul
108 · Sep 2017
I wonder
Butterflywish Sep 2017
If you see me
The way I have seen you

For three years
All I saw in your eyes

The next endless years
Of my life

In one glimpse
Our eyes tell a story

One you never spoke of
One that the average mind

Held within
The scope of pure madness

Though it's so hard to say it

I saw the rest of my life
Every time I looked at you

And I wonder
Do you feel the same way ?

Tell me

And remain so
106 · Jul 2017
No fear
Butterflywish Jul 2017
One heart so fragile
Had lived long in fear

Until I touched your soft hair
Looked into the bluest sea

Of eyes that twinkle
Speaking of stars

Until I became a part of you
Though we left our bodies

Sacred and untouched

That second
Birthed a life

Of No fear
Pride long withered

As I looked into my palms
A gift sat there on my thighs

Your mind
Laying on me

Caressing my every hope
Each wish

I knew then
I would think of nothing

But to secure this emotion
Protecting all that is you

In me

True i kept it secret
Évén from you

But isn't love
This secret

You are the song
Of each beat

No fear
Sat there by you

As I learnt
In every way there is

You are my own
As I am yours


We said no expectations
But within this approval

All acceptance was made
In the dark night

We exchanged a kiss
To bond our fingers

In great volumes of serendipity
Ever since then

We Dream
And darling

I just know it
For as long as there is

No fear

Our Life will be just that
A dream

We made Come true
I miss you
105 · Jul 2017
The french rose
Butterflywish Jul 2017
muse of the night
the shine of the edge

whether you suit
her being in the dark

eventually she is a thought
you entertain

Until she fulls forms
the french rose

out of a musing art
laying by your shoulder

she becomes
the other side of you
Dear .... you are my all
104 · Jul 2017
A poetic peace
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Of mind

Is that of passion
Unleashed through red blood

Left to drain
reaching no sink

Only dripping by the seconds
That go by

Dipping into a vicious system
If driven speed

Too fast
Too furious

Never to be wronged
Or ever

So right
102 · Jul 2017
If only
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Was the mothering womb

Of all
That is beauty
101 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Becomes us

And all that is
Drives passion

Into flames
For All You

Could possibly stand for

I would be that

Making You

Butterflywish Sep 2017
You are
That passion

The seconds
I looked up

Feeling my toes curl
Beneath a leather pair of shoes

That moment
That happened

As wild fires
Went alarmingly high

Within a chest

Hidden beneath
Me gazing right at you

For as long
As I could take it

Bringing me down

To my knees

No one called
For help

To extinguish those fires
I held within

And neither have you realized
So much

That went on

98 · Jul 2017
Butterflywish Jul 2017
Is That remaining existence
When words are gone

When presence is  defeated
When will is no longer relevant

It's that last image
You picture

Before you let go
Into your sleep

To wake into That same place
That one person

That is
Your trust
See me
I was there all along
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