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Teagan Feb 2013
Struggling all her life it strangles and overwhelms her every existence
a constant tug a war, walking the tip rope
moderation a foreign concept
desire runs deep in her veins
to let go
to lose your mind
but the consequences WILL hold her back
she knows fine well it will be her demise and only fear will save her.
Teagan May 2012
I’m happy for you I really am,

Her perfect blond curls, her sweet façade of innocents,you done well for yourself my love

We have moved on now,

Yes that includes me too

I get drunk and have “fun”,

Even if it is with my eyes closed and strictly no kissing

But the truth is I love you just never realised it until it was too late,

Or maybe I’m just the stereotype of the girl who only wants what she can’t have

Now I’ll never have you the way I want,

But she will

I’m not perfect, not in your eyes anymore,

I’m *****, contaminated,******

Pity I don’t live up to your standards of a “nice girl”,

You told me before to stop, that i’m a nice girl and nice girls don’t want to get ******

Sorry I can’t play the game,

I have more integrity to act like a FAKE little doll, a shadow of a human being for your contentment

I have never in my life wanted to be perfect,

Perfect always equalled dull and boring in my eyes

I want to be perfect for you,

you deserve only the best my love

But I never will be because you know me too well.
its bitter sweet when someone you love moves on and you know they will be happier with them then you
Teagan Apr 2012
Yah sure we can **** if you want
But just don’t kiss me while your fat **** thrusts inside of me
Tearing me apart
please please stop trying to kiss me

Just don’t kiss me because that would be too personal
Teagan Apr 2012
Paralysed by a facade of perfectness
I walk the town with upturned pink stained lips and Fluttering mascara eyes
I’m sorry that’s not who I really am
I’m sorry that you didn’t get what you bargained for
Teagan Apr 2012
I’m a hypocrite fighting the wrong battle
On a vicious cycle of repetitive behaviour
It’s shameful to admit that nothing in my life has evoked such passion in me as jealousy

I’m a logical person but love is insanity and insanity knows no logic
I see her hands on him and before i know it im ripping that ***** ******* ****** hair out
Yes jealousy is a ***** emotion,but its power should never be underestimated.
Teagan Feb 2012
it’s crazy how I’m waiting again
just can’t get my head around it
i’m no longer anxiously chewing my lip
no more nauseating  summer saults in my stomach
i no longer kid myself that i won’t answer your call
i am resigned to my faith
pathetic girl so silly so needy
i am defeated just sadly tired accepting that i’m waiting again
routinely checking my phone.
Teagan Feb 2012
No I don’t want a kiss
A sickly formality
Nauseating to the stomach

I want to feel your rage
Intense, primal, magnificent
Oh the thrills I get to feel your fist upon my cheek

Your harsh words are music to my ears
Your jealousy is my source of power
Oh how i bask in it

Until the rooms a blurr
Until I can no longer see your face peculiar, twisted with rage
Until I can no longer feel the sensation of gushing blood from my nose

Finally, I can sleep
Sweet, unconscious, dreamless sleep
Drifting drifting content in the knowledge that you care
you are mine and i am yours.
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