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Taylor Hough Aug 2014
Have you ever had a hero?
Someone to swoop in and save you,
Steal your heart,
And open your eyes.
They open your eyes to a new world,
A world with happiness and love.
Your hero makes you realize things.
That you can be loved.
That sadness is temporary.
And that not all heros wear capes.
Some heroes just have a kind smile,
A warm, genuine heart,
And plenty of love to give.
Taylor Hough Jul 2014
Over the past few months
I've realized where my home is
My home is in your arms
Safe and secure
Guarded by your warmth
Home is where the heart is
And my heart is with you.
Taylor Hough Jul 2014
It's 1:03 am
I'm half asleep
But my mind is wide awake
Thinking of you
The way you speak
The way you smile
And how you move me
In ways that no one else can.

I lay in bed and wonder
If you're half asleep
With a wide awake mind
And if you're thinking of me too
They way I speak
The way I smile
And if I move you
In ways that no one else can.
  Jul 2014 Taylor Hough
i have stopped
into empty rooms
it is  
the same as
into full rooms
of people who
have said they were listening
Taylor Hough Jul 2014
We all have that special person,
who has the powers to do anything.
with that contagious smile,
that contagious laugh, that goes on for miles.
That can light up a whole room.  Similar to an applause.
Once one person starts,
Everyone follows.
Taylor Hough Jul 2014
It's funny
how we do these things
to seem cooler
to appear prettier
or more perfect
all for someone
who doesn't even glance twice at you.
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