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gabi Feb 2019
we look into each others eyes
me, into tree stumps with rings of age and reassurance
you, into pots of ink full of passion and
and then our lips come together
performing a clumsy waltz
moving back and forth
to the music of our breathing
our chests pressed together
throwing our intermingling heartbeats into the melody
would be my favorite song
yall i want a girlfriend so bad
gabi Feb 2019
i saw
the short reaches of the fabric
revealing the honey slopes of skin
and i try to fight down the blush
before anyone sees
for blood is a powerful thing
and we do not want anh shed
simply because i am a daughter
of sappho
so my face goes in my hands
and when they ask why your dance was my favorite
i say
i liked the costumes
hggg im a gay ***** and this happened in the pep rally today

— The End —