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1.3k · Jun 2019
Antique Lamp
Tallulah Jun 2019
don't go.
I have one wish left
Have you never seen Aladdin?
The genie leaves after all
817 · Jun 2019
Tallulah Jun 2019
I've borne witness to a clear night sky littered with stars,
I've watched a hurricane from across the sea during a humid Caribbean night on a neighbouring island,
I've watched a million glowing flakes of firework every year, one time over the great Thames with the mighty bursts of noise echoing through the valley created by the river,
I've been in and absolutely mesmerised by the peaks of mountain tops with such delicately laid snow i was doubting my atheism.
I've even seen huge rubies and emeralds. Pieces of asteroid, glow in the dark diamonds and statues from before. jesus christ.
I'm still left unsatisfied.
I want to share these sights with you so that you too may experience moments of pure ecstasy just from reflected light.
I want to be able to admire both the unreal beauty of the planet Earth and of you too in the same moments.
Tallulah Jun 2019
Stolen Computers from office buildings and Nails in Floors,
You tell me your stories of knocking on unknown doors.
Every time you were allowed to see me you asked:
'Do I need to beat up anyone for you today?'
At four, six, eight years, I hadn't yet encountered a bully worthy of being beaten up by you.
I still haven't.
But, when mum told me that you had seen her as one of these bullies, it really ****** me up.
It's all your fault that I'm completely and utterly broken.
Emotionally, I'm the latest Apple Mac.
And until now, anyone leaving me would be inevitable and I would prepare so far beforehand that I initiate the departure, I was the one to break the glass against the ship six months before it's manufacture.
For Dad x
111 · Jun 2019
'At the Shop'
Tallulah Jun 2019
We tread the dark golf course together,
Searching for trees to suit our needs.
Me, still in my school skirt.
You, in your puffy tartan coat.
You climb the criss-cross branches,
as I stand and watch.
We're still like this,
but this mess of branches have become whatever life has thrown at you and all I can do
is watch.
Tallulah Jun 2019
Novocaine is needed for this pain,
It's really been affecting my brain.
Now and then I think that maybe,
it's for the best baby.
But most of the time it's a wall,
a hard, cold brick wall constantly reminding me that I love you most of all.

98 · Jun 2019
Sanity, skinned.
Tallulah Jun 2019
Shed your skin
Let everything in
This can't go,
It won't go
If you can't slip away from this skin.
The only deadly snake in Britain is the python but, it seems that there are plenty of snakes,
of the deadly kind,
inside your mind.
And, any sane snake scholar would tell you that a snake's fang is where it's venom is kept but, I'm not a snake scholar..
I say the deadliest part is it's skin.
The skin must be shed, to
let everything go.
91 · Jun 2019
Du bist mein Stern
Tallulah Jun 2019
Deine Augen sind wie Sterne,
und, du hast das Lächeln
auf die G ö t t e r!
Ich Hoffe, das mein Gedicht ist ein bisschen weniger Schwul in Deutsch verfasst.
Aber ich fürchte ich habe es noch schlimmer gemacht..
Hallo Poetry
85 · Jun 2019
An Athiest's Angel
Tallulah Jun 2019
I don't believe in God, I don't believe in a higher power, I don't even believe in fate.
But you,
you make me doubt all my scepticism.
I truly believe you are an angel. You sing and open my ****** up ears to the smallest vibration, the slightest touch of yours makes my skin glow, and your entire angelic demeanour is enough to make my month.
I think that I, without the angel wings you have, am falling so frighteningly hard for you that I'll need a divine miracle to get over you.

— The End —