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Harmony Dec 2015
Was it not yesterday he held my hand
Was it not yesterday  he called me  mommy
Was it not yesterday he knelt in pew with me
Was it not yesterday that he believed in goodness

What happened to that boy who held my hand
What happened to the innocence of yesterday
What did he trade with to avoid me
what made him forget to believe in God

When will all this be just a dream
When will this distance be removed
When will we work together happily again
When will we make our home a paradise

Why did we part from our friends of old
Why did we part with our families
Why did we disconnect and strayed
Why would all this make me suffer greatly

Who will help my boy be a man of honor
Who will help little one to find his purpose
Who will keep us together till we are in heaven
Who will I go to for help in this hour of need

Where are we headed, my boy and I
Where will we get our answers, my boy and I
Where will I rest my head in peace
Where will I see him walk with integrity

Was it not yesterday he held my hand
Was it not yesterday  he called me  mommy
Was it not yesterday he knelt in pew with me
Was it not yesterday that he believed in goodness

What happened to that boy who held my hand
What happened to the innocence of yesterday
What did he trade with to avoid me
what made him forget to believe in God
Harmony Aug 2019
When I don't know that I am
In the moments I don't have thoughts
In the moments I am acting to serve
In the moments I am singing  out of joy

When I don't know that I am
In the moments I am walking to move
In the moments I am talking to express
In the moments I am hugging to be close

These are the moments when I am Present
These moments of my Absence
In these moments may all be
In these moments may I not know me
Harmony Feb 2020
Love's nest deep within
Love of fulfillment and awe
Love that is Divine
Love without limit

Learn today to look
Learn today to thank
Learn today to remember
Learn it was love that made you

Hidden behind the crust
Abides the love's nest
Choose to honor and trust
Love will awaken and adore thee
Harmony Aug 2019
Looking within to find answers to that which is manifested around
Today is the day I chose to become someone else
By shedding the layer of illusion I created around me
Why have I been in the current of illusions passed on to me
By those who didn't have a clue as to who they truly were

Generations of illusory living caused us to be 'walking dead'
Now is the time to change from walking dead to being alive
Now is the time to feeling alive in every cell
With an intention to change I practice awareness

I must be in the moment to catch a thought that created the old me
I give myself permission to let go of thoughts that don't serve me
I give myself permission to converse with the divine within
I allow myself to be wiser from staying connected to the Source

I go out only to give for I have plenty to give
I am abundant and am flowing freely
Into the valleys flow the rivers that spring forth from me
May they grace the valleys with fruits for all
May beauty, honor, peace, light, and joy  surround me always.
Harmony Aug 2019
Yes, I get angry
when people are full of stuff
that they want to unload
yet, this doesn't stop me
from being me -
from being peaceful.

i have decided
to chose love
to chose forgiveness
when i see signs
of frustrations
and finger pointing.

upon thus deciding
i find myself
remembering that i chose love
remembering that i chose forgiveness
as soon as i sense illusions spilled.

I chose self love first
i chose self forgiveness first
since i am not a storehouse
where grace is filled
i have been a sojourner too.

I thus plead for grace
to fill my bucket  with
love and forgiveness at night
so that I can start delivering them
upon waking in the morning.

my time is spent thus
delivering these graces
from morning till night
on the streets, on the phone
to my thoughts and to all.

I love and i forgive
it is what i am created for
so to anger i gently nod
and say that i love you
i thank you for your concerns.

for through you, my anger
i was able to express
able to feel alive
able to become aware
now it is time for you to rest.

anger, my beloved,
i must let you rest now
for I used you far too long
as excuse not to love
as excuse not to forgive.

