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My hand held tightly and that kiss on the brow
tells me time is leaving me right about now

My eyes are closed tightly and my heart rate so fast
I remember the day I met you, seems like the night before last
We'd party till midnight then party some more
Like lovers we'd walk barefoot on the sandy sea shore

I remember our big day watching you walk down the aisle
your eyes shining brightly over that wicked infectious smile
We made promises for ever our sacred wedding vow
sadly coming to fruition just about now

So don't be sad when I leave you when my hand turns cold
it's the beauty of living that we get to be old
Our life was made whole by that great ebb and flow
I loved you forever, now its time to let go

My hand held tightly and that kiss on the brow
tells me time is leaving me right about now
The duck stood quacking drowned out by the chickens cluck
as they waddled for breakfast in the farm yard muck

But the pig was happy and wallowing messily around
next to the goat who was standing on higher ground

The hungry horse was watching and swishing its tail
spied a piece of lettuce being carried by a snail

Then a black bull strode in an awesome sight
just as the duck and chicken started to fight

The sheep dog stood studying looking nothing like a sheep
Just as the pig grabbed a towel to wipe his feet

Then the farmer appeared with a bail of hay
past it around and said, have a good day

The animals were happy some ran to the fields to play
and they all slept soundly after a wonderful day
I met a man who said I was going to sea
He was 18 stone and about 6 foot 3

As I was thinking what to wear

My mate butted in and said we'll see sunny
The big bloke smiled

I thought sun glasses and a hat then

As the ambulance pulled up I said to the big man
text me the time we set sail

He looked confused and got a bit shirty

I helped my mate to his feet and said
I think the trip is off

He looked confused

I just smiled and said we'll see
I could hear the floor boards creak
and the footsteps closing
my mouth was agape
as I watched the door in anticipation
you paused
your hand readied
but your courage deserted you
I sighed as I heard your retreat
and now after all these years
I still wonder
What if.
The house settled slowly into a deep deep sleep
The floor board could be heard yawning
The wind brushed the window
he's coming it whispered
Hush said the bed with a sock hanging from it's nose
the children are asleep

The cat lay sleeping on the settee
and let out a one eyed peep
as dust fell from the chimney
The dog in the armchair sat up
ears touching the celling
as he saw the footprints of Santa’s soot-black feet.

Now the smell of Christmas wafts through the house

The children’s noses twitched
And let out big Christmas yell

All the house was awoken to the sounds
of great joy and the happiness

The smiles on the faces this day
light up the world
and we wish it could be Christmas every day
Dark clouds gather
as the light fades to a hue
I study all the face
and ponder what to do
I'm far away from nowhere
and time is getting late
Empty promises lay broken
do I accept what is my fate
Then I hear a voice calling
it brought me to your door
I look inside at the faces
I think, we've walked this road before
So, I thank you for your pity
as I turn to face my fate
I walk towards the darkened clouds
back to the land of greed and hate
Just a simple text
with a simple note
we lost him last night
A brother had fallen
while asleep in his bed
The memories began
with a smile
and a tear
A cult hero some say
A captain to show us the way
A tourist at play
A lifetime friend lost today
So, now we wait to say our goodbyes
on a cold December day
we will sing your songs
and toast to your life
but most of all
we will remember you
Mike Bonetto a legend in our life time. At peace.
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