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1.7k · Mar 2021
Anna Mar 2021
time goes by like
water flowing over my skin
unstoppable, translucent
and all at once
no beginning or end for
the clouds of
laughter and tears
you can't hold it still
it escapes even
the bell jar
forever running yet
never will you see it
rush by your eyes
i know now
never trust a clock
or a soul
1.5k · Jun 2018
Anna Jun 2018
a pink jacket that
came from pink cheeks
the day you had the pink above your eyes
i became infatuated with the color

i see pink in the darkest of things
i see it in my dreams
and when i close my eyes it's no longer darkness
but a pink warmth
it makes me calm and tranquil

i used to take pink pills
to give me the same feeling

now i just want to see
the pink of your cheeks
the pink in your heart
the pink in your soul
1.4k · Jul 2021
Anna Jul 2021
I think I found my soulmate
A long time ago
But I hurt her
And now we’re lost
Still connected by an invisible thread
Tangled and taunt
We walk away from
Each other
But really I still feel her
And I know
She feels me too
1.0k · May 2018
Marlboro Reds
Anna May 2018
I hold the cigarette to your lips
I love you
Is that why I feed you cancer?
929 · Jul 2021
wanna be
Anna Jul 2021
I never write anymore
But I call myself an artist
We never talk anymore
But all my thoughts are about you
And the poems too.
804 · Nov 2018
Anna Nov 2018
the absence of you
hits like ecstasy

in the lake of my tar-black pupils
you can see the regret

my teeth chatter loudly
but you can still hear the sound of goodbye

right before the crash
655 · Jan 14
Anna Jan 14
I live on the surface now
But I used to swim down deep in the water
Where it’s always dark

I never think anymore
I just hum and buzz and click
tv static with the volume turned all the way up

I miss the dark
It gave me time to think
I had questions complexity and unrest
it is light at The surface and I can see the people
And I don’t even realize I’m becoming one of them
Much more quickly than I would’ve ever thought
494 · Mar 2021
Anna Mar 2021
i wonder if
you ever think of me
kissing you
and wake up to reality
to remember
it was just a
Anna Jun 2019
behind my friends bathroom mirror
is a helping hand

A blue pill a white pill in two orange bottles


“we will help
we will bring you closer to

the clouds

let us shut your eyelids

you don’t have to wakeup anymore”

how do I say no to bliss?
let me decompose

I’m ready to be with the stars
471 · Jul 2021
early ends
Anna Jul 2021
when I was younger I remember
The feeling that I needed to cease existing
I would hide in the alcove of my sisters room
And hold my breathe as long as I could
Anna Mar 2021
hello friend
I am here to tell you
this is the sign you were looking for
I love you even if he doesn't
and I want you to know
everything will be okay eventually
please keep going
you got this
410 · Jun 2018
Anna Jun 2018
I hear in
Your voice
The hum of
A busy bustling bumble bee but
More like
Salty seaweed sandy ocean spray
Loves her
Fairy boy
386 · Jul 2018
Anna Jul 2018
right now, things are


i see sparks in your eyes
when you light up another cigarette

our souls are on a teeter-totter and

they might
350 · Jun 2018
Anna Jun 2018
why does my body ache when I lay down after walking up the stairs

why am I still laying in bed? It's 12:23

why can't I hold eye contact with my mom, she is so kind
310 · Feb 2021
the snow globe
Anna Feb 2021
running in circles

in this

purple sky sunset

she's the only one

to bring me out of the blue

feel the air getting thin

flies on my open eyes

same old songs

new cracks in the foundation

the whole family's in the living room

watching static on the tv

it's this snow globe I live in

shake up my world

it'll all come back to me eventually
271 · Sep 2018
Anna Sep 2018
the ceiling at night
the backs of my eyelids
are the same color

i am tired of staring up at nothing
thinking about everything

i am tired of waking up to
the lie that I am and will always be

i am so tired
please let me fall down, down, down
and never wake up
266 · Jul 2021
things not seen
Anna Jul 2021
there is a deep dark sadness
Inside of me

