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Jun 2015 · 349
"Lady at street"
Thyag Raj Jun 2015
I saw a lady,
In streets of daisy,
With her bright beauty.
Looking like a lily,
Walking like fairy,
And gorgeous face she carry.

Glamour in her face,
Princess in style.
Had pearl like eye,
With kindness like tie.
Shown her beautified love,
Straight haters become curve.

I asked her name
To make her fame.
"No name" said she,
Maybe she is glee.
She is like tree,
Serves everyone for free.

Devil also try,
To make this flower dry.
But never she cry.
To teach, she try
Never laugh at they
As everyone is infinite sky.
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
"The unbreakable you"
Thyag Raj Jun 2015
Incuse your life,
With a mighty aim,
Perish your fear
And live with cheer.

Trow your potential,
Be the fantast.
Follow your desire with echo.
Because you're 'unbreakable you'.

Laugh with glee,
Be a livable tree.
Don't be dastard,

— The End —