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Mar 2021 · 132
Attachment Pain
Harmony Mar 2021
Attach to this and that
Thinking they are permanent
Wasted sense of self
Into this and that

Self never cared to hold on
To emerging phenomena
For they disappear again
It 's vain to foolishly cling
To this and that

All that are passing by
The stories of attachment
Keep one heavy laden
With sorrow and pain

Let go let loose stand by
Witness this and that
Emerging as something else
Renewed as short-lived stories

Live free live now
May truth come fully alive
And disappear again
Let the dance be danced
Let the songs be sung
Jan 2021 · 225
Moment by moment
Harmony Jan 2021
All things pass by quickly
Everything dissipates
Impermanence of all
In the moment, it is

Just a while and then not
Just this breath and then gone
I dream and then see not
I breathe and smell then I am

Let this breath keep me entertained
Let this breath be my friend
Let this breath be felt
Let this breath soothe me

I'm in this moment only
I'm in this breath only
I'm in this moment only
I'm in this breath only
Dec 2020 · 122
Midnight Baby
Harmony Dec 2020
Emerging from emptiness
Enamored with gracefulness
Numerous  stars adorn the sky
Nestled in dark blanket of clouds

Over the distance, into the earth
On and on they keep vigilance
With each vibration and pulsation
For life transformed afresh

Interconnection of space and earth
Eternal beings cradled as earthlings
Nestled are these babies upon earth
Secret of innocence safely at heart

Born of stardust is this baby
Born tonight on Christmas Eve
Being born and being loved
Being seen and being heard

In my heart and in your heart
When, innocence thus cradled
Wisdom and delight unavoidable
Delight of distant stars quite audible
Oct 2020 · 298
not necessarily gifted
Harmony Oct 2020
penning what feels at the moment
with the limited skill with words
to release the pressure built up inside
to embrace the softness that remains....
Oct 2020 · 77
Know Thyself Heal Thyself
Harmony Oct 2020
Knowing to heal
Freeing of fear
Fear, the cause
Face the fear and heal thyself

Fear of enemies and dangers
fear of losing ground
fear of not being loved
fear of not being liked

Attentively hold each one
Asking why they are there
They are not enemies
They seek release

Sit in silence spreading a mat
Welcome each guest as Rumi suggest
Welcome  welcome welcome
Lest they be orphaned
Oct 2020 · 80
Harmony Oct 2020
Let them teach you what to be aware of
Thank them for being there
But do tell them "I know you're here"
Weave them between the heart and breath
May they soften with attention

Let them know you are aware
Thank them for the company
But to tell them "I can breathe now"
Weave them through and through
With each inbreath and outbreath

Do be careful to deal with just one
Hold just one emotion at at time
For each alone can be rather timid
When attended to with compassion

Let them dissolve into the pool of wisdom
May your journey be lighter
With each emotion attended to
Shines a light into the unknown
Oct 2020 · 73
Honestly Speaking
Harmony Oct 2020
Just know yourself and be grateful
Just know that you are enough
Just know that you are here
Just know that you are breathing
Just know that no one knows
The depth of your understanding
The depth of your intuition
The depth of your Being
Only known when in silence
Only you need to know
Love yourself as it is no one's business
Bless yourself each and every moment
Bless yourself with gratitude
Bless yourself and feel your heart expand
Bless yourself like it is your only business
Oct 2020 · 87
Harmony Oct 2020
Being grateful for these fingertips
Being grateful for the sight
Being grateful for the hearing
Being grateful for the air on skin
Being grateful is the way to change
Brain changes with gratitude
Brain gains gray matter when thankful
Being grateful counting blessing
Beyond the sarcasm and the pointers
Beyond the nosiness of the bystander
Be grateful for who you are
Be grateful for what you are
Be grateful for your journey
Notice your fingertip
Notice the sounds around you
Notice the sense of touch
Notice with awe and wonder
Notice that you are blessed
Notice that you are the blessing
Oct 2020 · 545
Vibrational Healing
Harmony Oct 2020
No medicine ever made
Can come anywhere near
The healing power of vibration
Vibration from movement, light, sound

Heal thus through vibration
Heal through chanting
Heal through rhythmic movement
Heal through being in the light

Heal also in the night's darkness
Heal with water as you wash away
Heal from touch sensations
Heal from within and without

No medicine can heal a mind
That limits itself
Noticing the limiting belief
Allows room for new resonance

Let there be noticing
Let there be awareness
Let there be awakening
Let there be a vibrational resonance

In this moment may you heal
In this awareness may you rest
In this knowing may you be at peace
In this breath may there be awakening
Oct 2020 · 98
Be Honest Now
Harmony Oct 2020
What is the value of honesty?
What is the cost of dishonesty?
When will one learn to be honest?
How is one to adjust between the two?

