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Mar 23 · 50
Anna Mar 23
so many people moving around
Some are going somewhere, other places
Others stumble into the wrong alleys or fall into holes in the cement
Lots walk in the direction of the arrows
I don’t know what is the right way to go
We all fall asleep
I lose myself in the faces
Are they all me or do I matter in my drop of ocean
I can’t ever see past the horizon
And my eyes are weak to begin with
So many joys but children die every day
I do not find comfort in much
Mar 4 · 39
Anna Mar 4
As a child I practiced escapism.
Always pretending to be a different person in a different time
I grew up into an addict
Who continued the escapism
Pretending to not exist

I am better now in that regard
But I look back now and wonder who I was
And there really is no answer

Some people see the world as something they can earn
But I see a small house with animals and people I love.
I don’t know, I guess I have to earn that too
Feb 4 · 29
She was my universe
Anna Feb 4
you were a beautiful night sky
I could stare into you for hours
I was down below
But I could feel some warmth
So I moved closer and closer
And closer
And I saw raging fires
Black holes of nothing
And you
A liar
Ever changing your story
Cruel and careless
I stared in wonder for many years
For how could something that beautiful be so empty up close
I touched you and you burned me to the bone
So I left
Back down to earth
To the dirt
Where I am planting a garden

The first flower has bloomed
and it looks nothing like you.
#girlfriend #stars #burned#empty
Jan 14 · 655
Anna Jan 14
I live on the surface now
But I used to swim down deep in the water
Where it’s always dark

I never think anymore
I just hum and buzz and click
tv static with the volume turned all the way up

I miss the dark
It gave me time to think
I had questions complexity and unrest
it is light at The surface and I can see the people
And I don’t even realize I’m becoming one of them
Much more quickly than I would’ve ever thought
Anna Dec 2021
sometimes the past comes
Back in pixels
I see them fly by
And arrange them
As fast as I can

But the picture is always
I was but floating on
Stars in my eyes
Couldn’t feel a thing

And now I’m down below
In the dirt writhing

I eat the dirt and **** it back out
I am alive
Dec 2021 · 37
Bumble bee boy
Anna Dec 2021
bumble bee boy
Found me in the weeds
Stuck underneath
The spikey leaves
He hummed
Telling me that I didn’t belong there
You are a rose he said
They saw your thorns
And thought you were one of them
He picked me up
Young wings and summer air
we flew under the apple tree
In my parents yard
He touched my petals
And told me
You are the most beautiful rose of them all
And for some reason
I believe him

I love you Christian. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. You are my baby bumblebee.
Nov 2021 · 41
Anna Nov 2021
I miss you
I think about the ugliness of my past
The sad story I have become
I had you in the time I was drowning
Now I’m dry on the shore
But you’re long gone
And we’re
Still under the same sun
but I might as well
Be in another galaxy
Nov 2021 · 46
Anna Nov 2021
I want to be an artist
Who creates meaning and spreads love
I don’t want to be an addict
Who loses their direction in a pill bottle
And throws up their morals
Into a trap house toilet

I want to be the rainbow on a rainy day
I want to breathe and know that I’m the best
I can be
I want to be new
Oct 2021 · 39
Anna Oct 2021
and her mind was not clear
she did not look up at the clouded night
nor did she stop to contemplate
the meaning of anything or lack thereof

she was already gone, drowned
eyes unseeing and empty
when she stepped of the bridge
and fell like a lost star
down fast
into the darkness,
plunging out of existence
into an ever expanding universe
Oct 2021 · 39
Anna Oct 2021
on a cold cloudy day
I sit and smoke cigarettes,
thinking about your eyes

when you left the color
of your irises consumed
my world and now
all I see is blue
Oct 2021 · 28
Anna Oct 2021
slipping into the void

tell me the most lovely sky
is over my head tonight
Oct 2021 · 28
Anna Oct 2021
so many pieces I’ve left behind
its hard to see the whole
  this ache is held in other hands
    you know how I feel
Oct 2021 · 29
Anna Oct 2021
find me under the willow tree
the moon sleeps low in the sky
call to my heart through tears
which flow, dancing down a white river

forget me under the brazen sun
the air breathes out cloudy thoughts
silencing the birds who cry
the flying arrow the sound of a new life
Sep 2021 · 29
Anna Sep 2021
I love you
And you
And you