It is woven through my nerves
Flowing through my veins
Pulsing pounding blood in my heart

It never leaves
And I don’t think
I could live
Without it
244 · Sep 2018
Anna Sep 2018
i am home again
at eighteen(failure)

when i look in the mirror
i can't decide who it is
i'm looking at

and for the first time
it's okay
not to know

i am home again
at eighteen (hopeful)

when i look in the mirror
i see
whoever i want to be
237 · Mar 2021
a skizzy on mars
Anna Mar 2021
im dreaming of you
i wonder if
you're thinking of me too
i meant it when i said
im sorry
and i meant it when i said
i love you
you're always there but
you're afraid of me
i wish you could see
the change in me

maybe in another life
i'll see your eyes
and we can try again
236 · Mar 2021
Anna Mar 2021
cigarettes and roses
flick your ash into my eye
burn away the pain
of never seeing you again
234 · Mar 2018
Anna Mar 2018
we downed half the bottle of blue poison in my bathroom

uncontrollable laughter

so this is why people drink

blissful stupidity
233 · Oct 2018
ocean eyes
Anna Oct 2018
I used to believe
he had eyes the color of the ocean

I’m not so sure about that today

but I know his heart
is the color of the bottom of the deepest sea
231 · Mar 2021
Anna Mar 2021
you were
the most beautiful
red rose
i couldn't resist
picking you
and leaving
you to
210 · Sep 2021
the upside down
Anna Sep 2021
Blue eyes
And sadness
Go hand in hand
She tells herself
No one will love
No one will stay
No one will ask if she’s okay
And the truth is
She isn’t
She views the world upside down
Where everyone walks above her
No one can see the cuts and the broken heart
And she drags herself down down down
Even though I’m right here
I can see the blood and the tears
But she never looks up anymore
So she never sees me watching
204 · May 2018
Anna May 2018
the bottle seemed ordinary enough
plastic, white, innocent

but I when I looked away
I could hear its contents whispering

softly at first


my eyes bored harder into my hands
why are they shaking

they heard us
Louder this time


A single drop of weakness falls into my palm

They scream like the tourted souls in hell


Finally my wet eyes meet the bottle

I read as if I didn't already know
Liquid Morphine

The voices become a single whisper


Suddenly everything is clear

Commands the voices

I obey

if only I was in wonderland
197 · Jun 2018
Anna Jun 2018
the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen
often hid behind wrinkled bags of skin
they belonged to my darling Elva
who loved flowers and family
in her disease, she was always concerned about the well being of her garden
sometimes, she cried out for her mother
she was eighty seven

and although she is gone
when I look up at the summer sky
I can see the color of her irises and
I know she is up there in her garden
and I can imagine her mother is too
197 · Jun 2018
where is my mind
Anna Jun 2018
i write it out on paper
But it's not
I call I call I call
But there is no answer

I am waiting for the day
I lose myself

I know it's coming
It looms over my shoulder
Whispering ***** sins into my ears
telling me that
I am worthless

I wish you would pick up the phone
I wish I wasn't a drug addict
I wish I wasn't a ****** person

I need peace
where is my mind?
188 · Oct 2018
roses on my grave
Anna Oct 2018
everyday is the same
inside me a
rose is blooming

they whisper

they forgot that
dried petals
are beautiful as well
184 · Jun 2018
Anna Jun 2018
i understand
how goldfish feel

my thoughts are trapped
in the bowl of my brain
Anna Feb 2021
I lay in bed and think about you
the highs the lows the blues
and I guess you just can't see
there's an ache in my chest where you used to be
180 · Mar 2021
Anna Mar 2021
you left
when the blood was flowing
out of my neck

the wound
oozing pain and anguish
festered, pus and oil

it scabbed over
but the infection still raged
war against my heart

you're the poison in my bloodstream
and one day day my heart just might
177 · Jun 2018
our song
Anna Jun 2018
I heard our song today on the radio
the one we blared together in the car
while having ***
through the chaos of our poisoned "love" affair in the late hours of the night

and for the first time
my heart wasn't heavy
no tears came to my eyes

just a quiet nogstalgia

and I am so happy
that you are gone

but I am elated
that the feelings have finally passed too
176 · Jul 2018
a love story
Anna Jul 2018
a curly-headed boy
has a padlock around his neck
but he threw away the key

a brown haired girl
has ocean-blue eyes
and i know she is the only one who could find it
176 · Mar 2021
wasting away
Anna Mar 2021
I lost you in