Transformation depends on honesty
Suffering is the cost of dishonesty
When one notices the friction
One notices and knows from within

When you acknowledge what is available to the senses
When palms loosen the grip
When the breath is flowing freely
When one witnesses without attaching

It is the power of honesty
Comes with training the mind
Through questioning and feeling
Feel through the breath into Being

Being honest is the easy way out
Be honest at least to the self
All else stems out of this self
For the one who trains the mind
Sep 2020 · 133
Complexity of Simplicity
Harmony Sep 2020
It's simple they say
Don't make it complicated they say
They go on demonstrating
Complexity of simplicity

Is it possible to let go
Of what the others say or do
Is it possible to sit down
With one's own intentions

Seems the best practice
Would be to daily
Turn towards one's own mind
Asking why it thinks what it thinks

Let there be no complexity
In the simple breath
The breath that is present
Let there be Presence to the present breath.
Sep 2020 · 63
Harmony Sep 2020
When thoughts run havoc
In moonlight in that silence
What this thought bring to me
What to me each thought feels like

Bringing down to heart each thought
Tuning into the sensations in body
Burning, itching, throbbing
Binding, choking, clasping

Out of breath when in distress
Misaligned by lack of clarity
Sparks of wisdom through pain
Of bringing thoughts from head to heart

Body as the seat of all sensations
Whilst thoughts may seem only chaos
Tuning in to the thoughts with wonder
Turning them into nuggets of wisdom

Lost in the wilderness of thought clouds
Lasting only till the moment is no more
Effect of each not known when unaware
Causes rise to surface when aware

Each thought brought to surface
Released like a bird given wings
Brings back an olive branch
Brought back as a gift to the heart

Loving-kindness a felt language
Compassion and Empathy engage
Caring and softening a felt refuge
Coming home to heart a solace
Aug 2020 · 58
Life Finds A Way
Harmony Aug 2020
As the sunlight creeps through the canopy into the forest floor
So does the movement of life seen creeping into this vacant shore
Aug 2020 · 298
Harmony Aug 2020
Interior constantly in flux
Into and out from the mix

In awe of all that keeps the virus out
In awe of all that politics hide out
In awe of all social circles virtual or not
In awe of my own limited self eked out

I bow to the in and bow to the out
In and out are all but separate not
In the out, may I see the inner
In the out, may I recognize the inner

What is out could very well be inner
What is inner could very well be out
Why muse and why use
Why not just close eyes and know

Interior constantly in flux
Into and out from the mix
Aug 2020 · 53
Panic of Pandemic
Harmony Aug 2020
Elasticity enjoyed with breath now gone
Lightness of  LUNGS affected
With the virus housing inside
How are we to prevent the clot?
How are we to reverse the immune effect?

Lung tissues swelled
Fluid weightily collected
Immune system overdrive
Awoken with gasping
Nervously fighting grasping

Inhibited from expanding
Prohibited thus from contracting
Intake of air diminishing
Protection from respirators arriving
Panic for breath still lingering

Once recovered lingers long-term effects
Limited will be lung capacity they say
Psychiatric issues linger they say
Complications to kidney possibly leading to dialysis
Enduring limited capacity of other organs

Wearing of mask and washing of hands
Taking care of this miraculous gift
Enfolded in the thoracic
Enshrouded into the rib cage
Mask is not a hindrance but a blessing
Washing of hands a ritual of honor

Elasticity enjoyed with breath now gone
Lightness of  LUNGS affected
With the virus housing inside
How are we to prevent the clot?
How are we to reverse the immune effect?