Let me transform you
while you rest
into the embodiment
of love and forgiveness
where you lose yourself
to explore your lighter side.
Harmony Oct 2015
When I think of feeling despair for unknown reasons
I know it is time for me to create something
As I think of this, words of a friend come to my mind
As to how she finds comfort in cooking
So I go to the refrigerator and search out ingredients
To make a warm healthy dish for my family
it makes me feel good after washing, cutting
chopping, grinding and sauteing
All the while I take in the aroma of each ingredient
And finally as a whole dish
spooning them for taste testing
and when my nose and tongue
lets me know that is A OK
I find that I am feeling better
Enough to wash the dishes n
wipe down the counter top
this is free-writing ; please feel free to correct. I will be grateful that you took the time to read.
Harmony Mar 2021
Attach to this and that
Thinking they are permanent
Wasted sense of self
Into this and that

Self never cared to hold on
To emerging phenomena
For they disappear again
It 's vain to foolishly cling
To this and that

All that are passing by
The stories of attachment
Keep one heavy laden
With sorrow and pain

Let go let loose stand by
Witness this and that
Emerging as something else
Renewed as short-lived stories

Live free live now
May truth come fully alive
And disappear again
Let the dance be danced
Let the songs be sung
Harmony Aug 2019
There is no turning back now that I have woken up
Destination in sight and it is only a matter of discipline
To keep me seat belted for a a ride on my spaceship
Meditation is my discipline that keeps me steady

Breathing with awareness and observing self
Mindful in every breath and every thought
Intention is honed in with precision
As a practitioner who plays to hit the bull's eye

By hitting the eye one may enter
Into the vastness that is freeing and awe inspiring
Where there is no room for boredom
Nor is there lack for you create as you may please
Harmony Oct 2016
Born after months of waiting
Gone in a hurry to be God's Angel
Born so parents can be blessed
Gone so heaven can rejoice

Baby Stella gave much
Without giving
Baby Stella said much
Without saying

Baby Stella came to tell you
That you are special
Your love tested and won;
You gave hope and strength to many

May you in your solitude
Be the most peaceful
With an Angel by the side
Thank you Sherly
Thank you...
Baby Stella was 27 days old when she became an Angel.
Harmony Oct 2020
What is the value of honesty?
What is the cost of dishonesty?
When will one learn to be honest?
How is one to adjust between the two?

Transformation depends on honesty
Suffering is the cost of dishonesty
When one notices the friction
One notices and knows from within

When you acknowledge what is available to the senses
When palms loosen the grip
When the breath is flowing freely
When one witnesses without attaching

It is the power of honesty
Comes with training the mind
Through questioning and feeling
Feel through the breath into Being

Being honest is the easy way out
Be honest at least to the self
All else stems out of this self
For the one who trains the mind
Harmony Aug 2019
not easy to be
not easy to let be
so i rise
so i act
so i speak
so i write
so let it be
in the rising
in the acting
in the speaking
in the writing
Harmony Jun 2020
Life goes on with each day's revelations
Living and dying through and through
Life flows in and out with reverberations
aLighting the treasures through and through

History of periods unraveling
Ancient of stories intermingling
Wisdom of ages revealed daily
Limited this frail body though

Finding no strength in this or that
Yielding and mingling inevitable
Pliability of mind comes to rescue
Such pillars as Truth and Patience

I stand alone and forgotten
We stand together and remembered
I to let go of self-identification
We to find ourselves in each other

May the days be spent in gratitude
May the heart be compassionate
May the blocks to truth be removed
May the years die to this moment

Unidentified with self is the birthday
Identified with Self is the new day
Untangled from separation today
Identified with hopeful union each day
What more to say than to sing and wish
Happiest of days to life presented today!
Harmony Feb 2020
How many ways have I been mistaken
How many egos have communed with ego of mine
How silly for ego to drag me along darkness
How easy it was for me to remember but missed

My gratitude to the Creator who knew
My futile attempts of freedom will entangle me
My failures brought devastation
My return home was inevitable

I turn inwards to see the light
I listen inward to hear the wisdom
I become silent and sit with the knowing
I am the treasure for which I was searching

I am that is I am resides within and without
I am is only the place of my freedom
I am is the only Father I ever needed
In Him I trust while letting go of the ego
Harmony Aug 2019
Fear stays behind closed doors
Afraid of itself and the unknown
Fear doesn't let go from clinging
Afraid of being forgotten

Fear wants to see what courage does
Courage stays outdoors all day long
Courage has no time to be timid
Courage makes things happen

