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CMSGavaran Jun 2017
I woke underneath the blind illumination
Where the dazzling stars sleeps behind the clouds
The wide flashes of light draws the sight
But left the strata-cumulus unplowed

The gaze changes as the sky rolls above me
All I could see is the embracing darkness' existence
Like a lover's ballad of delight and tranquility
Where light and dark shatters the boundary of divergence

The fading mist above disentangle
When the dawn blooms at the horizon
The lanterns of the village starts to illuminate
That's when I realize that the stars are kept in every person

The starry night is seen in every eye
Don't keep it hidden, illuminate the sky
Made last  June 24,2017 ....1:45 am .......
CMSGavaran Jun 2017
When a moment became a memory
When a story became a history

None was left to me but these piercing blades
That penetrates across my crippled soul
A year in a blink, a piece to a whole
Like the dazzling dawn that suddenly sets
Now I gaze underneath the twinkling stars
Embracing a notebook booked by regrets
As I wish time goes back before these bars
When a moment, a story was written
It's a miracle to tick back those days
But those moments imprisoned me hidden
A true miracle is I walk new ways
May became the most memorable month of my life ... Though May just come and go but we should remember what makes today better than yesterday
CMSGavaran May 2017
Once the moon calls upon the tides
Hailed high by the waves in renown
Then the stars decorate the town
Enlightened every hidden sides

But sky turns fast as tale was told
And the stars shoot into the ground
The blue moon became blood and old
For, town is nowhere to be found

At night the moon can rise the tides
But pass unseen ‘cause of the dawn
Soon the moon fades unknown and hides
Held down to the grave in unknown

As long as a star shimmers by
Conquering the light and held high
Of all that descend shall ascend
Just hang firm my beloved friend
Let us move on Forward Poets!!! We shall revive and restore the dying art, Poetry
CMSGavaran May 2017
Those who stare becomes ashes
Or the stones will turn to dusts
So pile up those stones
And make a furnace
Ignite the withered leaves
And light up the rock

Bring forth the flour
Showered with water
Then let the sweat flow through
And the taste would turn to be true

Toast it with the flares of your heart
Then you will never go hungry
As you taste the bread you've shed
That's how miracles dwell with sincerity
That's how you turn those stones into bread
I wrote this poem on my flight home to the Philippines..... I realize what miracle really is
CMSGavaran Apr 2017
On the lightly scarlet skies of April
All bright pink petals scattered as they seem
Under the Peach tree I opened the seal
Drawing different bridges to a dream
Across are various majestic temple,
Behind are the footprints of the past,
Inside are those long beloved people ,
Around are pink petals that fall so fast

As I take foot, the wind blows massively
The chimes clamor and the river rages
But still look as it shines the scenery
Beyond complexity of the ages

Whatever bridge my comrade cross I look back still
To see the beauty of the Autumn in April
This poem is dedicated most especially to this month of April that tomorrow will soon to last. And also for all my friends and classmates that as we step another  path of our journey leaving is just one  chapter just like the Autumn in April. Though only few read this on facebook may you appreciate it
CMSGavaran Apr 2017
Gaze upon the tear drops of radiant light
Slicing across the edge of darkness
Scattered shimmering stars of the night
Detonating hope through the ages

Though darkness devour such great chunks
It proves the existence of every glow
For without the embracing darkness
There's never been light in every shadow

Darkness is not an opponent but an unforgiven
In the garden where light is dimmer
It's where fireflies glow from a blind secret
The darker it gets the brighter they shimmer

Darkness is a forgotten friend,
A forgotten beloved
A forgotten master
I made this poem when I travel from Philippines to Korea. The stars below resonates the stars above. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!!!
CMSGavaran Apr 2017
Out from the shadow they travel on foot
Under the blazing sun and flaming dunes
The tempest whistle like of hole less flute
Covered,yet not their heart's ironclad runes

From the starless night to the sunless day
Their perseverance lives, on front line way
Looked down facing foes of infinite race
Until some bones be part and flesh erased

Over the temptation of the mirage
Their sight coveted but their will stand still
Desire is death itself in camouflage
Perilous would the bridge if its unreal

Some might not anchor their boots on the stream
Ascension is the compass of the whole
Nomads don't dwell the sands for just one dream
From goal to goal they travel with their soul
My journey begins now. The allegory of the Nomads that travel stream after stream
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