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Butterflywish Oct 2017
Where do you go

Each night
In silence

She whispers
To my world

Something of my own
Of dreams

And fantasy
Leaving so little

To escape
Butterflywish Oct 2017
How a beautiful soul
Has sparkling eyes

The body can't contain
That much purity

It is escapes the eyes
In twinkles
Butterflywish Oct 2017
Only happens
At the moment

I hear your
Call me
I miss you
Butterflywish Sep 2017
Have always been
The only one

Who stole a kiss

And you have always been
The only one

That got roses
Written in red

With just your name

You are the only one
That got that close

Do you know that ?
Leo man
Just be mine
Butterflywish Sep 2017
Can't we just
Be one

And just make this


Just say you do
And I will
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