Fear wants to see all that Courage does
Fear hides behind closed doors
In presence of courage it peeps out
In presence of courage fear loosens grip

Fear and Courage are my twin children
I need them both for each serves a purpose
Fear is the one who warns me to be aware
Courage is the one who tells me it is alright

Fear and courage are hugged in meditation
My love poured out on both for being thus
Nonidentical twins they express me
Expressions are here to be explored

Secret of wisdom is in embracing the twins
Both with equal love and affection
Not forgetting to ask them why and what
Makes them appear in a certain way

They tell me very sincerely
Of how things make them feel
When they let me know I can
Analyze, step over or let go

All of which lets me grow
In my awareness of the now
As I sit here more wise
I owe it to my ***** twins
Harmony May 2020
We are rising in consciousness, us **** sapiens
We are seeing that regardless of futile attempts
We are born of the same and carried in the same
We the script writers of the hall of fame

Globe is our home with no line of separation
Global is our consciousness and cannot be split
Globally we move in and out of the same sphere
Going here and there we play everywhere

Coming to terms with the unity
Coming home to oneness
Surrendering to the love divine
Soaking in the love we denied

We are the makers of our own worlds
We are the cause that effected disunion
We did it for the fun of it
We now know we could have known

It is a joy to look back
It is a joy to look forward
It is a joy to know
That there is no back or forward

Here is the eternal now
Here is the eternal present
Here it is and not even there
Here in this breath all present

Be home stay home
Be yourself stay well
Be the Self and create
Be the light and shine on
Harmony Dec 2015
Early to rise and Early to bed Makes
Men healthy wealthy and Wise
Is the old saying that I hum today
For I am awake bright and early

Now what after making chai
Chai sweetened with sugar
Spiced with Ginger
accompanied with egg n bread

It's a fine morning for someone
Who stayed alert all night
Thinking of someone in deathbed
Far far across the oceans

Spirit connects through telepathy
It feels like we are connected always
So as soon as I feel the need
To be connected, I shut down

All other thoughts are secondary
To the meditations aimed far away
here I am shooting thoughts
As arrows from the bendy bow

Arrows soft as feathery flowers
making garland on the frame
Of the beloved in distress
Softening the breath in no time

She A woman of much stories
And not many possessions
In her bed she lays decked
In flowers of dearest prayers

Having stayed awake thus
Happy to leave behind thoughts
For a fine cup of hot tea
Spreading warmth inside out
Harmony Aug 2019
I chose to love and be loved
I chose to forgive and be forgiven
I chose to be wise and be intuited
I chose the best version of myself

Awareness of choices may help release all fear
Awareness of  thoughts may help release anxiety
Awareness of actions may help release boredom
Awareness of movements may help release illness
Awareness of breath may help release illusions

When fear, anxiety, boredom, illness and illusions
Make space for the expansion at the heart space
There may enter grief, forgiveness and compassion
All expressions of divine love
To love is to live
To live is to love
Harmony Sep 2020
It's simple they say
Don't make it complicated they say
They go on demonstrating
Complexity of simplicity

Is it possible to let go
Of what the others say or do
Is it possible to sit down
With one's own intentions

Seems the best practice
Would be to daily
Turn towards one's own mind
Asking why it thinks what it thinks

Let there be no complexity
In the simple breath
The breath that is present
Let there be Presence to the present breath.
Harmony Dec 2015
It is appropriate to say thanks
To All who have bumped into me
To All that I bumped into
For without you, I would not
Know who I am  

Grateful to all who stopped me
Thanking all who aroused a confusion
Believing we were destined to meet up
For without you, I would not
Know who I am

Conscience is busy configuring
Of thoughts, words and deeds
with or without purpose
For without them, I would not
Know Who I am

Overlapping with those of others
Is my conscience, I realize
Indebted to be of service
This I know
For without others, I would not
Know Who I am

Having known this unavoidable
exchange of influences
It would be futile
To move on without bowing
For without you, I would not
Know Who I am

I take a knee before you
With open arms
Imploring to let us be in peace
In all our dealings
For without you, I would not
Know Who I am
Harmony Oct 2016
Woman took a vow of celibacy
Poverty and Obedience oh my
Haven't arrived at fifty
At such state of no chat

Would love to meet
A nun turned inward-
To be connected-
In the power of silence.