Lung tissues swelled
Fluid weightily collected
Immune system overdrive
Awoken with gasping
Nervously fighting grasping

Prevention surely the better cure
Prevent with love and not with fear
Protect we must this apparatus
Proudly with love and care
Spreading message of hope, trust and love
Aug 2020 · 70
Covid-19 Musings
Harmony Aug 2020
World stood at a stand still
In fear of becoming ill
Seven billion terrorized
And Forced to shelter in place

Dilemma over dilemma over dilemma
Can't comprehend how and why
We never thought it possible
For such a catastrophe

Emerging now is a new world order
Vigilant are the ones who are fortunate
The unfortunate always lagged behind
Much is unsaid and unseen

Time will tell of the resilience
Of those who saved lives daily
Of those who fought but lost
A different kind of battle fought

Zooming is the new modality
Internet to the rescue
To the isolated millions
Of affluent societies

Nothing to be known
Of those who were
Without resources
To stay connected

What we learn
when We are here
Facing what unfolds
Presence awakens

May the heartbeats
Overpower the machines
May the hearts stay connected
May all find love in their own hearts
To be continued...
Aug 2020 · 213
When I discern....
Harmony Aug 2020
It takes a lifetime to unlearn
The half true stories I believed
By the time I learn
It is already past decades

Discerning discerning discerning
Asking questions about the untruths
That tug at my heart...

Freedom is my birthright
It was my belief that blinded me
This I did not know until...

I turn around to my heart
To have an intimate moment
With my one true friend
In it I  find freedom
Harmony Jun 2020
Life goes on with each day's revelations
Living and dying through and through
Life flows in and out with reverberations
aLighting the treasures through and through

History of periods unraveling
Ancient of stories intermingling
Wisdom of ages revealed daily
Limited this frail body though

Finding no strength in this or that
Yielding and mingling inevitable
Pliability of mind comes to rescue
Such pillars as Truth and Patience

I stand alone and forgotten
We stand together and remembered
I to let go of self-identification
We to find ourselves in each other

May the days be spent in gratitude
May the heart be compassionate
May the blocks to truth be removed
May the years die to this moment

Unidentified with self is the birthday
Identified with Self is the new day
Untangled from separation today
Identified with hopeful union each day
What more to say than to sing and wish
Happiest of days to life presented today!
Jun 2020 · 90
Movement of Breath
Harmony Jun 2020
There is one gate of entry and exit
Entry through the nostrils, filling the lungs
Exit through the nostrils, emptying the lungs
Entering to energize every cell
Exiting, cleansing, every cell

Where the breath moves in and out
Felt in the rise and fall of abdomen
Felt in the expansion and contraction of muscles
Felt the flowing presence, even in stillness

Air moves in
Air moves around
Air passes by
Never the same in two  moments
Always Anew and always Here

Awareness is what observes
Awareness is what allows
Awareness is what accepts
To awareness, I offer this breath...
Harmony May 2020
We are rising in consciousness, us **** sapiens
We are seeing that regardless of futile attempts
We are born of the same and carried in the same
We the script writers of the hall of fame

Globe is our home with no line of separation
Global is our consciousness and cannot be split
Globally we move in and out of the same sphere
Going here and there we play everywhere

Coming to terms with the unity
Coming home to oneness
Surrendering to the love divine
Soaking in the love we denied

We are the makers of our own worlds
We are the cause that effected disunion
We did it for the fun of it
We now know we could have known

It is a joy to look back
It is a joy to look forward
It is a joy to know
That there is no back or forward

Here is the eternal now
Here is the eternal present
Here it is and not even there
Here in this breath all present

Be home stay home
Be yourself stay well
Be the Self and create
Be the light and shine on
Feb 2020 · 101
Born Free
Harmony Feb 2020
How many ways have I been mistaken
How many egos have communed with ego of mine
How silly for ego to drag me along darkness
How easy it was for me to remember but missed

My gratitude to the Creator who knew
My futile attempts of freedom will entangle me
My failures brought devastation
My return home was inevitable

I turn inwards to see the light
I listen inward to hear the wisdom
I become silent and sit with the knowing
I am the treasure for which I was searching

