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Taylor Hough Oct 2014
He is the melody
that I can't get out of my head

He is a favorite sweater
That I can never get tired of

He is an old classic movie
That is timeless and never forgotten

He is the keys on the piano
That are always there to inspire me

But more so than ever

He is an anchor
That keeps me stable
Taylor Hough Sep 2014
I was completely engulfed by you.
Every move you made.

I was utterly captivated by you.
Every word you spoke.

I was entirely fascinated by you.
Every tune you hummed to yourself.

I was absolutely enchanted by you.
Every breath you took.

I was irrevocably in love with you.
No move you make, word you speak, tune you hum, or breath you take could change that.
Taylor Hough Sep 2014
Hand in hand, eye to eye.  
At jokes that only we understand.
To never end this journey.

That you promise to give me.

Provided by your words.

Given by your touch.

Are my feelings for you.

Is how long we will last.
Taylor Hough Aug 2014
If there was only one day left

One day left to live, one day left to love

I would spend it with you.

The last day would be filled with the sweet sound of your voice.

Experiencing all the little things that make people see what life is about.

But it wouldn't matter where we went, or what we saw

The only thing that would matter is the
laughter we shared and the moments we had.

Because any moment with you is all that would be needed to make that one last day count.
Taylor Hough Aug 2014
I want to be your first,
Not your last.

Your compassion is all I'm asking for
On my lowest and highest days.

When I'm falling apart late in the night
Can you be there to put me together
And make me whole?

When i'm feeling happy as can be
Can you be by my side
To make my smile even brighter?

Because I would surely do the same for you.

I want to be your only,
Not just another one.

Your love is all I'm asking for
Bad times and good.

When we have fights
Over the dumbest things
Can you be there to forgive?

When it's a lazy summer night
And we are laying together
Can you be there to savor the moment?

Because I would surely do the same for you.

I want to be your sun,
Not just another star.
Taylor Hough Aug 2014
Being without you
Is like being without food or water.
Or without air to breathe.

You're essential.
Because without you
There's only a void.

Your absence brings emptiness.
A feeling of crushed hope,
And broken hearts.

Because when you're absent from me,
The only thought that comes to mind
Is if you feel the same vacancy.
Taylor Hough Aug 2014
The most comfortable silence
Is the silence shared with someone          

Someone who your heart beats for,  
Someone who only has eyes for you.

When you're with that person  
And things are quiet

Words aren't needed
But when you desire words
They can be spoken,
Heard and understood.

Silence can mean many things,
It doesn't always mean you're alone.

The silence represents a connection,
A deep connection with someone

That can't be recreated.
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