But my world is
Black and white

Now I Can’t find
The ground
In this endless sky
It’s beautiful but
I’m drifting
Into the sun

And maybe that’s what was meant to be all along
172 · May 2018
Anna May 2018
hooded blue eyes
are the hardest to watch cry
but the absolute best to see smile
166 · Sep 2018
Anna Sep 2018
i love you
           read at 1:47 a.m.
163 · Feb 2021
Anna Feb 2021
so much love contained
within sad chocolate eyes
you never told anyone my secrets
you never left my side

happiness is two long floppy ears

i could have never asked
for a better best friend

or one with larger paws

I miss you in the yard
I miss the frenzied greetings
I miss tipped- over trash cans

but most of all

I will miss loving you
it was your sad face that made me so happy
163 · Jul 2018
Anna Jul 2018
i am sad
i say
but i don't need to
my eyes scream it
even if you
don't want
to hear
160 · Jun 2018
the lost hearts
Anna Jun 2018
there is a place
where lost hearts
can go
songs are sung
and we reminisce
the highs and the lows

there was a time
when my heart lived there
the sun never shined
and I never cared

when I found your eyes
I knew that we were saved
and after some time,
my heart left the cave
158 · Sep 2018
Anna Sep 2018
brown eyes and
slender thighs
used to belong to

i can't remember
when or why but
i gave them away for
157 · Jul 2018
Anna Jul 2018
fairy boy's hair
has faded to white
my cigarette ****
flies out the cracked window

along with the blue dye
some evidence of
what once was still remains

it is a quiet acknowledgement
of the passing of time
155 · Sep 2018
happy ending
Anna Sep 2018
all the letters
and the phone calls
crying about
yet nothing

because in the end
that was all we were-
153 · Mar 2018
Anna Mar 2018
that night

we screamed and laughed
we kissed and fought

we trudged through slush and snow
we huddled in a tiny concrete basement

you barely smoked
you wanted to leave

i smoked a lot
i told you to stay

you dropped me off
you said I love you

i said goodbye
i said I love you


i had known
that was the last time

i would shut that old blue car door
i would not have gotten out.
152 · Aug 2018
Anna Aug 2018
the pink in my cheeks
and the pink in my soul
has faded to blue

now the pills
are the only pink I see

and suddenly
it’s no longer my favorite color
152 · Jul 2018
Anna Jul 2018
soft pink
daisy yellow
sky blue
lillypad green
cloud white


my life
his life

filled with beautiful pastels
we even see them in our nightmares
145 · Jun 2018
I'm sorry
Anna Jun 2018
when I see my mother's worried eyes
and I know that I let her down
I wish I could go back in time
and turn my life around
145 · Jun 2018
She and i
Anna Jun 2018
I look at her
And I worry
I have always been a sorry replacement
I hope this time
Things are different
144 · May 2018
Anna May 2018
the remote came crashing off my dresser
at the same time that my head bounced of the wall and landed in the fish tank

but it's okay because
this way no one will know I'm crying
140 · Mar 2018
I'm high
Anna Mar 2018
I was so baked
The tv
Rick and morty
She looked at me

You're the morty to my rick
I giggled
Unfocused green-brown eyes

Ashley!! You're the rick to my morty!

139 · Oct 2018
Anna Oct 2018
I used to hear
I’m so excited for you!
You have so much potential, I’m sure you’ll
Do.  Just.  Fine.

but they’re all quiet now
Because they realized they were wrong all along
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