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 Oct 2016 Tryst
Elizabeth Squires
due to the modem not
functioning perfectly well
gaining access to the
internet hasn't been swell

break downs in communications
are never good
one can't contact the world's
vast neighbourhood

friends and family were
waiting for my linkage
but I couldn't see their
social networking page

the modem didn't co-operate
via its connection
on this Thursday I've
made the needed correction

a new one was installed
by Ian Giang and Co
which has given me entrée
into the web's mojo

not having a working modem
really is the pits
one isn't able to view
a computer's tid-bits
 Oct 2016 Tryst
Elizabeth Squires
service failure the ***** will offer
there's something medically askew with it
the usual role is proving so unfit
a second chance in a transplant's proffer
another dies to bring life back again
wellness being redeemed by precious gift
the recipient receives a big lift
living's joy restored out of the rain
someone's kind donation affording breath
so that the period of existence stays
a healthy liver performing its job
for not to have this giving there'd be death
the bestowment allows those future days
gratitude felt within a person's cob
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