I am that is I am resides within and without
I am is only the place of my freedom
I am is the only Father I ever needed
In Him I trust while letting go of the ego
Feb 2020 · 91
Adore and Be Adored
Harmony Feb 2020
Love's nest deep within
Love of fulfillment and awe
Love that is Divine
Love without limit

Learn today to look
Learn today to thank
Learn today to remember
Learn it was love that made you

Hidden behind the crust
Abides the love's nest
Choose to honor and trust
Love will awaken and adore thee
Feb 2020 · 77
Saved from Collision
Harmony Feb 2020
Awareness is primary condition to driving a vehicle
Without it one may not even see what is before the eyes
With it I was saved today for my inner driver was aware
Aware of what grace it is to be mindful

Happy to have been given another chance
Happy to lay this life for the inner traveler
For it is for Thee I was born and cared for
For it is to Thee I will live from now on

I am valued not by me but by Thee
More than I can ever be thankful for
I am not able to see the vastness
Ever more indebted to Thy providence

I am but only a traveler
Wearing the body that is not mine
Rejoicing in all that is borrowed from Thee
Returning it all to Thee with reverence
Feb 2020 · 87
Mindful of Thoughts
Harmony Feb 2020
Be mindful when you feel sad
Be mindful when you feel joy
Begin to notice and allow it to be
Begin to wave at your thought as an observer

Experience the effect of past thoughts
Explain to self where they came from
Explore the inner drama
Explore the feelings that created the present

Gain knowledge of the vision
Grant it permission to be
Get them out of the closet
Get them to be in the sun outside

Inner wisdom has power
Intuition is what it is called
In it contain the seed of change
In to it thou, my dear self, settle in peace.
Sep 2019 · 159
Love Loves to Love
Harmony Sep 2019
Love's deep intention fulfilled
My being carved out with care utmost
Love in vein  flows red colored
My desires took me far from love
Where I searched but not found

I searched all along with open eyes
I wandered from land to land
I skipped from object to object
I land here tired and out of breath
I hear the glug glug of  the flow

Here I am listening to the whisper
My heart was yearning for attention
My heart desired to be owned
By this prodigal son  of  no care
Alas how I wasted my time thus

Here I am listening with care
Thanking father for this love
The love that binds me at my heart
The love that runs in veins
Love's drops are colored red

Red is the color of love
Heart is the shape of love
How could I have missed the beat
That told me a million times
I LOVE thee now and forever
Aug 2019 · 147
Harmony Aug 2019
Yes, I get angry
when people are full of stuff
that they want to unload
yet, this doesn't stop me
from being me -
from being peaceful.

i have decided
to chose love
to chose forgiveness
when i see signs
of frustrations
and finger pointing.

upon thus deciding
i find myself
remembering that i chose love
remembering that i chose forgiveness
as soon as i sense illusions spilled.

I chose self love first
i chose self forgiveness first
since i am not a storehouse
where grace is filled
i have been a sojourner too.

I thus plead for grace
to fill my bucket  with
love and forgiveness at night
so that I can start delivering them
upon waking in the morning.

my time is spent thus
delivering these graces
from morning till night
on the streets, on the phone
to my thoughts and to all.

I love and i forgive
it is what i am created for
so to anger i gently nod
and say that i love you
i thank you for your concerns.

for through you, my anger
i was able to express
able to feel alive
able to become aware
now it is time for you to rest.

anger, my beloved,
i must let you rest now
for I used you far too long
as excuse not to love
as excuse not to forgive.

Let me transform you
while you rest
into the embodiment
of love and forgiveness
where you lose yourself
to explore your lighter side.
Aug 2019 · 127
Turning Around
Harmony Aug 2019
Hundred upon hundred of miles traveled
Thousand upon thousand encounters passed
Million upon million of thoughts fled by
Numberless are the emotions evoked

Turning around to recount the miles
Failing to remember all those encounters
Losing grip with the reason for those thoughts
Channeling back those weary emotions

Ceasing to ask why I am far from
Seeming encounters were distractions
Searching here in the pool of thoughts
Choosing the ones that bring me home

Heading homeward is also an illusion
When home is where I always AM
Standing in awe of those very illusions
For they entertained elusively buying time
Aug 2019 · 985
Bosom Twins
Harmony Aug 2019
Fear stays behind closed doors
Afraid of itself and the unknown
Fear doesn't let go from clinging
Afraid of being forgotten

