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They all tell me
"You need help."
No I dont I need
Love, someone to hold,
We may not admit
Out hatred for people but,
We all have it toward
Someone. And obviously
Yours is toward me.
That's all I feel
anymore. I haven't
been happy for what
feels like ages.
What you did to
me hurt, killed.
I am nothing.
I have nothing.
I am empty.
I don't believe in
what most people do.
Honey, you're what I want
to worship.
You are my religion.
I'm like a pill,
Because if you swallow my well-being,
You will be relieved of your worries, sicknesses, and ailments,
But too much of anything isn't beneficial for any of us,

And too much of me
Could leave your tongue escaping from your mouth,
And the irises of your eyes attempting to meet your brain,
Which is why you should take me
Within considerate reason,
And not take me for granted.

Swallow me whole,
Wash away your pride,
Feelings of me running deep inside you.
I swallow you,
I swallow you whole,
I swallow you down.

You are the perfect pill for my ills.
I can see the comely contents of your character
Labeled on a container,
And as soon as it becomes empty,
You will see me rushing
To get a refill of your grace.

Ever since you were prescribed to me on May 13th,
I've never listened to my doctors
Who assume to know
What is best for me.

I consume that dear, special, deep word
Like a space cadet of an overdose.

I need you within my reach,
I need your relief,
I need your reassurance,
I need you to care..

But what I need the most of from you,
Is your affection.

Originally written 7/2/11
Revised 10/15/14

(c) 2014 Brandon Antonio Smith
I am insecure*                                                        ­I am lonely
                                             I am bitter
         I am angry
                                                          ­             I am hurt
                              I am overwhelmed
                                                    ­                                    I am depressed
I am out of control
                                               I am lost            I am suicidal

             I am anxious             I am a cutter           I am ignored
I am fat              I am vindictive                  I am mentally ill
                 I am scarred                 I am in pain               I am an addict
      I am nothing       *I am ugly
You killed her.
You may not realize
what you've done.
You may not've killed
her physically, but emotionally
she's gone.
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