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Taylor Hough Sep 2016
If you love life, life will love you back, you said to me.
But you took my life with you.
You took my trust with you.
You seem to be doing just fine,
But I'm sitting here crying.
I'm sitting here with high hopes.
Hopes that'll only bring me down.
The one thing that was always certain and set in stone in my life,
Has now crumbled and broken.
Where do I turn?
Where did I go wrong?
You're gone,
And so is my world.
Taylor Hough Jan 2016
The world can't do any harm
My demons can't touch me
You act as a shield
Protecting me
From the darkness that I fear most.

In a life that seems to be tainted and cold
You are my clarity
pure and innocent
Showing me that a world with you isn't all black and white.

A journey through life by your side is bright and full of warmth.
Taylor Hough Jul 2015
Breathe easy
Life will love you
If you love it back

Breathe easy
Peace will come
If you make peace with your past

Breathe easy
Existing will become living
If you enjoy every experience
Knowing that wisdom comes with it

Breathe easy
Every mistake that has been made
And every thing that is worried about
Will soon become forgotten
And the joy of life will shine through
If you just breathe easy.
Taylor Hough Feb 2015
Sometimes in life

You have to leave the harshness behind,

All of the pretending and Critical judgement of yourself.

You have to open your eyes,

And see that when you are true and authentic,

Doors open, opportunities come through,

And companions to trust and keep around forever,

Come around, showing you brand new perspectives,

On what can be created with your mind.
Taylor Hough Nov 2014
You act as a map,
giving me constant directions,
guiding me through twists and turns,
with clear view of what is to come.

Holding you, I can never be lost,
only encouraged and inspired.
Inspired to discover the undiscovered, create my own adventures and to take chances.
Taylor Hough Nov 2014
Guide me through this maze.
For you are the only one
Who can relieve me of my pain.

Hold my hand in the dark.
For you are the only one
Who can help me clean my messes.

Speak your sweet words to me.
For you are the only one
Who can make me feel at peace.

Never leave my side.
For you are the only one
Who can reach me
Before the monsters do.
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