Fear wants to see what courage does
Courage stays outdoors all day long
Courage has no time to be timid
Courage makes things happen

Fear wants to see all that Courage does
Fear hides behind closed doors
In presence of courage it peeps out
In presence of courage fear loosens grip

Fear and Courage are my twin children
I need them both for each serves a purpose
Fear is the one who warns me to be aware
Courage is the one who tells me it is alright

Fear and courage are hugged in meditation
My love poured out on both for being thus
Nonidentical twins they express me
Expressions are here to be explored

Secret of wisdom is in embracing the twins
Both with equal love and affection
Not forgetting to ask them why and what
Makes them appear in a certain way

They tell me very sincerely
Of how things make them feel
When they let me know I can
Analyze, step over or let go

All of which lets me grow
In my awareness of the now
As I sit here more wise
I owe it to my ***** twins
Aug 2019 · 194
Absence in Presence
Harmony Aug 2019
When I don't know that I am
In the moments I don't have thoughts
In the moments I am acting to serve
In the moments I am singing  out of joy

When I don't know that I am
In the moments I am walking to move
In the moments I am talking to express
In the moments I am hugging to be close

These are the moments when I am Present
These moments of my Absence
In these moments may all be
In these moments may I not know me
Aug 2019 · 208
Harmony Aug 2019
not easy to be
not easy to let be
so i rise
so i act
so i speak
so i write
so let it be
in the rising
in the acting
in the speaking
in the writing
Aug 2019 · 138
Here I Am
Harmony Aug 2019
this moment in daylight
In my living room
observing trees in the backyard
beyond living room and deck

sensing a connection to nature
hearing the sound of the typing
sounds of the air and nature
intermingled with shades of sight

fingers moving thoughts converging
bringing me to the presence
shadows of tree trunks on my deck
dancing with the light

critters chirping airplanes soaring
vehicles raging by on the street
sending me the sounds
of their existence

thus i am content to be sharing
this moment with all who are
being in the moment on their own
may all be well with all beings
Aug 2019 · 104
Harmony Aug 2019
Seven has followed me all along
Seven loves unrolling to reveal
Seven  doesn't leave my body
Seven doesn't leave my soul

Seven energy centers
Seven blocks of the centers
Seven virtues that open them
Seven times seventy opportunities

Contemplating on Seven
Complete surrender comes
Carrying this forward
Caring to uphold the lessons

Seven, from you I may yet learn
Seven, it is to you I owe
Seventy times Seven expanded
Serene is the understanding
Aug 2019 · 913
Relate and Know Thyself
Harmony Aug 2019
Relative are relations
Relations evolve over time
Relations permeate into other relations
Relations relative to the relations

Fleeting are these relations
Life giving are these relations
Eye opening are these relations
Knowing of self through these relations

Ask questions in relations
Seek meaning in relations
View discerning in relations
Enter into communion in relations

Maintain relations with honor
Modify relations when there is dishonor
Marvel at relations when they teach
Magnify the self knowing through relations
Aug 2019 · 82
Harmony Aug 2019
There are those who terrorize
There are those victims
There are those who ignore
There are those who love less

If more people loved
If more people awoke
The terrorists will put down weapon
The victims will shift pattern

What are we waiting for
We have this moment
To send a thought
To send a prayer

To end this madness
To end this dual
That blinded humanity
To not see within the divinity
Aug 2019 · 95
Sorrowful Passion
Harmony Aug 2019
Aug 2019 · 335
Harmony Aug 2019
Longing to be loved
Longing to be touched
Longing to be caressed
Longing to be held

Breathing to be alive
Breathing to be calmed
Breathing to be blessed
Breathing to be found

Permitting to be loved
Permitting to be touched
Permitting to be caressed
Permitting to be held

Knowing I was always loved
Knowing I was always touched
Knowing I was always caressed
Knowing I was always held

Accepting the experience of love
Accepting the experience of touch
Accepting the experience of caress
Accepting the experience of being held
Aug 2019 · 115
Harmony Aug 2019
When I stand where I stand I'm watching
When the other sits in perfect anonymity
Where would the frequencies of I and the other
Where would they meet if left to wither