Perhaps in the future
A wish from my bucket-
Bucket of lists-
To fulfill for the next
Fifty peaceful years

Contemplative in my days
Wishing there could be no tax-
For being thus-
Alone and disconnected
But staying connected
Without stirring up ripples
cloistered nuns of Carmelite order
Harmony Aug 2020
World stood at a stand still
In fear of becoming ill
Seven billion terrorized
And Forced to shelter in place

Dilemma over dilemma over dilemma
Can't comprehend how and why
We never thought it possible
For such a catastrophe

Emerging now is a new world order
Vigilant are the ones who are fortunate
The unfortunate always lagged behind
Much is unsaid and unseen

Time will tell of the resilience
Of those who saved lives daily
Of those who fought but lost
A different kind of battle fought

Zooming is the new modality
Internet to the rescue
To the isolated millions
Of affluent societies

Nothing to be known
Of those who were
Without resources
To stay connected

What we learn
when We are here
Facing what unfolds
Presence awakens

May the heartbeats
Overpower the machines
May the hearts stay connected
May all find love in their own hearts
To be continued...
Harmony Jan 2016
Day One filled with grace
An urge to fulfill
The purpose of birth-
Losing that which
Keeps the path hidden

Resolutions are waged
To add to or to deduct from-
And the bundle carried
Is lighter, for the path
Taken requires less

fire within burning
Shedding light to the path-
Path becomes less foggy
As the fire continues to burn
Welcome Brand New 2016
Harmony Dec 2015
Last day in November
A day to culminate thoughts on souls
All souls departed remembered
For many are the legacies left behind

Legacies of those dearly beloved
once seen but now no more
Thanked for their existence
Loved for the links they left behind

Links thus born out of feelings
stemming from day to day dealings
Many are those thus gone by
Love connections they left behind

Gratitude tugs gently at the heart
of legacies, links and connections
breathing life in the present
breeding yet another to be left behind

Last day in November
A day to culminate thoughts on souls
All souls departed remembered
For many are the legacies left behind
Harmony Aug 2019
Endless are the desires
They move like pendulum
From left to right to left

Until the time stops
the needle keeps moving
From positive to negative and back and forth
when the desire takes a vacation
the time stops at a perfect
balance of peace

catch this peace and be in it
for here are the pieces of wisdom
the nuggets of wisdom
that lets you in on the secrets
of all that there is

so that you can create
-manifest that which is needed at the moment
transform it  when you no longer need it
To wisdom of a heightened level and intensity.
Harmony Oct 2015
Love that never leaves
Love that is deep within
Love that never can be lost
Love that I call Almighty
Love that I worship as my maker
Love that abides in all
Love, it is for you that I exist
Harmony Nov 2015
Mercy spreads wings of light
beyond unseen terrain

Recognized in silence
Reflected in contemplation,
Fills the vacuum
Mercy Divine, In  reverie
Of Solitude Mysterious

Finds he the owner
Of solitude,
Mercy's overflow,
Beyond boundary
Beyond limits

Convinced he the owner
Of solitude,
Mercy Divine lights
Darkest of alleys

Peace settles in
Surpassing all knowing,
Focus thus the source
Source of Mercy Divine