Find me in
the place where we began

I’ll be waiting
Sep 2021 · 34
how to move on
Anna Sep 2021
I don’t know
Sep 2021 · 210
the upside down
Anna Sep 2021
Blue eyes
And sadness
Go hand in hand
She tells herself
No one will love
No one will stay
No one will ask if she’s okay
And the truth is
She isn’t
She views the world upside down
Where everyone walks above her
No one can see the cuts and the broken heart
And she drags herself down down down
Even though I’m right here
I can see the blood and the tears
But she never looks up anymore
So she never sees me watching
Sep 2021 · 47
Anna Sep 2021
You told me you love me
You only want to protect me
But you don’t know
There’s nothing left of me
Aug 2021 · 38
Anna Aug 2021
Let me kiss your
I breathe you in
Euphoria floods my
Jul 2021 · 1.4k
Anna Jul 2021
I think I found my soulmate
A long time ago
But I hurt her
And now we’re lost
Still connected by an invisible thread
Tangled and taunt
We walk away from
Each other
But really I still feel her
And I know
She feels me too
Jul 2021 · 52
Anna Jul 2021
I’m lonely for you
Jul 2021 · 266
things not seen
Anna Jul 2021
there is a deep dark sadness
Inside of me

It is woven through my nerves
Flowing through my veins
Pulsing pounding blood in my heart

It never leaves
And I don’t think
I could live
Without it
Jul 2021 · 86
Anna Jul 2021
I see you in the cracks of a sidewalk
Fighting to live and breathe
In a world of concrete

I see you in my car window
Half way down on the interstate
Blowing whooshing into my lungs

I see you in my reflection
Staring through eyes
That I don’t recognize anymore
Jul 2021 · 471
early ends
Anna Jul 2021
when I was younger I remember
The feeling that I needed to cease existing
I would hide in the alcove of my sisters room
And hold my breathe as long as I could
Jul 2021 · 929
wanna be
Anna Jul 2021
I never write anymore
But I call myself an artist
We never talk anymore
But all my thoughts are about you
And the poems too.
Jul 2021 · 51
Anna Jul 2021
when I met you
I was climbing up to see what I could see
There were trees all around me so I
Had to follow the sun streaming through
I got to the top and I found there was nothing there I wanted
So I started back down and on the way
I tripped and fell into you
Now I’m falling
May 2021 · 78
i dont want to wakeup
Anna May 2021
i dont want to wakeup
please just let me

dissolve disintegrate decay

i dont want to see the stars anymore
i just want to see the backs of my eyes
i just want to see the black eternal night

i love you and im sorry
but this is
Apr 2021 · 50
kid bliss
Anna Apr 2021
we were
powerful dangerous limitless
kids .

never content
eager wild electric  
hearts .

taking trips to
escape disappear melt

**** the world
**** the warning signs

we were the kids who discovered
Apr 2021 · 131
Anna Apr 2021
going away
to a place where
no one is home
sit on the windowsill
thinking about
times long ago
chains on my hands and feet
never free never happy
stuck in this prison of existence
Apr 2021 · 51
Cut myself
Anna Apr 2021
I’m so lost in this melted wax
Dripping down the sides of me burning me
Hurting me
You hurt me
But I still ******* love you
Maybe one day I’ll find a reason to live
A way to understand the butterflies of life
All I know is in the end I hope I fly far away
To a place where happiness exists
Apr 2021 · 130
Anna Apr 2021
veins underneath your skin
dark purple life spidering out to the edges
soft green borders that meet perfectly
to form a teardrop
pink and yellow blooms across your face

hello friend
Mar 2021 · 237
a skizzy on mars
Anna Mar 2021
im dreaming of you
i wonder if
you're thinking of me too
i meant it when i said
im sorry
and i meant it when i said
i love you
you're always there but
you're afraid of me
i wish you could see
the change in me

maybe in another life
i'll see your eyes
and we can try again
Mar 2021 · 55
star shopping
Anna Mar 2021
there are a thousand billion stars in the sky tonight
but the only one I see is you
Mar 2021 · 494
Anna Mar 2021
i wonder if
you ever think of me
kissing you
and wake up to reality
to remember
it was just a
Mar 2021 · 57
baby im wasting away
Anna Mar 2021
i can't do this anymore
i love you but
i have to go

everyday i fade
a little more
one day
im completely gone
Anna Mar 2021
hello friend
I am here to tell you
this is the sign you were looking for
I love you even if he doesn't
and I want you to know
everything will be okay eventually
please keep going
you got this
Mar 2021 · 43
diet coke dreams
Anna Mar 2021
i'm not so sad anymore
but the pain is still there
kinda feels like there's water in my lungs

