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6.3k · May 2014
Kill Your Adverbs
turtlepoop May 2014
She tells me the story of a conversation she had with her boyfriend
She says "I think a baby should have its dad
And not just some of the time"
And her voice is steady
but I can feel her heart rattling in its cage
Her lungs rippling with muscle-memory from childhood tears
She is painting a picture of a life using colours missing from her own
746 · Sep 2014
On Empathy
turtlepoop Sep 2014
I don't simply want to put myself in their shoes.
I want to wear their socks and underwear, too
398 · Sep 2014
turtlepoop Sep 2014
She hung roses from her window
their tiny dangling corpses ever so slightly mangled
And strung up by their ankles
inside her mouth was shredded
her parted lips leaking licks of blood
the dribbling remnants of her lesson
that beauty cannot be ingested
338 · May 2014
Sick of this Shit
turtlepoop May 2014
I'm sick of all the rules
when it comes to loving, and living, and learning
I'm sick of forcing myself to let thoughts and feelings marinate
until they're just right
until i can place them
i'm sick of lying on my back watching the heavenless skies turn
to cotton candy and then dissolve into darkness
i'm sick of seeing beautiful things and not being able to feel them
302 · May 2014
anatomy of a healing heart
turtlepoop May 2014
Your footsteps echo through my brain,
across the marble floors of a fresh memory
now empty
no life within its walls
Imprints of your dress shoes stain the chambers of my heart
with dirt and grime
Slowing down the gushing of my blood
You no longer make my pulse quicken
Against all odds your absence calms me
Thank you for wiping the slate clean
299 · Aug 2014
Dear Rose
turtlepoop Aug 2014
I'll cut you a deal
I will not pluck your thorns
In return I only ask you to
Drink me up and soak me in
So I can help feed your beauty
turtlepoop Jun 2016
Check it out
Drop me a line
238 · Aug 2014
turtlepoop Aug 2014
i am (not) a puppet
my strings (no longer) mastered by my past
time and a shift in perspective is how this poem gained its parenthesis
222 · Aug 2014
this conversation
turtlepoop Aug 2014
More tears have fallen from your eyes than words from your mouth
202 · Aug 2014
turtlepoop Aug 2014
If you love me only in dreams
Let me be asleep forever
If you kiss only to apologize
You're allowed to be wrong a few more times
198 · Jul 2016
Infinitely More Interesting
turtlepoop Jul 2016
We must acknowledge that we all rot inside
To ignore this is to ignore our humanity
We miss out on being one with all living beings
We ignore our necrosis & strip away our ability to recognize our weaknesses
Our darkest parts are the DNA we share with the Devil
We are not Gods
We are infinitely more interesting
192 · Aug 2014
turtlepoop Aug 2014
There are some people that just rattle your heart in its cage. Its the magnets
160 · May 2014
turtlepoop May 2014
you are the only bedtime story i really need.
153 · May 2014
turtlepoop May 2014
I've never been one to dream about staring at someone all day
Faces just aren't that interesting to me
But I would watch words pour out of your mouth for hours on end
Even if they never reached my ears
Only to experience the honest energy that comes from a heart
as pure as yours
95 · Mar 2018
40 minutes
turtlepoop Mar 2018
It was a hurricane of palpitations
I feel started in the eye
Uninterested. A moment of exasperation
Resigned listening. A question expecting narrow response
you were lonely
40 minutes of studying your heart
40 minutes of bridging a gap
Forty minutes of wanting to
Ignore all of you

— The End —