Mercy spreads wings of light
beyond unseen terrain

Recognized in silence
Reflected in contemplation,
Fills the vacuum
Mercy Divine, In  reverie
Of Solitude Mysterious
Inspired by Divine Mercy Chaplet
Harmony Aug 2019
Beginning of the universe seen through  the center of a circle
360 degres in a circle
three plus six plus zero equals nine
180 degrees in half that circle
one plus eight plus zero is nine
90 degrees in quarter circle
nine plus zero is nine
45 degrees in eighth of circle
four plus five is  nine
22.5 degrees in the 16th of circle
two plus two plus five is nine
divided further is 11.25 degrees
one plus one plus two plus five is nine
further divided 5.265
added together these numbers give 18 that adds to nine
angles of circle reduced to nine always
Divine code it is encoded and never to be replaced
May I be in sweet accord with the divine code
Of Vortex of Creation
Converging into Singularity
Harmony Aug 2019
Information come from environment
Downloaded in Theta phase hypnosis
Saved in the memory files
Creative conscious mind  wakes up
Comes along with desires and wishes
work in progress...
Harmony Nov 2015
Stepping onto leaves thinking of raking them later
Ocean of dry leaves posing the question to her
Where would you start, pretty miss of yonder
How would you finish it all before dinner

Oh I'd start way back in the south corner
Where the old cabin shed stores the rake
Thinks she of her afternoon's tedious chore
Wishing that she could set the piles on fire

Alas, it's dreaded to have outdoor fire
For fear it would burn down more than you desire
Back where I'm from that would be campfire
Here I'd better bag'em for easy transfer

Stepping onto leaves thinking of raking them later
Ocean of dry leaves posing the question to her
Where would you start, pretty miss of yonder
How would you finish it all before dinner
Harmony Nov 2015
When too full of self
When too hasty to bring
All attention to self
No limit to singing
Of glories of self
To the self-serving egoist

Ego dwells in all
Serves a purpose over time
Ego screams and hollers
Like one stuck in slime,
When it is time to let go
Go it must for the good of all

Just thank and let it go
Promise it is for the best
That the ego that lets go
Finds peace to reside within
All tamed and mature
To tell many a story
To the future progeny

When too full of self
When too hasty to bring
All attention to self
No limit to singing
Of glories of self
To the self-serving egoist
Harmony Sep 2020
When thoughts run havoc
In moonlight in that silence
What this thought bring to me
What to me each thought feels like

Bringing down to heart each thought
Tuning into the sensations in body
Burning, itching, throbbing
Binding, choking, clasping

Out of breath when in distress
Misaligned by lack of clarity
Sparks of wisdom through pain
Of bringing thoughts from head to heart

Body as the seat of all sensations
Whilst thoughts may seem only chaos
Tuning in to the thoughts with wonder
Turning them into nuggets of wisdom

Lost in the wilderness of thought clouds
Lasting only till the moment is no more
Effect of each not known when unaware
Causes rise to surface when aware

Each thought brought to surface
Released like a bird given wings
Brings back an olive branch
Brought back as a gift to the heart

Loving-kindness a felt language
Compassion and Empathy engage
Caring and softening a felt refuge
Coming home to heart a solace
Harmony Oct 2020
Let them teach you what to be aware of
Thank them for being there
But do tell them "I know you're here"
Weave them between the heart and breath
May they soften with attention

Let them know you are aware
Thank them for the company
But to tell them "I can breathe now"
Weave them through and through
With each inbreath and outbreath

Do be careful to deal with just one
Hold just one emotion at at time
For each alone can be rather timid
When attended to with compassion

Let them dissolve into the pool of wisdom
May your journey be lighter
With each emotion attended to
Shines a light into the unknown
Harmony Aug 2019
Energy moves through
Synergy established
A newness springs forth
New vastness conquered

I and You become
He and She
Remaking I and You
To be larger than before

The space between I and You
Over time overlapped
Merges as One
Then there is no I]
Then there is no You
There is only
The One
Awareness it likes to be
So BE IT...
Harmony Oct 2015
Joy in another
Finds the joy in me
peace in another
mirrors the peace within

tears in another
reminds me of tears beheld
distress in another
mirrors the distress hidden

Until all is well with ALL beings around ME
May my breath be for the Well-Being of All Beings

Thus happy to be Misunderstood
Thus happy to be Disliked
For they know not What I'm For
Harmony Nov 2015
Dear Lord I come before you
To feel one with you in prayer
To praise you with my neighbor
To feel all that you want me to feel

Confession on First Friday
As prescribed by my spiritual guide
To clear the spiritual arteries from guile
That block  Thine Grace from entering
This heart of mine that You own