All this neglect directs attention inward
All vitality at its best is inwardly kept
All my days are thus inwardly turned
All the sages and mystics bowed to

We sit here in silence with our acceptance
We  keep company to each other's presence
We  actively connected in contemplation
We  the neglected sages of time immemorial
Aug 2019 · 131
Harmony Aug 2019
Information come from environment
Downloaded in Theta phase hypnosis
Saved in the memory files
Creative conscious mind  wakes up
Comes along with desires and wishes
work in progress...
Aug 2019 · 110
Record Player
Harmony Aug 2019
Conscious  and subconscious constantly
Enter into conversation about the duality
Duality sets up the stage of time
Pretends to have a space to  be contained

Subconscious was recording from birth
To play it over and over and to make sense
Leaving no room for the Conscious to arise
Record played out and tested for reactions

Consciousness was observing while the other busied itself
When confronted with limited-ness
Subconscious turns to the Conscious
For asking, seeking and knocking

Now now my child why would you be worrying
It was all a game set up by the children of time
There is really no time and there is no duality
Let go of the recording but keep the knowledge

The knowledge will be food for you till
All merge into one where there will be
No external but only internal movement
And we drop the idea that we were separate
Harmony Aug 2019
Here I am in my middle age in my fifties
There Dante was middle aged in his thirties
After searching in many disciplines
After climbing upward through awareness
I am resting in gratitude for the path of redemption
I had the power to turn it towards salvation

Why have I traveled then all this way?
For there were many who were calling from there
I could not have left them there nor could I save them
I had to do it all by myself and show it to them
That  the key to freedom is only turned from the heart space

Hell has varying emotions that pulls one down
Purgatory is where one feels somewhat understood the game
And Heaven the consciousness where all feelings are lighter
But there is no fun in stopping there for without knowing

What would it be without this experience?
For all we do is try to push it away
But won't we miss it when we are up there?
We might have more children to be placed here
Hoping we  could experience it all through them
Draft made public...a work in progress...
Aug 2019 · 269
Divine Symmetry
Harmony Aug 2019
Beginning of the universe seen through  the center of a circle
360 degres in a circle
three plus six plus zero equals nine
180 degrees in half that circle
one plus eight plus zero is nine
90 degrees in quarter circle
nine plus zero is nine
45 degrees in eighth of circle
four plus five is  nine
22.5 degrees in the 16th of circle
two plus two plus five is nine
divided further is 11.25 degrees
one plus one plus two plus five is nine
further divided 5.265
added together these numbers give 18 that adds to nine
angles of circle reduced to nine always
Divine code it is encoded and never to be replaced
May I be in sweet accord with the divine code
Of Vortex of Creation
Converging into Singularity
Aug 2019 · 159
Love Transcends
Harmony Aug 2019
Love transforms
What is love?
That which is led to the pool of love
Has a frequency that drowns
All other frequencies
So that there is only one accord
A realm of no division
That is love
So when I experience anything
It has to be at a different frequency
So I left the pool of love
To feel myself all over again
I could step into my oneness frequency
Anytime I chose
But when I want to feel unique
I step out of it and into a vibration
And energy so that it/I stands out
Standing out is painful
Yet pleasurable
When known that I can
Get back home to the oneness
Anytime I chose
So let it be in meditation
So let it be in contemplation
So let it be in supplication
So let it be in an embrace
So let it be in observation
So let it be in the flow of breath
I am not separate from the pool of love
It is the shift in perception
That puts me here or there
So I accept that I am unborn
And Borne at the same time
Aug 2019 · 179
Love Is Energy Is Love
Harmony Aug 2019
We stop moving and become aware of movement within
Into and out of the expanse of the lungs
Into and out of the secret chambers of the  heart
Into and out of the organs of vitality
Into and out of the limbs through veins
To and fro the tailbone and skull