I watch the headlights go by and think about nights
a long time ago

took too many trips so now whole world spins

feels weird to say goodbye to the only life i've ever known
lay my youth down to rest along with the pills

left the spray paint in the back of my car and drove off a cliff

went to the ocean for a few days and never really came back
left a piece of my heart to drown

can't see the stars out of this window, still hoping I can get a wish soon

find a home in a strange place
never speak above a whisper so no one can find me

wish I could say you loved me but i'm not so sure these days

memories taste like newports

pollute my head, stuck in a haze, rainy days are never enough

once you know demons are real you can't stop seeing them

wish she'd leave me alone
just wanna be me

landon cube on the stereo got my head in the clouds
thinkin about her eyes wish I never fell in love with Judas

got a glass heart but I still haven't glued it back together cause
I lost a couple shards along the way

diet coke dreams still haunt me
Mar 2021 · 52
Anna Mar 2021
you again
never thought i'd hear
that laugh
i hate you
i dont
you again
come **** up my life
lock me up
leave me to bleed
you know ill still be here
Mar 2021 · 236
Anna Mar 2021
cigarettes and roses
flick your ash into my eye
burn away the pain
of never seeing you again
Mar 2021 · 180
Anna Mar 2021
you left
when the blood was flowing
out of my neck

the wound
oozing pain and anguish
festered, pus and oil

it scabbed over
but the infection still raged
war against my heart

you're the poison in my bloodstream
and one day day my heart just might
Mar 2021 · 1.7k
Anna Mar 2021
time goes by like
water flowing over my skin
unstoppable, translucent
and all at once
no beginning or end for
the clouds of
laughter and tears
you can't hold it still
it escapes even
the bell jar
forever running yet
never will you see it
rush by your eyes
i know now
never trust a clock
or a soul
Mar 2021 · 231
Anna Mar 2021
you were
the most beautiful
red rose
i couldn't resist
picking you
and leaving
you to
Mar 2021 · 176
wasting away
Anna Mar 2021
I lost you in

But my world is
Black and white

Now I Can’t find
The ground
In this endless sky
It’s beautiful but
I’m drifting
Into the sun

And maybe that’s what was meant to be all along
Feb 2021 · 138
raining in my heart
Anna Feb 2021
its raining in my heart
I sit and let the drops of you
drip drip drop down
into my soul
fill me with your sadness
show me your pain
I wanna feel alive
I'm so sorry baby
for everything
Anna Feb 2021
I lay in bed and think about you
the highs the lows the blues
and I guess you just can't see
there's an ache in my chest where you used to be
Feb 2021 · 66
1 minute
Anna Feb 2021
I met you and it was like
two stars colliding
beautiful but dangerous
you melted into my core and we
into something new

it only lasted for a minute
and before I could love what we had become
our light winked twice and faded into black

but i swear that minute with you was a whole lifetime
Feb 2021 · 62
smoke break
Anna Feb 2021
you were
my nicotine
I inhaled you
deep into my lungs
you filled me up
and I felt whole

but when I exhaled
you left me
all alone
I'm sorry
but I couldn't hold my breath forever
Feb 2021 · 104
Anna Feb 2021
my life was
one of the many
in a witch's lair
you snuffed out my steady flame
I am grey and quickly fading
drifting away even in still air
only a whisper of what I used to be
Feb 2021 · 68
Anna Feb 2021
half a white moon
take me
up up up
way into the sky
and while the view was nice
the darkness couldn't hide
and when i fell
down down down
I realized I wanted to see it again
a whole moon of magic
makes me see the backs of my eyes
heaven- was it near to me?
many moons make me
up up up
help help help
I am falling too fast
Feb 2021 · 57
cuts and a clown
Anna Feb 2021
a red joker in the window
a black one too!
life is a laugh
but at night the white walls bleed
when the circus came to town
the clown killed the curly-haired boy
but left the slutty girl stranded
he shut the door in her face
but what he didn't know
is that locked doors don't stop demons
Feb 2021 · 69
california eyes
Anna Feb 2021
california eyes
I love the color blue

bring me the horizon
and i'll bring you the moon
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