Nine consecutive first Fridays for each loved one
consecrated at your feet, I acknowledge
I praise and I beg to have them take the right path
The path that leads them to your precious Heart

The Heart that bled for me and all
The Heart that aches from loving me
The Heart that goes on beating till I am home
Till I am home, Till I am one with You
dedicating this poem to my spiritual guide Fr. Tijo Joy Mullakkara
Harmony Dec 2015
Yellow and crimson is the fruit
Beckoning to be a moment's pleasure
Eating fruit, a sure pleasure,
Instant is the gratification
Memory is witness
To the happiness it brought

Left in agonizing want
One looks for more
Discouraged, defeated,
Agonized to know it passed

Lo and behold, all has changed
For action of eating
Had its own reaction
Unknown of what will be

Opening eyes to witness
the reaction that kept going
like a brand of battery
Energizer with long life

Blink not for it's alive
Asking  mind to follow
Follow like never before
And sleep no more

Yellow and crimson is the fruit
Beckoning to be a moment's pleasure
Eating fruit, a sure pleasure,
Instant is the gratification
Memory is witness
To the happiness it brought
Harmony Nov 2015
Today is the day
A bright sunny day
But a day in Autumn
Yes, a day in November
Perhaps a bad omen
In fables and movies
I was told since childhood
It is the day that demons
let lose from Hadies

Today is the day
the day that I fear
'cause twas told a bad sign
to be dealing with
the ill-reputed combination of
Thirteen and Friday

Today is the day
That I will
Live to prove that
All such tales are made up
To make human die of fear
A fear that would cover up
The strength and resilience
From within to Look
At one's glorious inner SELF
Seeing that glory
Demon has no choice
But to retreat to Hades

Today is the day
A bright sunny day
But a day in Autumn
Yes, a day in November
Inspired by Today's date November Friday the 13th 2015
Harmony Oct 2015
God hath called me to be close to Him
He is my backbone and my breath
He is mine n I His
THere is no separation
I see Him elsewhere
I see Him in all others as well
I know now that when I am gone
My body may be leaving

The essence of me in Him
In All people and everywhere
Since I am part of Him
He is part of All
I am also part of All

There is no more death '
For my soul
I live forever
For He lives forever

It is a good feeling
To know that I am with Him
and He with me
We are one and the same
He being in all places
Assuring mine eternity
In Him I dissolve
In Him I rest
In Him I love
Love is He
Love is me
Harmony Oct 2020
Being grateful for these fingertips
Being grateful for the sight
Being grateful for the hearing
Being grateful for the air on skin
Being grateful is the way to change
Brain changes with gratitude
Brain gains gray matter when thankful
Being grateful counting blessing
Beyond the sarcasm and the pointers
Beyond the nosiness of the bystander
Be grateful for who you are
Be grateful for what you are
Be grateful for your journey
Notice your fingertip
Notice the sounds around you
Notice the sense of touch
Notice with awe and wonder
Notice that you are blessed
Notice that you are the blessing
Harmony Oct 2015
It takes money to buy a gun
It's time-consuming to plan
Why not hand out that money
To a stranger on the street
To buy himself/herself a meal

Guns are tools used in history
To hunt for food or to down a predator
As the guns switched owners
The predators end up running with it

Better think of those horrors
If Atomic bombs were used by predators
All inventions started with a seemingly noble purpose
Now when man is tired of goodness
He is befriending  the darkness
Not knowing that these two
Forces have been fooling 'the man'

There is no predator
Nor is there any perpetrator
It is the man playing different roles
Playing victim and the predator

Man on the street is ignored
Man's family stripped of their security
Man drives man out into the street
To play a game of chase and ****

Gun is only as powerful as the user's intent
Life in one is as precious as the life in another
Gun won't buy food nor security
Gun maketh man restless
Gun maketh man running from thought to thought

It takes money to buy a gun
It's time-consuming to plan
Why not hand out that money
To a stranger on the street
To buy him/herself a meal
Harmony Dec 2015
not easy being me
hard to search memory chest
each story tells me of neglect
disrespectful was I in conduct
Hurtful was I in conduct
Retaliated with fury
As I only thought of forging ahead

