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155 · May 2017
Aidan A May 2017
When I leave
And we both start wishing
We had more time together,
It will not be the instances
That never came to fruition
That we regret -

It will be the time we wasted
Being upset at each other.
151 · Aug 2017
Aidan A Aug 2017
I get upset over the wrong things.
I lose track of what is important.
I forget what my goals are.
I forget what I'm building and
With whom I'm building it with.
I let myself go to irrationality,
I hurt those I never wanted to.

This is a time of growth.
In progression I have found myself
Through the timid F chord,
The hopeful G,
The potentially glorious A minor,
And now I am at E.
140 · May 2017
Aidan A May 2017
My vase is too broken
And the glue doesnt hold
82 · Sep 2018
Aidan A Sep 2018
My world doesn't need me anymore
The world never needed me
I no longer want to be a burden
To either
How many times can you re-tie
More than you wish you could

I hate myself for what
I do to others
What I do myself when they get hurt
I hate myself for not being strong enough
To realise my place in this world

I have no place here
Ill find it somewhere between
This existence,
And the next
74 · May 2017
From this to nothing
Aidan A May 2017
Be the jet fuel to my memes.
Be the cheese to my pizza base
Be the one who melts my steel beams
Be the finish to my race
Be the laugh to my bad jokes.
Be the rhyme in my every line.
Be the flames that I could stoke
Be the minutes to my time.
Be the janji to my melayu
I hope you feel the same way too.

Let me be the love you feel
Let my lungs breathe you in song
Let me show that this is real
Let me learn to do no wrong
Let me sing my faith in this
Let me make your world go still
Let me wait for that first kiss
I won't back down, I never will.

I don't have long, I am an old man
So I'll ask, as best as I can
Trisyia please, hear Aidan A
I'm asking you, from today
To be by my side, till this life ends
Be my world - be my girlfriend.
Its funny how it seems like just yesterday we were falling so deeply in love with each other, and today, we're strangers.

— The End —