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Anna Oct 2021
slipping into the void

tell me the most lovely sky
is over my head tonight
Anna Oct 2021
so many pieces I’ve left behind
its hard to see the whole
  this ache is held in other hands
    you know how I feel
Anna Oct 2021
find me under the willow tree
the moon sleeps low in the sky
call to my heart through tears
which flow, dancing down a white river

forget me under the brazen sun
the air breathes out cloudy thoughts
silencing the birds who cry
the flying arrow the sound of a new life
Anna Sep 2021
I love you
And you
And you

Find me in
the place where we began

I’ll be waiting
Anna Sep 2021
I don’t know
Anna Sep 2021
Blue eyes
And sadness
Go hand in hand
She tells herself
No one will love
No one will stay
No one will ask if she’s okay
And the truth is
She isn’t
She views the world upside down
Where everyone walks above her
No one can see the cuts and the broken heart
And she drags herself down down down
Even though I’m right here
I can see the blood and the tears
But she never looks up anymore
So she never sees me watching
Anna Sep 2021
You told me you love me
You only want to protect me
But you don’t know
There’s nothing left of me
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