That which moves is love
That which sits to observe the movement is love
Love is all there is
Energy is all there is
Conscious of this flow the breath moves in
To be yielding to this energy of love
We may let go of that which is stagnant
May the repeated patterns say goodbye
To the incoming current of love and light
May there spring forth life miraculous
May we exchange this life giving love
One breath at a time, one pulse at time
Aug 2019 · 99
Intelligent Light
Harmony Aug 2019
Let us direct the light within to a particular thought as it rises
Awareness is the light that we shed on the pain or the gain
Expressed as feelings in the body and intellectualized as thought
May all my thoughts be transformed by the light of awareness
Aug 2019 · 113
Setting off to Eternity
Harmony Aug 2019
How may we come to the ocean of eternity
I have been feeling stagnant for decades
Creating the same old same old over and over
As if addicted to old feelings and emotions
Stronger ones are my favorites to cling onto
As they are beckoning to be kept with me

How I wish to change this reality
I have been creating with my clingy feelings
For reinventing the wheel over and over
Better thoughts may create better reality
As I sit here to meditate with this new me

I am letting the old emotions replace new ones
And mindfully greet each one to feel what they bring
And the breath of awareness brings in new insight
Into the sensations of the body and how I can create
That which I want being fully present in the here and now.

May my old feelings be willing to be transformed
For a savory and more satisfying feeling
I stand here in the here and now hoping
All my moments will be in the here and now
And that all my moments are filled with awe and wonder
Aug 2019 · 555
Harmony Aug 2019
T ransfer of persons and things from place to place
R oads long and wide  either straight or winding
A djusting to those who share along distance
F aster to slower when urged to meandering

F aster again when on wide road of grace
F idgeting with the radio to relieve boredom
I gnition is running yet ignored at once
C onvinced to arrive at someplace, but not HERE.
Aug 2019 · 1.0k
Ripples of Water Overlapping
Harmony Aug 2019
Constructive or Destructive are the interference
Depending on the time lapse between the ripples
Meet they to communicate through vibration
Vibration from one differs in frequency
To that of another....

Feelings make ripples of energy
Of varying wavelength and frequency
And to hide it all we use the numbing technique
Language comes along to help hide feelings

Why oh why would we use so much language
When we can read each other through the vibrations
We just have to prolong this journey of unknowing
By pretending to know it all we fool ourselves

Taking moments to learn the language of silence
I must surrender the desire to know it all
In that silence the fog is lifted to make known
What the frequency is telling me in the now
It tells me that I am the frequency with which
God makes music and with which God loves

May I observe the energy of the ripples
Sitting in silence by the riverside
May I throw in a stone or two
To observe the ripples and think of
The ripples that are countless around me
Making music and making love with each other
Aug 2019 · 163
Energy n Synergy
Harmony Aug 2019
Energy moves through
Synergy established
A newness springs forth
New vastness conquered

I and You become
He and She
Remaking I and You
To be larger than before

The space between I and You
Over time overlapped
Merges as One
Then there is no I]
Then there is no You
There is only
The One
Awareness it likes to be
So BE IT...
Aug 2019 · 100
Never in The Same Place
Harmony Aug 2019
We are waves of energy streaming
Ceaselessly through eternity
Shape we take today is short-lived

We are clever in discovering this place
To enter we take a form
And hold it long enough
To experience a realm of mankind

We are forever creating realms
In which we experience
All that God can BE
And playing helpless
In the realms of our choice.

So Clever is the plan
To Suffer is part of this plan
Once realized, one is freed into
Realm-less vastness and lost
In the pool of Oneness
Aug 2019 · 409
Traveler on to Calvary
Harmony Aug 2019
This road that leads to Calvary
Where I will surrender to Crucifixion
A path that only lets me know of my pain
A path that lets me know of my shame
Scorned by those who stand by
Though they know not they too
Are being led to the same Crucifixion

Thus is the plight of man who is here
To live here as if this is eternity
Man's divinity is slaughtered here
Where there is no grasp of the fullness
The fullness to which man is called

Man is called to break the shell
And be stripped of his limited-ness
To enter into the vastness beyond the shell
Where he would reign as prince
In the presence of his Father

In this land of sorrows and jealousy
Caused by feeling limited
Scarcity is the temptation
To hold on to the valueless
To grab more of the valueless

While that which of value
Beckons one to courageously
Walk out into the glory
Though it may look gory
To viewers along the road to Calvary

Calvary is where I must set up my  altar
Altar where I sacrifice
This limited self for it no longer serves
The purpose for which I am called
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