Through the days of old
Have I arrived here to lament
All that have been done by me
All that have been said by me
All that have been neglected by me

In this lament, I take a vow
A promise to never move forward
Without having asked pardon
From Almighty who placed
Each event on my path
For gaining patience and wisdom

I bow to all that IS
I bow to all Who ARE
I bow to the expanse
I bow to you and to me
May my journey be of awareness
May I Arrive safely back at home
Having made up to you and to me
Harmony Dec 2015
Chennai has seen another flood
After much rain overfilled lakes
Many swim on flooded roads
As if in a lake to get to destination

Houses are flooded with things
All drenched in flood water
How many lives and livestock
All drowned in the torrent
Yet to be seen when water recedes
Harmony Aug 2019
Here I am in my middle age in my fifties
There Dante was middle aged in his thirties
After searching in many disciplines
After climbing upward through awareness
I am resting in gratitude for the path of redemption
I had the power to turn it towards salvation

Why have I traveled then all this way?
For there were many who were calling from there
I could not have left them there nor could I save them
I had to do it all by myself and show it to them
That  the key to freedom is only turned from the heart space

Hell has varying emotions that pulls one down
Purgatory is where one feels somewhat understood the game
And Heaven the consciousness where all feelings are lighter
But there is no fun in stopping there for without knowing

What would it be without this experience?
For all we do is try to push it away
But won't we miss it when we are up there?
We might have more children to be placed here
Hoping we  could experience it all through them
Draft made public...a work in progress...
Harmony Aug 2019
this moment in daylight
In my living room
observing trees in the backyard
beyond living room and deck

sensing a connection to nature
hearing the sound of the typing
sounds of the air and nature
intermingled with shades of sight

fingers moving thoughts converging
bringing me to the presence
shadows of tree trunks on my deck
dancing with the light

critters chirping airplanes soaring
vehicles raging by on the street
sending me the sounds
of their existence

thus i am content to be sharing
this moment with all who are
being in the moment on their own
may all be well with all beings
Harmony Oct 2020
Just know yourself and be grateful
Just know that you are enough
Just know that you are here
Just know that you are breathing
Just know that no one knows
The depth of your understanding
The depth of your intuition
The depth of your Being
Only known when in silence
Only you need to know
Love yourself as it is no one's business
Bless yourself each and every moment
Bless yourself with gratitude
Bless yourself and feel your heart expand
Bless yourself like it is your only business
Harmony Aug 2019
Let us direct the light within to a particular thought as it rises
Awareness is the light that we shed on the pain or the gain
Expressed as feelings in the body and intellectualized as thought
May all my thoughts be transformed by the light of awareness
Harmony Aug 2020
Interior constantly in flux
Into and out from the mix

In awe of all that keeps the virus out
In awe of all that politics hide out
In awe of all social circles virtual or not
In awe of my own limited self eked out

I bow to the in and bow to the out
In and out are all but separate not
In the out, may I see the inner
In the out, may I recognize the inner

What is out could very well be inner
What is inner could very well be out
Why muse and why use
Why not just close eyes and know

Interior constantly in flux
Into and out from the mix
Harmony Oct 2020
Knowing to heal
Freeing of fear
Fear, the cause
Face the fear and heal thyself

Fear of enemies and dangers
fear of losing ground
fear of not being loved
fear of not being liked

Attentively hold each one
Asking why they are there
They are not enemies
They seek release

Sit in silence spreading a mat
Welcome each guest as Rumi suggest
Welcome  welcome welcome
Lest they be orphaned
Harmony Aug 2020
As the sunlight creeps through the canopy into the forest floor
So does the movement of life seen creeping into this vacant shore
Harmony Oct 2015
putting on a new mask to hide behind
when afraid of losing ground
hiding in the pretend dark
when afraid of the light within
Fooling self alone, for the universe
unveils the glow, when off-guard
Beckoning the light within
to merge with the radiance outside...
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